Sunday, January 31, 2010

Men's rights juggernaut steamrolls into the Nagpur Marathon

After a superb show of strength at the Mumbai Marathon the men's rights juggernaut today steamrolled its way into Nagpur Marathon. The turn out was fantastic with close to 300 husbands and their families including their fathers , mothers , sisters and sometimes even children demanded an end to exploitation of husbands and men in Indian courts . These families demanded immediate amendment to the biased DV act , Section 498A , Maintenance laws and child custody laws . The protest was widely appreciated and supported by the policemen , the onlookers (both men and women) who now understand the bias Indian men face in families and in courts. The sheer number of protests and the sympathetic response from the public show that the Indian society is waking up slowly to the reality that men and husbands are the victims of deliberate discrimination by the Indian government. Over 56000 husbands are driven to suicide every year by their wives and the apathetic attitude Indian Judicial system. Are you listening Mr Moily ?

The Photo Links are as below( Photo Credit - Rajesh Vakharia )

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wife's family use divorce as a way to make money

With Star Plus exposing Anti Dowry law abuse proving that the dowry story is a total lie , it is the turn of NDTV now . The media has finally started to portray what the men's rights groups have said for long , Indian wives and their families misuse marital laws and divorce to extort money for their economic upliftment. I thank NDTV for showing the true face of the wives of India and their families. Watch below how the mother of the wife speaks how much her daughter made from the divorce and how they too should get a few crores from the divorce to better their economic position . We need more media houses to show the true reality of the misuse of marital laws.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

NCW :- The Indian Anti Men Lies Factory

NCW Lies once again, this time on complaints against NRI Husbands

The Anti-Men National Commission for Women(NCW) is back to what it does best. LIE!! . Recently they came up with another statement claimed that the NCW has received 331 complaints against NRI husbands. The NCW Chairperson had made a similar remark on Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2006 when she said that over 1000 complaints had been recieved from NRI women complaining of harassment and other offences against them. However after multiple RTI applications were seeking the validity behind these claims were filed(see below) , it was proven beyond resonable soubt that that the not only the NCW but the MOIA and the WCD together combined did not have more than 50 complaints against NRI husbands with most complaints being duplicates that were forwarded between these agencies. This exposes the level of lies and deceit that Indian agencies use to defame husbands and Men in general to create and justify the creation of Anti men laws.

This is not the first time that that the NCW has openly lied .The NCW normally attracts a lot media attention by making nonsensical and wild recommendations with the sole intention of making life miserable for men. Below are some of the recent recommendations of the NCW on other issues and their brief analysis.

1) NCW went ahead and published that in 70 % of cases women are denied maintenance on grounds of adultery. SIFF activists when filed for data to support the claim made by NCW, through an application under Rights to Information Act, 2005, NCW in its reply categorically denied maintaining any such data. It was a white lie published by NCW and a delirious attempt by NCW to fudge statistics and present an otherwise picture to realize vendetta best known to it. Such a body severely lacking integrity and accountability does not deserve such a position.

2) NCW Chairperson claimed in the media that 498A is abused by women due to ignorance.

3) NCW wants the death os any married woman anytime through out her marriage must be treated as a dowry death .This was done with the clear intention to increase the dowry death numbers so that that can be used as a fudged statistic.

4) NCW recommended the removal of adultery by wife as a clause for divorce. In India women as it is cannot be convicted for adultery. According to NCW recommendations men must not be able to get a divorce even if their wives leave them and maintain sexual relations with other men.

5) NCW recommended that giving Dowry must not be considered as a crime .Taking Dowry taking will remain a crime for men however, giving dowry will not be considered a crime for women and their families.

On the NRI complaints issue here are the shocking lies and details of actual complaints these organisations have over the years and the link to the RTI to see their replies for yourself.

RTI exposes the lies that is churned out by the Anti Men Lies factories

Hand in Glove Indian Ministries creates a web of deceit and lies against NRI husbands exposed here with RTI.

Ministry of Internal Affairs ( MOIA ) response

MOIA RTI and Reply Link

Question:-Please list the total number of complaints received by the MOIA about harassment and crimes against NRI women since January 1st 2005.

