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Ye Wives Maange More !!!

Alimony is the answer , now what’s the problem ? That’s what they come up with you get when you put a bunch of radical feminists in a room with food and water and bolt the door. They break into a  discussion on alimony and come up with reasons on why it is the right of a wife to enslave the husband and make him work for paying her alimony since she afterall provided the service of getting married to him. After all jitsnt it just fair that just because one human being has different set of sexual organs than another, it gives  that human being a right to enslave the other human and make him work as a matter of right . WOW !! Are we still in  era of plantation slaves where the law mandated that the skin color of a person would make him a slave his entire life and earn for his master  .

This is what happened in the so called "All India Alimony conference" that discussed on how to encourage all self respecting women who earn their own bread to become parasites oin their husbands .The conference concluded that women as a class must be fed by men after marriage no matter what because according to the "experts" women seem to have provided some sort of service by marrying a man for which they have to be compensated for monetarily or through assets . As usual no mention was made of issues in women not  inheriting property from their own parents or helping women stand on their own feet . The speakers thought that the woman's first right was in her husband's property even if she was married for 2 months and not in the property rights oif her own father even if she spent 25 years in that house.

Some of the phrases uttered by the participating "stars" of Indian feminist movement .

We need to, at first, look for alternatives to the word maintenance.”

Sure we have been asking for that for all this time. Shall we call it “retirement benefits” or “extortion booty” since when a woman retires from a marriage of 2 months she is entitled to alimony for 20 years , right ? Why does she ever need to work when her marriage has found her a very own slave who will continue to slave for eternity and provide for her . Is this not marriage all about for women ? Why will woman ever need to stand on her own feet and fend for herself , since her husband is supposed to slog it out and fend for her as she enjoys in the marital lifestyle which she broke out of .

The first step is to change this perception and start looking at it as a right

Sure, right to alimony, right to harassing the husband using DV and 498a  ,Right to not allowing the father to meet the child using existing child custody laws . All these are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Indian constitution. All wives will have a right to sit idle at home like parasites and force the legal system to make their husbands work for them. All wives will have a right to profit from the marriage irrespective of their contribution in the marriage. No right will be given to the husbands to seeking alimony from the wife.  Needless to say the husband never had and will have any rights whatsoever since he is a male.

"The stigma associated with single women, the paltry amount in alimony, expenses incurred during trials, "class and gender bias" among lawyers are some of the problems that were raised during the course of the seminar."

Government Subsidizing a woman’s vengeance is the idea these women are talking about . Cases like 498a are already fought "for the wives by the government " even though 98% cases are false . The govt is sent on a wild goose chase for decades on false cases and crores of rupees money are spent subsidizing millions of  false cases .Is the husband not incurring an expense in the trial ? Who is supposed to pay for his expenses .? Opps sorry ..go back to point earlier point  …”A husband has no rights since he is a male “. Why do I keep coming back to the Husband’s right point again and again ?

Women often feel that they are doubly harassed, first by their husband and marital families and then by the police and lawyers they approach for help,”

Ok so now the husband must also compensate the women  for harassment from police and lawyers . Laws like 498a and DV not withstanding which need zero evidence and can be filed even if a woman is bitten by mosquito residing in the husband’s jurisdiction .

Are the husband’s not harassed even more by the same set of police , judiciary and lawyers ?  What about the women in the husband's family ? Oh !!…not once again … A husband has no rights since he is a male !!“….

"These are the least of their problems. In addition, they have to carry the stigma of being a single woman, go through the cumbersome judicial process, try to meet the expenses for each hearing and the end of all this make-do with the meagre alimony they get which can be as low as Rs 500 per month,"

Ok , how do we compensate women for stigma ? More MONEY !!! Will the stigma of a person be called a thief be alleviated if he is paid money from the someone , yes it  will be  if the thief is  a woman woman? The women are complaining that  women must be always be entitled to  their fruits of labor after negotiating the labyrinthine judicial process  ? Instead of spending time in courts what is stopping women from using their education or woman to to elk out a decent living ? After all why are we spending RS 11,000 crore of tax payer money (82% being funded by men ) to educate India women if a parasite is what we have in mind who feeds on the husband .

