Sunday, April 25, 2010

Washington DC sight seeing

I and Anil had some time so we thought of walking across DC . Visited some of nearby places.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Pakistani Cricketer now faces Indian State sponsored terrorism

Now it is Pakistan's turn to face Indian State sponsored terrorists . No not one with Guns and Suicide belts , but women with biased Indian marital laws . Pakistani army is on one side fighting the Taliban on the western front and now a Pakistani cricketer is facing the Indian female Taliban in Hyderabad . You guessed it right , section 498A( The Anti Dowry law )  whose misuse has been called "Legal Terrorism" by the Indian Supreme Court. The cricketer's who was in India was tricked into marraige by one named Ayesha who has clearly tricked the Pakistani cricketer into marrying her. The cricketer has said in a press conference that he was shown photographs of a different girl and unattractive the girl in question(Ayesha) had always claimed that she was the elder sister of his so called wife. Now Ayesha has claimed all of a sudden that she is in fact his wife and althogugh he has not seen or met her in over 8 years she has filed a case of dowry harassment against him.  The Hyderabad police acting on the woman's complaint has seized the cricketer without any evidence or investigation and has questioned him for over an hour . If this is the treatment that a celebrity is given then one can assume what a commoner goes through when he is slapped with the unconstitutional 498a .Almost every top body in India from the Supreme court to the President to Hundreds of Social bodies and well known people have asked for the law to be scrapped / amended , but the government has so far paid lip service .  We demand that the 498A law be immediately scarped because it is nothing short of Legal terrorism and is used as a license to harass husbands and their families   

I quote the below article from a well known website where the author Natteri Adigal exposes how the Anti  
Dowry law is turning into State Sponsored Talibanism on Husbands of India.  *-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* *-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*  
Don't Bother asking under what law a poor man, whose wife prefers to live with her parents, can be arrested when caught red-handed meeting a girlfriend. Because if the wife invokes Section 498A of the IPC, the question needn't be answered. State-sponsored Talibanism needs to be abolished. Babu Bajrangi is one of the more influential, fiery saffron champions of Gujarat, dedicated to the cause of a barbaric brand of Hindutva. So fiery, in fact, that even the BJP and VHP have found him too hot and have shown him the door. He is one of the main accused under the scanner of the Supreme Court - appointed by the Special Investigation Team for his role in slaughtering dozens of Muslims during the Gujarat riots of 2002. According to this zealot, the 'cause' of Hindutva is best served by preventing Hindu girls from mothering Muslim babies.  To the great relief of liberal thinkers, Bajrangi's Hindutva vision covers only a particular sect of Gujarat's Patel community. Menfolk of this Patel sect usually drop out of high school to join the family business. In contrast, the females usually go on to become graduates or post graduates are usually gain employment as teachers and executives. Due to the wide disparity, the girls tend to resist tying the knot with wealthy, but under-educated Patel boys. Many elope with young men of their choice. Babu Bajrangi comes to the aid of parents of such truculent girls and he takes particular interest if the girl has eloped with a Muslim boy.  He even sends goons to neighbouring states if the girls have escaped there. If threats and thrashings do not work on the boy, they kidnap the cupid-struck couple, often by bribing cops. After receiving the 'proper treatment', the girls are married off to the 'betrayed' Patel boys. Babu Bajrangi, the crusader, boasts of scores of successful missions to his credit and is defiant about the cases files against him. He knows the laws protecting individuals from onslaughts of the kind he engineers, are toothless. In any case, he can well take care of big babus and judges and it helps that even the local media is sympathetic to this noble Talibanism.  On the other hand, another kind of Talibanist activism has the backing of such provisions as Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. Arvind Chirag Patel, who lives in a posh apartment in Western Ahmedabad, realised it the hard way on July 12. Anyone who thought that the Ahmedabad police were extremely busy cleaning up the supply lines of illicit liquor after last week's tragedy, should know that, in reality, matters are quite different. It seems that the cops' primary duty is to uphold the moral values of society rather than to control criminal activities.  If the original Taliban cadre punishes adultery with lashes or death to the woman, and admonition to the seducer, punishment is a little different with our state-backed Taliban. In this case, it is the male who would be considered the criminal if any 'resourceful' woman should accuse him of adultery. Even female relatives of the man can be treated as bigger criminals than those who adulterate foodstuff, beverages or medicines. The great Dowry Prevention Act, referred to as Section 498a, can be used nonchalantly for striking at the sin of friendship between two consenting adults from different sexes. Take the following case: Arvind had a love affair with Jyotsna Barot in the mid-1990s but their parents did not agree to their marriage. In 1996, his parents arranged his marriage to Nita, whose parents stayed in Mumbai. The arranged marriage did not turn out to be successful as Nita preferred to live with her parents in Mumbai rather than in the less-urbanised Ahmedabad. Their marital life had been adversely affected as a result.  Neighbours of Arvind informed Nita, who had been accusing her husband of having extramarital affairs with several women, that he brought other girls to his apartment. She soon came over from Mumbai to keep a check on him. On Sunday, when he left the apartment, they followed him in another car. He drove up to his ex-flame Jyotsna's house and picked her up. As the two stepped out of the car, Nita alighted from her car and confronted them. Her relatives dragged the duo to Vastrapur police station near IIM. A complaint of cheating was booked against the man as he had been caught red-handed practicing adultery. The bravery of the courageous woman from Mumbai was hailed in local editions of the national press.  It is pointless trying to figure out under what law a poor man, whose wife prefers to live with her parents, can be arrested upon being caught red-handed spending time with a girlfriend. The cops have the right to take their own sweet time in dealing with a complaint filed against him under India's Dowry Prevention Act. It may take any number of years for the charges to eventually be dismissed as that of a harangue of a nagging and psychopathic spouse. Babu Bajrangi is a 'social worker' who has his own resources for running his noble services and only accepts voluntary contributions from his resourceful beneficiaries for maintaining his Taliban-type outfit.  From the way Nita's bravery was hyped in various newspapers, her relatives come across as the kind who are resourceful enough to make voluntary contributions to the facts of the case. It must be noted however that in this case, the policemen, noted for their legendary resistance to entertain complaints, were only too gracious when it came to indulging in this type of Talibanist activism. Particularly if the man is rather well-to-do, a sizeable ransom can be extorted from his family through repeated harassment.  Under the anarchic provisions of IPC Section 498a, they would be at the mercy of such 'guardians' for months and years till the complaint is disposed of. their legendary resistance to entertain complaints, were only too gracious when it came to indulging in this type of Talibanist activism. Particularly if the man is rather well-to-do, a sizeable ransom can be extorted from his family through repeated harassment. Under the anarchic provisions of IPC Section 498a, they would be at the mercy of such 'guardians' for months and years.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Email Comments and Recommendations for DV Act Rules 2006

The Indian government is now asking for comments and recommendations for Amendments to DV Act 2006 rules . Members need to immediately send the below letters in emails to ". Mix and match the 3 versions and send both of them to ""

1) Copy and paste the email in the email editor
2) Use real name and address
3) Send only 1 email per email address
5) Do Not send to Media or anyone else.

5) Choose any one E-mail subject
" Comments and Suggestions on DV Rules of 2006 " or
" Recommendations on DV Rules of 2006" or

" Memo on DV Rules of 2006"

All email versions can be downloaded from the link below 

Email Versions Link