1) The Ministry has received about 10 complaints from both the NRI husband/ Indian Husbands against their wives living aboard residing in India.

( The ministry claims that it has complaints from husbands against wives and not the other way round ! What action if any has been taken against wives ? NONE , since women cannot commit a crime in India )

2) Minister Valayar Ravi then goes on to clarify that his statement that 20,000 cases are pending against NRI husbands is a lie and he has been misquoted.

Women and Child Development Ministry response

WCD RTI and Reply Link

The WCD Ministry in its RTI reply states the below statistics for the number of complaints they have received year wise against NRI Husbands.

2005 - 1 Complaint
2006 - 1 Complaint
2007 - 14 Complaints

The reply also states that all complaints have been forwarded to the NCW for action .

National Commission for Women response

NCW RTI and Reply Link - 1
NCW RTI and Reply Link - 2

The NCW states the below statistics for the number of complaints they have received year wise against NRI Husbands.

200623 Complaints ( NCW chairperson openly lied stating they have 1000+ complaints )
200720 Complaints
200842 Complaints

Note that these also included complaints forwarded from WCD and MOIA so many of these complaints are duplicates . Also , these are just complaints many of which may turn out to be false during trial and going by the truthfulness in Dowry and Domestic voilence cases there is a very high probability that these complaints may have been filed by estranged wives seeking vengeance on their husbands and looking to extort money. Just like 98% of dowry cases are false(according to government statistics), it is anybody’s guess how many of these complaints against NRI Husbands are really true.

Shutter NCW Immediately
The National Commission for Women which had transformed into National Commission for Wives has today transformed itself into the National Commission against Men in the background. NCW, originally designed to be an astute body working for the genuine causes of women has today miserably failed in its duties to protect the rights of women and safeguard the same as the arrest data published by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that more than 1, 23,000 women have been arrested in the last four years for complaints under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code.The organization has completely lost credibility in all aspects and today relies on fudged numbers to promote its cause of family destruction. The organization has today been reduced to just a haven for radical feminists who propose virtually anything that will lead to further destruction of the Indian family system. The organization has totally lost direction and purpose and has become burden on the tax payers of the country, 82% of who are men. Most of the organization recommendations are outrageous and totally unfair to men in general. The organization never speaks about misuse of the law by women and never recommends ways to arrest misuse and has today become an engine to draft more biased anti men laws. The organization needs to be shuttered at the earliest.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Members and children of members Indian Family Foundation protest against Anti Husband family laws of India .

Photo Link 1 - Photo Credit Jaspreet Singh

Photo Link 2 - Photo Credit Credit Partha Roy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indian government openly promoting Dowry system

Dowry system has always evoked a lot of response in India but mostly in wrong directions. The very word dowry sparks sympathy for the bride and hatred for the bridegroom. Thanks to the countless efforts of fund chasing gender obsessed radical feminists and power hungry alpha males who have jointly spread so much of male hatred that today, the society has become completely numb to abuse of men and crimes by women.

The word “dowry harassment” is conveniently used by women to cover up their follies and hold some man responsible for it. Today, misuse of dowry laws is an acceptable fact. Everyone from Peon to President has talked about it. What does that mean? It simply means that the problem of dowry as presented has never existed, otherwise why would there be so many false cases? More so, it has to be borne in mind that the current implementation of dowry laws does not require any evidence to punish the accused – the mere statement of the “woman” is enough to punish and the onus of proving innocence lies on the accused.

Very recently, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has made efforts to reduce punishment for “Dowry Givers” while increase it for “Dowry Takers” as per the following news

Common sense is something which is terribly missing in the Indian Government and our lawmakers. If there are no “Givers”, can there be any “Takers”? Instead of increasing the punishment for “Givers” which will actually reduce the practice of dowry as the root cause is taken care of, our great lawmakers are doing the exact opposite.

I was always doubtful of the real intentions of the Govt. of India in curbing the dowry system because the mere existence of it, albeit virtually, gets the Govt. huge funding from vested western agencies. Only an idiot will kill a goose that gives golden eggs. And with this proposal in pipeline, it is clearly evident that the Govt. does not want to eradicate the dowry system, but wants it to continue so that the journey itself is more intriguing than the destination.