"A primary recommendation that emerged during the discussion is that all separated, divorced Indian women must be entitled to at least half the share of assets in marital home or assets acquired by couple during the period that they were together"

Ok Now we are talking .. If that is the case , Can I  stay in the wife’s house for a few days after marriage and then take half her paternal property away ? Can I also get a share of half the dowry she claims to have given . Can I also take away half her income ? 

For a million times NO !!!...........for a “ A husband has no rights since he is a male !!“ How many times do I tell you this ??


The feminists have essentially lost even more credibility in eyes of the law and the people by these statements. Women empowerment can never happen by breeding an army of parasite wives. A marriage is not a service that the woman is providing the man and hence she cannot be legally entitled to get paid for the service. A marriage is a partnership and if why one partner should be forced to pay another partner if this partnership should break. The whole idea of Alimony is to provide temporary support to a “person”( husband/wife)  who has contributed to the marriage and needs that support. The support is for the person to able to stand on his/her own feet and resume normal life . Yes , the support should be directly proportional to the person’s contribution and requirements( including children )  and cannot be made a right no matter what . Forcefully providing support to a parasitic wife included to enjoy at the husband’s expenses while voluntarily incapacitating herself at home would lead to sending a totally wrong message to the young girls whose sole idea then would be to make a “good catch” in the form of a husband and then milk him for alimony . Is this the sort of future generation of Indian women we are envisioning ?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Protest against Malimath Committee recommendations

Protest against Malimath Committee recommendations on asset declaration in CrPC 125 cases .
Letter is available at

Address to send is :-

**************************** Honourable Law Minister,
Shri S Suresh Kumar,
Ministry for Law & Parliamentary Affairs,
#327, Vidhana Soudha,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Legal rape of Husbands: India’s fastest growing crime


“Just like a man misusing his physical strength on a woman is called a rapist , a female misusing her legal strength on a man must be also called as a rapist. “

--- A Gender rights activist

What is Rape ?

The word rape itself originates from the Latin verb rapere: to seize or take by force. According to the feminists Rape is about power, not sex. A rapist uses actual force or violence — or the threat of it — to take control over another human being. Rape is categorized as a crime against humanity.

How can a rapist exercise power on a victim?

A rapist can exercise power on a victim either physically or legally. When it comes to physical rapes since men are physically more powerful than women and this results in a significantly larger percentage of physical rape victims being women .

There are also a lot of instances when a wife wants to illegally exercise her power on her husband and use actual force or the threat of it to take control of her husband. In these instances the wife legally rapes the husband using government backed laws and misusing the state machinery.

What is a legal rape ?

A legal rape is a situation when a person used the legal system to unleash trauma and violence on the victim in order to exercise power on the victim and to control the victim.

How Indian husband are legally raped?

In order to exercise her control and power over her husband ore in some instances punish him for not towing her line Indian wives frequently resort to using her legal power to unleash trauma and suffering on the husband many times over his entire family . Primary among the tools of legal rape are section 498a , DV act of 2005 , Maintenance and Child custody laws.

The symptoms leading to the legal rape have an uncanny similarity to the physical rape of women.

a) The legal rapist is always close acquaintance of the victim in the from of wife , daughter in law or sister-in-law.

b) The victim refuses to abide by the whims of the rapist.

c) The rapist develops deep rooted hatred for the victim and has a desire to control the life of the victim and exercise power over the victim.

d) The rapist uses her legal force to rape the victim.

e) Many times the wife legally rapes the husband impulsively as opportunity presently itself and might later regret the act.

f) Very often the legal rapists say that the trigger for the legal rape was when a husband made them angry, usually by rebuffing a wife’s whims and fancies or toeing her line.

The effects of Legal Rape ?

Just like the symptoms the aftermath if a legal rape is also similar to a physical rape.

Victims of legal rape can be severely traumatized by the assault and may have difficulty functioning as well as they had been used to prior to the assault, with disruption of concentration, sleeping patterns and eating habits, for example. They may feel jumpy or be on edge. After being legally raped, it is common for the victim to experience acute stress disorder, including symptoms similar to those of posttraumatic stress disorder, such as intense, sometimes unpredictable, emotions, and they may find it hard to deal with their memories of the event. In the months immediately following the legal rape , these problems may be severe and very upsetting and may prevent the victim from revealing their ordeal to friends or family, or seeking police or medical assistance. Additional symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder include:

* Depersonalization or dissociation (feeling numb and detached, like being in a daze or a dream, or feeling that the world is strange and unreal)

* Difficulty remembering important parts of the assault

* reliving the assault through repeated thoughts, memories, or nightmares

* Avoidance of things, places, thoughts, and/or feelings that remind the victim of the assault

* Anxiety or increased alertness (difficulty sleeping, concentrating, etc.)

* Avoidance of social life

For one-third to one-half of the victims, these symptoms continue beyond the first few months and meet the conditions for the diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder

The facts of legal rape in India

  • The incidence of legal rapes of husbands is thousands of percentages higher than that the physical rapes of women. The legal rape has become a profitable industry for the Lawyers and the Legal rapist wives.
  • The legal rape system is backed by the government even though there is little difference between raping a woman by physical force and raping man using legal force .
  • Physical rape affects one woman , while legal rape affects the family of the man including men , women and children
  • In Legal rape the victim of the rape is asked to compensate the female rapist. No legal rapist has ever been [punished in India for committing such a heinous crime .
  • The Indian government has no welfare schemes to rehabilitate the victims of legal rape. Instead finds are allocated to encourage females to legally rape husbands and protect them from prosecution for the legal rape.
  • Trauma of a legal rape lasts for a entire lifetime and is much more severe than a physical rape. Many times husband are forced take their own lives after being legally raped by the law.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

S Shinde's conversation with V Moily

S Shinde :- Hello Veeru uncle , how are you !!

V Moily :- I am fine dear , how is your papa doing ? The power industry is doing
well, I say. They have put me the laaaaw ministry , what to do ? No Deal ...no
money .. nothing to make in this ministry .

S Shinde :- Oh I see.. Papa is good last week only he did Rs 10,000 crore power deal just last week.

S Shinde :- What happened to the that quick divorce law Veru uncle . I am still
waiting you see. Doctor said , I have like a few more years before I reach my
designated time. Please do it faast Veru uncle ..Please !!

V Moily :- Don't worry beti , I have created the law , but you see in India
there are something even i cannot change . It has to go through a process , it
is with the parliamentary committee now . This laaaw is just tailored for you ,
I have studied your case and created the laaaw just for you, so that only you in
the country will get the divorce even if others do not get it.

S Shinde :- Oh that's great Moily uncle , so by when do you think I can get my

V Moily :- I will try my level besht to enshoore that you get diiivorce by end
of December . Because Jan in good lagna for the stars and you can get marraied
by January.

S Shinde
:- But people might oppose to the law uncle .Then what will you do ? You
might have to take their suggestions .

V Moily
:- When have I taken from the people ? I always give . I Give praamise
after praamise . See finally I got Rs 5000 core allocated for the reforms . Now
I can fin ally get some money for my retirement from here . Otherwise you see it
is very difficult to make any money in the laaaw ministry , I say . Let the
people say whatever thy waant we will do what what we waant to do .After all
Government's work is God's work , and has god ever listed to people . God does
whatever he likes to do .People can pray , but it is up to god to listen.

S Shinde
:- Ok Veeru uncle , I need to leave now . I need to shop for Saaries
and Jewels for my marraige .

V Moily :- VOOOK Beti , We will taaalk later , give my best to daddy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Govt seeks representations on Marraige law amendment bill

Advertisement appeared in Times of India Delhi - Page 13

Advertisement Link 

Send 2 copies(in same envelope) of any one of the two letters to... 

Shri K.P. Singh,
Director of Rajya Sabha Secreteriat,
201 Second floor , Parliament House Annexxe,
New Delhi - 110001
Letter Link- 1 (Old Letter )

Letter Link - 2( New letter )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SHWB Mandry Campaign

Please send copies of the below letter to 

The Honorable Prime Minister,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi,
India-110 101. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sexual Harrasment at workplace Bill Letter Campaign

Click on Letter link to download the letters.