Dowry Giving has been clearly defined as a crime in Section 3, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. Yet, till date not a single woman or her parents, shouting at the top of their lungs that they have given huge dowry to the man, have ever been punished for the offence while millions of men have been executed for the same. This in itself shows the anti-male bias of the Government. And now with this proposed amendment, the Govt. is simply allowing the crime legally.

Even, if the current Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 is implemented in its entirety, dowry givers are punished severely and extravagant marriages are brought under its ambit, banning them strictly, the so-called dowry problem will be solved in the next 2 years. But it also means that the foreign funding received for “eliminating dowry” will stop. Not only that, the 50,000 crore market that runs now in the name of “big-fat weddings” will come to an abrupt end. This will be an economic Tsunami for business houses and Corporates and in turn will not only affect Govt.’s funding but also the vote bank. So, quintessentially the existence of the dowry system runs the Govt. No wonder it is promoting it by sinister law amendments.

Girls have always married up in our society, i.e. the economic status/social status/educational status of the boy is higher than the girl in 99% of the cases, barring a few exceptions (the existence of which is the law of Nature). So every girl (and her parents) looks for an educated, well settled boy for an alliance. However, as the Indian Govt. has not furthered any scheme to educate boys, most boys are not able to perform academically and the supply of “eligible bachelors” is very less. That means there is stiff competition among girls to get that “eligible bachelor” and whosoever, pays the highest amount of dowry gets the alliance. It’s simple Demand-Supply dynamics which is currently one-sided. Make it two-sided and the problem is solved. But is anyone actually interested in solving problems?

This system also works well for the Govt. as it gets another chance to project women as victims and men as aggressors and justify anti-male laws or any sinister amendment to it as well. The coy deployed by the Govt. to run its shop under the barb and paradoxical veil of “eradicating dowry” is slowly coming to surface.

In fact, the best way to eradicate dowry system is to break all marriages involving even a whisper of “dowry”, but by giving extra concessions to dowry givers, the Indian Govt. is promoting the dowry system rather than working to eradicate it.

Written by Virag Dhulia

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pampered women claim bias if they face punishment for misusing law

Now that the Ruchika case has galvanized the nation Bangalore based fund and publicity chasing feminists have now decided to get some limelight from the Pratibha Rape case which has been dragging in a "Fast Track" court for 4 years.

Women's organizations have suddenly realized that the Prathibha case may be the next big thing and have started to latch on to get their name in the press. I start by asking what Vimochana has done for Pratibha's family for the last 4 years. What has it done for the scores of mothers and sisters arrested falsely under section 498A ? In the press interview instead of pointing out the judicial delay and the need to reform the judicial and poi lice system which is dragging the Pratibha case ,Dona Fernandes makes an outrageous claim that “the whole legal system is biased against women” just because “According to this(Sexual harassment) Bill, women will be punished if their complaint is found to be faulty” . This shocking allegation exposes the level of government pamperment that the women of India have gotten used to lately .They now have started to demand laws which of course have to biased against men but will have no provision of punishment even if the woman is deliberately misusing the law to harass the other party . They do not expect to be punished for making false claims but expect to be compensated for the same. The women wishes to remain the victim even when she is misusing the laws. The dowry law sees about 98% misuse and the Domestic violence act sees about 80% misuse according to statistics released by the government and judiciary itself. Judges , home ministry and other government officials speak about this statistics in hushed tones afraid of the reign of terror unleashed by feminists in India . Any effort to reform and make laws gender neutral are met with severe defamation and we saw this with Justice Malimath’s recommendations on making 498A bailable which was met with severe criticism and protests from feminist organizations .

I do not blame Donna’s raised expectations one bit since they are not unfounded given the fact that recently drafted laws for women empowerment are blatantly unconstitutional. Article 14 of the Constitution provides for Right to Equality before law for all citizens of India. In the newly created Domestic Violence Act, firstly men are not provided any protection whatsoever against domestic abuse from their wives and in-laws and secondly the complainant woman’s sole testimony is considered as evidence of violation of protection order enough to convict the man. Both these practices do not place men and women at equal footing before the law as men face severe legal discrimination their constitutional right under Article 14 of the Indian constitution is challenged. There are scores of PIL’s pending in various different High courts of the nation challenging the constitutionality of the DV act . The government is playing the usual card of delaying the cases as much as possible trying to save face as long as possible.