Send it to the addresses below the respective letters Link   

Address :- 
The Honorable Hon’ble UPA Chairperson,
Smt. Sonia Gandhi,
10, Janpath
New Delhi - 110011
Address :- 
The Honorable Minister,
Department of Personnel & Training,
North Block,
New Delhi – 110001

Address :- 
The Honorable Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Head of the Cabinet,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi, 110 011

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its Official , No Mens Ministry or National Commission for Men exists now

Below is the RTI reply replied from the Cabinet Secretariat on questions where there exists an Men's Welfare Ministry or a National Commission for Men . 

RTI Questions 

RTI Reply

Monday, July 19, 2010

Indian Media acknowledges the shortfalls of the Sexual Harrasment Bill

The Indian media has overwhelmingly acknowledged the fact that the Indian version of the Sexual Harassment at workplace Bill is flawed and needed to be amended immediately .

The Government is now on the back foot and is using the  tried and tested tactic of stating that let the bill come into place and then we will look into it . However this tactic was also adopted during the creation of the heavily misused Domestic Voilence Act 2005 . Once the act came into being a parallel industry starts around it and then it is next to impossible to change the law . The Indian people have demanded that this time the draft of the Sexual harassment act be discarded that a new draft be made considering making it gender neutral .

The Demand for Gender Neutrality is nothing new . In fact way back in 2007 over 400 women's organizations under WomensPowerConnect (WPC) themselves asked for the bill to be made gender neutral as the below news article elaborates.

Press coverage for July 17 - 2010

and many many more ( too exhaustive to collate all of them )

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sexual harassment at workplace Bill will spawn a new extortion industry

This press conference is being conducted by a coalition of NGO’s under the umbrella of the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) . All NGO’s are non-funded , non-profit NGOs fighting for , Gender Equality , Judicial accountability and balanced laws by creating awareness towards the creation of balanced gender neutral laws so that they are both constitutional and provide justice to all individuals irrespective of gender and sexual orientation. This press conference has been scheduled to highlight the undemocratic law making process of India and expose the fascist nature of the same. Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill (SHWB) is in its current form is unacceptable for a sane and just society because

1. It out rightly violates the essence of article 15 of Indian constitution which prohibits discrimination against any citizen on the grounds of religion and sex

2. SHWB initiates contempt of court by violating the guidelines of the land mark SC judgment of Vishakha which was passed in 1997

3.There is a clear intention to influence decision making by mandating appointment of people, “committed to the cause of women” .Such compulsions categorically rule out Sexual harassment of Men without any basis.

4. It legally mandates the suppression of false cases with an intention to give a fa├žade of proper use by restricting the use of RTI act on the law.

5. It legally mandates that punishment for misuse be made “discretionary” and not “mandatory “so that misusers are safeguarded
6. Allows the bargaining of “punishment” for “settlement” with a clear intention to extort money from the trapped individuals

7.The Drafting committee arrogantly ignored overwhelming public opinions asking for the bill to made gender neutral and thereby exposed the fascist law making attitude with which gender laws are drafted in India.

Controversial realities of the Sexual harassment at workplace Bill
1. Constitutional Violation
A subsection of an article in a constitution (Article 15(3)) cannot be used to overrule the main article in the constitution (Article 15). Article 15(3) of the constitution merely provides for special provisions for women and children, it does not permit the framing of special laws which will violate essence of Main Article 15. Had that been the case the constitution of India will become self contradictory. Article 15(3) of the constitution although does allow the government to make special provisions for women, but the same article cannot be used to overlook the fact that women too can be perpetrators of the crime and absolve women from getting prosecuted for committing the same offence.

2. Clear Violation of Vishakha Guidelines
The SHWB is based on Vishakha guidelines of the Honorable Supreme Court. The guidelines mentioned in the judgement nowhere mentions that a prequalification to be a member of the Sexual harassment Committee is that the person “shall be committed to the cause of women”. However, by involving NGO’s “committed to the cause of women” the government of India has blatantly violated the honourable Supreme Court guidelines. Such deliberate language will only intensify the existing bias against males which is inherent in the 15 odd anti male laws currently existing.

3.Economically disastrous recommendation
By making it mandatory to pay remuneration to the committee members irrespective of instances of sexual harassment reported creates unnecessary financial burden on companies. In times of global recession such financial burden will only lead to further economic losses to Indian companies. It will lead to an increase poverty , crime and corruption.

4. Justice delivery mechanism will become a fish market
NGO’s and their appointees will have to be paid after getting appointed to the committee even if there are no instances or cases of Sexual Harassment at all. The involvement of the payment model will lead to NGO’s selling justice for a price and NGO’s competing with each other get appointed into committees to get financial payouts.

5. Punishment for misuse is not “Mandatory”, but “Discretionary”
By making punishment for misuse discretionary the bill opens the scope for negotiation between the parties to either avoid punishment or settle the matter. This provision will also lead to motivation for filing more and more false cases to settle personal scores - A trend very commonly observed in the misuse of section 498a and Domestic Violence Act of 2005.

6. News of False cases/Misuse will be legally suppressed
In a democratic nation transparency is the key to success of governance. To ensure the same the government of India has benevolently gifted the RTI act to the citizens of India, but the same government is including provisions in this bill to prevent the use of RTI act to unearth false cases filed under the act. This is nothing but double standards on part of the government.

4. Bargaining “Punishment” with “settlement “ of cases
By legally providing a mechanism to bargain punishment with settlement the act itself becomes a tool for “legal extortion”. This will also initiate a rate race among NGO’s to have themselvesrepresented in various companies in order to grab a pie of settlement .Such trends will undermine the real essence of the act and a parallel extortion industry will start spawning .

5. Unconstitutional and undemocratic process followed during the drafting of the bill
RTI responses has exposed that during the drafting of the Sexual Harassment at workplace bill the WCD ministry had received numerous representations from concerned Indian citizens to make the SHWB law gender neutral but did not heed to any one of them. If public opinion of making the law gender neutral is to be finally totally trampled with, then why carry the farce of calling suggestions, in the name of democratic law making, from the citizenry and then discard it ?

The ministry chose to trample all the representations by the below outrageously sexist statements degrading the modesty of men as compared to women. The WCD ministry stated the below.

The overwhelming nature of sexual harassment is sexual harassment of women on account of their female sex. Harassment of men cannot be put on the same footing character wise or incidence wise. Protection of men is also not the mandate of Ministry of WCD”.

1) “The overwhelming nature of sexual harassment is sexual harassment of women on account of their female sex

This is a totally unscientific “assumption” that the WCD makes. The WCD Ministry or the Supreme Court does not have any data to back this argument because the government of India has not spent either a rupee or conducted a single credible study on men’s issues in this area. On the contrary, credible research all over the world concludes that men too are increasingly falling victims to sexual assault crimes every year. The US, the UK , whole of European Union and most of the countries have gender neutral sexual harassment laws. Drafting laws based on hallucinated assumptions can lead to disastrous social consequences and cannot be allowed.
2) “Harassment of men cannot be put on the same footing character wise or incidence wise

The WCD ministry must be called upon to explain the meaning of this sentence and on what basis they concluded that the harassment of men is on a lesser footing than women. Does the WCD consider men any less of human beings than women? Is the stigma and suffering of a man any less than women if sexually harassed at workplace? The comments of WCD are openly violating Article 15 of the Constitution, which prohibits against any discrimination on grounds of sex and cannot be held with any credibility.

3) “Protection of men is also not the mandate of Ministry of WCD

The WCD ministry is absolutely right in its above observation. Having said that as they officially accept they do not represent more than 50% of the population and hence they have no moral or social right whatsoever to draft a law affecting the whole population of India. It is as good as saying that the honorable the Prime minister will allow the drafting of the law concerning Hindus and Muslims by a ministry that openly claims that it does not have the mandate to protect the Muslims. Will it not lead to religious war? Then how such stances of the WCD cannot incite gender war?