How many cases of Domestic Voilence being registered by men ? None . They are not registered simply because there is not even a provision to register them anywhere . There are no laws , no NGO’s , No budget , not even a desire to take a step to protect men even they the husband suicide data for the last 13 years points that Indian husbands are in dire need to government help and protection.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Practical advice for men about to get married

Indian marriage industry is today worth Rs 60o,000 crore(yes thats six lakh cores ) .With such a huge industry at stake and with the government , industrialists and the feminist all benefiting from it in various ways , no one wants to expose the dark side of marriage to the husbands. No one wants to expose the brutal reality that the suicide rates of Indian husbands today is 100% higher than wives. The suicide rates of men and women before marriage and after divorce is the more or less the same .Have no doubt tin your mind that in India husbands are the harassed sex in a marriage . With absolutely no support from the courts and the Indian Judicial system husbands are today left with only one option ,to seek justice from god ( and hence the suicide rate ) . With a divorce rate closing 40% in all the metros, it is high time even men start protecting their assets and resort to cold , rational and intelligent planning for the future. The husbands who are prepared better always either enjoy a happy marriage ( if it goes well ) or are at least safeguarded against major losses if it goes badly. Many might feel differently about why they should bring bad thoughts or negative thoughts before the marriage. Believe me , men are the mercy of the marital laws the moment they sign on the dotted line of a marriage certificate . Walking around the fire in colorful clothes is more of a fancy dress than anything more for women. Once the marriage starts breaking your wife will not remain the shy bride she was , on wedding day she and her family will most certainly lose all principles and values will want to make you a financial ox to extract money. apart from harassing you with government machinery through false cases . A well thought put plan a save you a lot of harassment in the future .

Steps to take before Marriage

Stop believing that women are the weaker sex :- The facade of weakness is the strength of a woman and the facade of strength is the weakness of a man . Do not believe one bit that the woman is doing a favor by getting married to you. Do not marry to "rescue" a distressed woman, they are the ones the bite the most . Never marry on haste . Your girlfriend of 10 years may file 10 cases against you within 10 months of marriage.

Do not attract a female match by flaunting your wealth/capability :-If you show blood you will attract only the wolf packs . If you flaunt your wealth to attract women for marriage the ones that will be attracted will be attached to your wealth and will marry to extort money and nothing more . There are innumerable state supported extortion tools ( also called Marital laws )available to Indian women and these days women are adept at using them to extract money from grooms . Their parents who are from an earlier generation too wholeheartedly support this . After all who who does not like tax free income . You are much better off stating that you are a decent young man living in a middle class with loans and responsibilities on you and no assets whatsoever. Every woman wants to marry a man only with credits but a the woman who can accept your debts along with your credits is the best match as a wife. You will be lucky if you can find one like this because they are fast becoming extinct.

See a criminal lawyer and not an astrologer:- This a MUST DO !! I cannot emphasise this more . Know the Indian marital laws before you marry. A visit to a good criminal lawyer is a MUST for every young man before marriage. It is of paramount importance for every man to know and accept the risk that should your marriage go bad ( about 30% do ) there is not one single law in India to protect the husband from harassment from your wife or your in-laws. Ask specifically about the Anti Dowry law , the Domestic violence Act , The maintenance laws and the Child custody law . All laws heavily favor the wives and the Judiciary and courts will always side with the wives and seldom with the husbands even if the wife is the culprit. Do self research on the internet and visit men's rights sites like "Save Indian Family" or to learn more .

Maintain Legal gift list:- Please make sure there is a detailed list of all presents exchanged between the marriages parties. It is better to create an legal affidavit of the same with signatures of the bride and her family members. Indian men need to know that should your marriage go bad it is very likely that the Anti Dowry law is the one that will be misused by the wife. The husband and his family might be implicated in a false dowry case even if he has not taken a single Rupee dowry , however this will take 5 to 8 years to prove . When a false dowry case filed commonly the list of gifts received by the girl’s side is often bloated into several tens of lakhs and crores and this is done to extort money from the husband’s side immediately after a case if filed .

Seek information educational and financial assets of the wife :- Just like the men disclose their salary and earnings before marriage . The boy’s side must also insist on disclosure of all educational and salary statements of the wife’s side . Make sure you have a copy of her education certificates , appointment letters and latest salary statements. If the wife has inherited any property from her father make sure that a copy of the property papers is also kept with the husband. Most wife’s voluntarily incapacitate (purposefully sit at home, or hide where they work ) themselves if the marriage goes bad and husband will need this to prove the capabilities and qualifications of the wife apart from the wealth she will inherit. More often that not the husband will be forced to pay maintenance even if the wife is fully capable to work . The husband even if sick and ill and really unable to work will be seldom shown any mercy by the court. If the wife is from a rich family insist on the father-in-law to transfer property to wife's name instead of dowry. Keep a copy of all such property papers for your safety.

Evaluate the brides mother :- To impress the groom and his family it is often stated in female bio-data that the wife's grand uncle was the King of Timbuktu and her great grandmother was a princess. These details are useless . What the groom must look is the power equations in the girl's immediate family . Are they in dire need for money ? If they are then it is highly probable that you would have to pitch in with money after marriage. Don't believe for a second that economically weaker families can be less unscrupulous. Carefully see and study the brides mother for the bride would more or less look and behave the same as she ages . If the brides' father is henpecked and the mother dominates the house , most likely she would expect you to be henpecked like her father and she would want to dominate the house. There have been very few cases where the women have filed false cases and harassed husbands where their mother is not alive . Bride's mother's are the primary aggressors in all matrimonial disputes and control the women no matter how far you take your wife away from her mother.

After marriage

No children for at least 2 to 3 years :- Maintain healthy marital relations but do not jump into having a child immediately . Use the initial years to just gauge the behavior of the wife and determine if the marriage will even last. Most Indian marriages that will go down hill will start going downhill within a few months itself . If things start going downhill then relatives may advise you that having a child will set right everything, believe me it does not. If things start going downhill refrain from having a child ever with your wife. A child just gives more bargaining power to the wives and her family and leaves the man emotionally and financially bankrupt. Many times the wives and her family force an early child just to tie up the husband , do not fall into that trap . having a child a few years later or never having a child is much better than having a child whom you can see only on court dates but keep paying for its upkeep till it is 18 . The child when separated from you will most certainly be poisoned against the man and will grow up hating the father . Do you really want to have such a liability in tour life ?

Do not disclose your finances: - Refrain from disclosing all the details of finances from wives for a few years . As above use this time to gauge her behavior to see if she has married you for being your lifelong wife or just for controlling your finances and making you a henpecked husband. Give her decent pocket money to spend as per your means and if you have to have a joint account for convenience then open a totally new account and put money into it as and when needed in small amounts. Remember, even if a wife withdraws your life savings from a joint account , there is nothing you can do about it legally so refrain from giving access to prime or major accounts with a lot of money. Do not disclose property or investments for a few years after marriage till the marriage has settled down.

Do not buy property or expensive automobiles : - Never make the mistake of taking the complete loan on yourself and buying a property immediately after marriage. The same also goes for automobiles.A property (land or flat) bought after marriage could become joint property and the wife will definitely seek rights to live in it even though you will payback the bank loan for it . Stay in your parents place or a rented house for the first few years. If you are dying to buy a property or automobile buy it in the name of your mother or father (husband’s) and never in your (husbands) name since anything in your name will also belong to your wife whether she loves you or hates you . If you do not trust your parents or your siblings and have no other option but to buy property in your name then make sure that the wife made a guarantor in the loan application or that the wife pays half of the loan amount and the husband pays the other half. All wives today are capable and earning hands so it is not a tall order to share the payments of the flat or the car they will stay in or use .

Marraige is after all a gamble for the husband as well as the wife . However the husband can significantly decrease your chances of losing the hand if the husband follows the simple tips above. Lastly, do all the above things but only after a few years when you are fully confident that your wife has married you for lifelong happy companionship and someone to grow old with .

Monday, January 4, 2010

Incredible India(where god can lie but not women )

Some shocking and amusing facts for tourists that they never knew about India. All these are brutal truths and not exaggerations in any way.