The coalition of multinational NGO’s supporting this press conference strongly opposes the Bill in the present form and demands that the current draft made by the WCD be discarded and a fresh draft is created taking into consideration the following points.

a) The Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill must be reviewed and amended immediately to make it Gender Neutral.
b) Heavy punishment must be given those who are responsible for ignoring the overwhelming public response and openly discriminating men and violating article 15 of the Constitution of India which prohibits discrimination against any citizen on grounds of religion and sex as well as wrongly interpreting Article 15(3) of the Constitution, by EXEMPTING women from punishment for committing the SAME crime, as Men, of Sexual Harassment.
c) The mandatory inclusion of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) as a watchdog group in every gender law making committee so that men are not deliberately discriminated against and Article 15 of the Constitution is not violated again and Article 15 (3) is not wrongly interpreted and that the people’s opinion are not brutally trampled as has been done in the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill.

d) The mandatory inclusion of corporate bodies like FICCI and CII and a corporate committee comprising an equal number of male and female members from the industry so that interests of both genders are kept in mind while drafting laws to truly achieve a equal opportunity workplace.

e) Involving external NGO’s based on legal knowledge and their background of delivering justice on merits and not merely being women’s rights champions.

f) Allowing the reporting of all cases true or false in the media so that the magnitude of use or misuse can be measured.

g) Provision of any sort of settlement must be removed. The accused must be either punished or the complaint must be deemed as false and action taken against the complainant. The spawning of the extortion industry must be stopped at the root.
h) Since the laws that are drafted by the Women and Child development will only lead to gender imbalances and advancing social destruction, the Women and Child Development ministry must be removed from the law making process with immediate effect.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sexual Harrasment is Gender Neutral the world over , why not India ?

All the western countries have Gender Neutral Sexual Harassment at workplace laws 

1) All employers are committed to maintaining a workplace where EACH employee's privacy and personal dignity are respected and protected from offensive / threatening behavior, irrespective of gender.

2) It is incorrect to presume that only women are prone to sexual harassment. With growing urbanisation, mindless westernization, and an increasing number of employee workforce positioned globally the issue of sexual harassment at workplace has acquired new dimensions. Men are as prone to being sexually harassed as women are.

3) The Sexual Harassment at workplace policies prevalent in most of the nations today take cognizance of the facts mentioned above and are gender neutral. According to a report on Sexual harassment at workplace by United Nations Economic Commission of Europe - Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, The Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom have policies for Sexual Harassment that are gender neutral.
Link :- A Report on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in EU Member States by United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (UNECE), which mentions the relevant Sexual Harassment policies at EU member nations. It is interesting to note that EU nations have a gender neutral Sexual Harassment policy.

6) There are numerous studies which conclude that Men at workplace are being increasingly harassed and victimized:

  (a) In United Kingdom, a survey conducted by the UK Department of Trade and Industry reports that men constitute 41% of sexual harassment victims. 
Link :- Survey conducted by the UK Dept of Trade and Industry, which concludes that 41% of sexual harassment victims are males, as reported in the Observer: 

(b) In Hong Kong, a survey conducted by the Civic Party and Equal Opportunities Commission revealed that one third of sexual harassment victims are males

(c) In USA, almost 16% of all sexual harassment complaints received by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) are regarding sexual harassment of men.
Link:- The US Sexual harassment policy, which is gender neutral and shows that about 16% of all complaints are from males, as published on The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission : http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/sexual_harassment.cfm

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Indian HarrasmentGate Scandal

Sexual HarrasmentGate Scandal :- How the Indian Govt drafted a gender biased law against overwhelming public opinion

An article in Yahoo India requesting for comments has evoked a strong response from the Indian working class . Many people  have stated in their comments that women too much be included as aggressors in the Sexual harassment  law . The citizenry also overwhelmingly believe that another gender biased laws will only be misused  by motivated women. The comments also reflect that women too believe that this law must be made gender neutral . The link to the Yahoo article and people's opinions on the article are in the link below 

The Government of India now seems to be only party that does not want the bill to be gender neutral ! It may be recalled that the Women and Child Development Ministry which was responsible for drafting the Sexual harassment at workplace bill(SHWB) rejected an overwhelming number of representations from the Indian citizenry seeking to make the bill gender neutral . To reject demands to make the bill gender neutral the WCD Ministry had famously used the below sexist comments which were later uncovered using RTI's .