The Strength of women is their facade of weakness . The weakness of men is their facade of strength.

1) Indian men contribute about 82% of the country's taxes. However the Indian government allocates Rs 7500 crores ( 75 Billion Rupees )for women's welfare anually but Rs 0( 0 Rupees ) for the welfare of men.

2) India has ministry for animal welfare but no ministry for the welfare of men . The annual budget for India's Animal welfare ministry is Rs 1180 crore ( Rs 1.18 Billion ). A dog on the street has more laws to protect itself than a husband has in a marraige .

3) Dowry law is enforced only one sided , that is only husband and his relatives can be charged with taking dowry . You can be charged with dowry harassment even if you have not taken dowry . It might take 10 years for you to prove you did not take dowry. Nobody has ever been punished for giving dowry in India although the law has a stricter provision against giving dowry than taking .

4) If wife married woman in husband's house the husband and his in-laws are normally held responsible under the dowry act. However if an unmarried woman commits suicide in her parents house no one is held responsible.

5) More than 56000 husband are driven to suicide annually by their wives. If the husband commits suicide wife is not considered responsible . Instead the husband is considered weak and a loser in life. The rate of suicides of Indian husbands are plotted in a chart for the past 13 years to expose the brutal truth of rise of husbands deaths.

7) According to the Supreme court of India women cannot lie in rape cases. They always tell the truth.

8) Husband is responsible for the carrying the burden ofs wife , irrespective of the fact if she is a capable individual who has voluntarily incapacitated herself to extract maintenance.

9) Indian men and husbands are not protected against domestic violence from women or harrasment of any kind.

10) The most shocking fact is that even after this sort of pamperment women still claim to be opressed sex and womens organisations demand even more laws.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Letter writing campaign against proposed molestation law

AIMWA has initiated a letter writing campaign against the proposed changes to the Molestation law by the Government of India.

Members can write letters in 2 formats

1) AIMWA format as below( as a member of AIMWA)
AIMWA Letter with your details
Please write complete name and address under yopur signature at the bottom .

2) Personalized format
Personalized letter ( as an individual )
Please write complete Name and address under the To, field at the start .

Please attach the 1 page Indian express annexure to the letter if you wish ( not mandatory )
Indian express News Article

Addresses the letter need to sent to

1) Dr. M Veerappa Moily
Hon’ble Union Minister of Law and Justice
Ministry of Law and Justice
Govt. of India
4th Fl. A Wing, Shastri Bhawan
New Delhi – 110 001


2) Dr. Brahm A. Agrawal, Member Secretary
LAW COMMISSION OF INDIA,2nd Floor, The Indian Law Institute Building
(Opp. to Supreme Court), Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi - 110 001

Friday, January 1, 2010

Would Rathore have misused the Draconian Molestation law against Ruchika's brother ?

Had there been a draconian molestation law as has been proposed by the Indian law minister Dr Veerapa Moily , people like Rathore would have surely used it against Ruchika's brother to harass him and then send him behind bars for years just to settle scores.

Everybody who is somebody is now thinking how they can get some mileage from the Ruchika case and this applies from the union ministers to the media . 19 years after the incident the Union ministry has suddenly realized that it has failed to give justice to a girl who had died 19 years back. How about giving justice to Ruchika’s brother who is still alive? His arrest and police torture was clear example of abuse of power to arrest by the police. However the Home Ministry has quietly dropped section 41(A) of the CrPC amendment which would have prevented unlawful arrests just to safeguard lawyers bail revenues even though it was approved by the parliament , president and the law commission and supported by the chief justice .

How can misuse of power by Police and Government officials become a women’s issue ?

Men face most of the brunt of the misuse of power by the police and government day in and day out just like Ruchika's brother did and this time a woman too was victimized by a powerful government official. Had Ruchika been a man there would not have been so much furor and the media would not even have been bothered but since we are all programmed to be react more if injustice is with a woman than a man the country is today boiling with anger on Ruchika's case.
The Ruchika case is not a women’s issue but an issue faced by every Indian irrespective of gender .It is a clear case of the abuse of power to arrest by the police and the misuse of power by the upper echelons of the government. India is a country where the strong dominate the weak and nowhere is this more evident in the upper echelons of Indian Government and politics.High court Judges( Justice Dinakaran ) , Police officers( SPS Rathore ) , Governors( ND Tiwari ) and union ministers( The list is far too long) are all involved in scandals and there has not been a single union minister or Judge or Police officer who has been punished yet in the history of the country. Most of the time the abuse is against men and the country does not care . The trial goes on for years and in the end all that remains is court dates and one fine day the accused dies of old age and the case is closed .We saw the same even in the Bofors case where no one was punished and case was closed one fine day with no punishments whatsoever. The Ruchika case is no different. The girl was molested and Indian molestation laws were strong enough to nab and punish the culprit had it been implemented honestly, however the accused being a senior police officer harassed all the members of the family mercilessly and anyone who dared to support them . Had this been a next door boy who had molested the girl he would have been implicated and would have been behind bars very soon, but since this was a government official things moved differently.

The people of India never trusted its politicians, police or the pace of justice. The Ministers do nothing more than paying lip service. However the people anger has reached boiling point and very soon you might see people throwing stones at courts and judges. The law ministry knows very well that the inept government, the corrupt police and glacially slow justice system is the sole cause of the suffering of the Ruchika’s family and not the weak laws. However the Law Ministry has found a different scapegoat to nail just to pull the wool on our faces. It has now pointed out that the Molestation law of India will be made Non bailable and cognizable. What this means is that the police will not need a warrant to arrest the accessed and the bail will be granted only if the prosecution has no objection to it. By doing this government wants to turn the Ruchika issue into a women’s empowerment issue just to move the lime light from its own inadequacies. It wants to beat the old drum and show that women in India are not adequately protected and making the law stringent will solve all problems. The government however has not recommended a single step to rein in the police and stop the misuse of power to arrest by the police, nor will it take steps to make sure that senior police officers , government officials and ministers do not misuse their power , nor will it take steps to make sure that justice is delivered swiftly. The government believes that making this a women’s issues will pacify the media and the Indians for a while .

Making molestation law non-bailable will increase Misuse and corruption among police ?

We know that more draconian the laws the more they are misused. The moment the law becomes draconian the unscrupulous elements of the society( both men and women ) will start misusing the laws on the innocent citizens. Draconian laws have never been able to achieve its target of reducing crime .They are always used in innocent people with a idea of vengeance . Nowhere have we seen a better example than the infamous Anti Dowry law ( IPC 498A ) which is just what the molestation will become if it is strengthened mindlessly. IPC 498a or the anti dowry law is perhaps the most abused sections of the Indian penal code today with more than 98% of cases filed by women under that section being false. The Supreme court of India has called the misuse of the IPC 498A , “Legal Terrorism “ . The Domestic Violence law although not as draconian as IPC 498A is also misused in about 80% of cases according to judicial officers of courts. The misuse of these laws has caused more than 56000 husbands to commit suicide every year which is twice the number of wives. With this sort of track record of implementation of women’s laws , with this sort of corrupt police and slow and anti-men judiciary it is very dangerous to arm the unscrupulous elements of the society with draconian laws.

Making Molestation non-bailable and cognizable will only increase corruption in the police since now they will pick up anyone on a charge of molestation just for settling scores . It will increase bribes and misuse of power to arrest . Any person( man or women ) wanting to take vengeance on another can file a molestation case( or force a girl to file a molestation case) and put the other person behind bars for years till the case is disposed. This will also lead to increased bribery and police assisted legal extortion of money from the accused just as the case is with IPC 498A . How will the government make sure that the innocent are not cast in the dragnet and there is no misuse of the law? Till date not a single 498A or DV act misuser has been punished.


Instead of creating women’s laws more draconian and camouflage this issue total government disregard for the rights of the common Indian as womens issue look like a women’s issue just to hoodwink the people , the government should work on reforming the police and reining in the police , so that they are not able to torture people like Ruchika’s brother was tortured on false pretexts. Enforce section 41(A) not thinking about safeguarding lawyers bail revenues. Weed out corruption from the police. Make the Judicial system faster so that men and women can get justice faster in any case. Make the laws gender neutral so that men too can get protection from harassment and domestic violence just like the women do. Just inciting the people and blindfolding them will not work for very long Mr Moily.