"The overwhelming nature of sexual harassment is sexual harassment of women on account of their female sex. Harassment of men cannot be put on the same footing character wise or incidence wise. Protection of men is also not the mandate of Ministry of WCD”.

To read the complete analysis on how the SHWB was drafted and to get an insight into the way fudged data is and unscientific and outrageous assumptions are normally used to draft anti male Indian gender laws  click on the link below .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Major scam in framing of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law: All representations to make law Gender Neutral ignored despite overwhelming public opinion

Indian Democratic law making process
In a democratic law making process the government creates laws in accordance with the public opinion expressed by the people. In fact, democratic law making derives its authority from the people. Public opinion is considered to be the most essential element for successful working of democratic communication in the system. Public opinion is the expression of the views of citizens. No government can afford to ignore it. In a democratic law making process that is required to be followed. In India, the government must always be cognizant of public opinion and take note of the same while formulating laws for the common good. Governmental policies and laws are invariably affected by the people’s opinion on various issues. Public opinion is the best barometer that helps any government to enact laws given the current situation. Public opinion in law making process also helps in
a) Acting as a guide to the law drafting process.
b) Watchdog that prevents the government from creating badly drafted one sided laws and violations of civil liberties
c) Protects the rights and liberties of all citizens irrespective of gender and age
d) Protects the citizens from laws pushed for by people with vested interest
Public opinion on current and proposed gender laws are frequently ignored
Unfortunately in India although the law making process include a step where the government is required to invite public opinion on a law draft, seldom is this opinion considered. The language of the law is heavily influenced by the requirements of pressure groups with vested interest. Laws are seldom neither drafted nor amended based on public opinion although the process is ironically democratic law making.
Public opinion on current gender laws
India is today witnessing phenomenal abuse in the areas of gender laws like Section 498A of the IPC and The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act along with the various maintenance laws like Section 125 of CrPC, Section 18 of The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act and the rape laws to name a few. Not a single day goes by where in there is not an article in the press, or a discussion on TV or an internet editorial wherein the need to amend these laws is stressed upon. There has been millions of gallons of ink spilled on explaining how these laws are destroying the family system, how they are unconstitutional, how they are harassing the innocent and unable to protect the real victims, how they are burdening the Judicial docket with malicious litigations and finally how they need to be made gender neutral. There have also been hundreds of seminars, Multitude of Supreme Court and lower court judgments and reams of data have been gathered in the process to show the government that the public opinion clearly and overwhelmingly supports the amendment of these laws.
Why have the laws still not changed
So why has the laws not changed even though the majority of the Indians want the laws to change? The Indian law making process shows an outwardly appearance of being dependent on public opinion, but on the inside it is actually controlled with an iron hand by pressure groups with vested interests. Gathering public opinion on creating and amending laws is but a farce and hogwash and the government seems to abide by it just because it has a mandate of simply “gathering” public opinion. Feminist Pressure groups are today successfully holding to ransom the entire public opinion of the people of India and also block the Home ministry’s keenness to amend these laws. Even the Indian judiciary watches helplessly as their comments and suggestions are ignored for decades owing to the control influenced on the government by these people with vested interests. On the issue of Gender laws like Section 498A and the Domestic Violence Act the opinions of the Supreme Court and the Law commission of India which are the two apex law formulating bodies of India hold little value or respect in the eyes of the government which is instead keen on bending over backwards to please these pressure groups . Below are 2 very recent examples where few people with vested interest have successfully trampled overwhelming public opinion and stopped laws from changing.
a) The Home ministry in a communication admitted that they are unable to amend section 498A due to protests from some people with vested interest
b) Home Ministry did not notify section 41A of the CrPC amendments owing to the protests from some lawyers clearly working to safeguard their own bail revenues.
The government has for decades ignored the good recommendations and proposals from the Supreme Court or the Law Commission owing to the pressure exerted on it by these people working for their vested interests. If such people ultimately determine India legal policy then why do we even conduct the democratic drama of asking for public opinion on law making and amending? Why do we even call the law making process democratic?
The Sexual Harassment Workplace Bill (SHWB) is a textbook example of how public opinion was trampled by some people with vested interest
The SHWB is recent bill where overwhelming public opinion was ignored by the WCD Ministry.
The Sexual Harassment Bill was the outcome of an Apex court Judgment in 1997 which was in response to a Writ Petition WP No 666-70 of 1992. It is pertinent to note that laws and opinions of courts change very quickly with time and it is almost 20 years since the WP was originally filed. The condition, motivation and numbers of women in the workforce have swelled massively since 1992 and women now get an equal opportunity in almost all areas of employment either through merit or reservation.
Public Opinion about Sexual Harassment in 2007
The Sexual harassment act if drafted in the year 1992 might have received major support from the Indian Public to make it a women’s only law and not offer any protection to men from sexual harassment. However public opinion changes with time and our society has undergone massive changes since 1992 when the WP was filed. Public opinion in 2007 states the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law must be Gender Neutral. RTI’s provided a clear insight into the government’s law making process and it has been discovered through RTI’s that during the drafting of the Sexual Harassment at workplace Bill there were innumerable representations from the public seeking to make the bill Gender Neutral. Also there was not a single comment / recommendation received from the public asking for the bill not be made gender neutral. This clearly shows that as of 2007 and the subsequent years the Indian public opinion has shifted and now the Indian citizens want this law to be a gender neutral law. The times have obviously changed and men today are increasingly falling into the trap of marital law abuse and are made victims under various different laws by their spouses or female relatives. The National Crime Records Bureau states that over 57000 husbands are driven to suicide every year as compared to 29000 wives. The rate of suicide of husbands in itself shows the changing scales as far as empowerment and need of protection is concerned. Even Law Commission in its 172nd Report wanted Laws to be made Gender Neutral.
How the WCD Ministry trampled public Opinion in the SHWB
The  below links points us to a PDF that shows the relevant areas of the RTI response received from the WCD, highlighting the file notings during the drafting process of the SHWB. The first column titled “Gist of comment/suggestion” lists the representations received from the Indian public. The second column titled “Number of comments” shows the number of such representations received and the third and final column titled “Response” lists the reply that the WCD ministry has for accepting or rejecting these representations. The PDF depicts how the WCD ministry deliberately trampled overwhelming public opinion seeking a gender neutral sexual harassment at workplace act .
From the first and second column it is clear that the WCD ministry had received numerous representations to make the SHWB law gender neutral but did not heed to any one of them. The ministry instead chose to trample all the representations by the below outrageously sexist, and statements degrading men’s modesty.
Below are the outrageous reasons for the WCD Ministry for not making the bill Gender Neutral
The overwhelming nature of sexual harassment is sexual harassment of women on account of their female sex. Harassment of men cannot be put on the same footing character wise or incidence wise. Protection of men is also not the mandate of Ministry of WCD”.
The analysis of the statements of the WCD exposes the extremely poor and downright dubious quality of law drafting in India. Let us look at the grossly uneducated statements of the WCD one by one.
1) The overwhelming nature of sexual harassment is sexual harassment of women on account of their female sex
This is an unscientific “assumption” that the WCD makes. Laws are not based on assumptions but on hard facts. The WCD Ministry or the Supreme Court does not have any data to back this argument. Credible research all over the world concludes that men too are increasingly falling victims to sexual assault crimes every year. India does not have a procedure of even tracking sexual harassment crimes committed against men. However in the western world which has tracking systems, sexual harassment complaints from men who have harassed by women and other men are rising every year.
The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) data in the below link shows that the percentage of complaints from Men increased from 11.6% in FY 1997 to 16% in FY 2009 showing that men are increasingly being victimized. The total number of sexual harassment cases in 2009 has now increased to 12,700 per year.
The percentage of men sexually harassed and their numbers (12700) is simply far too high to be ignored. Given the above data the statement of the WCD ministry does not have any credibility and is at best be termed as a poor and unscientific assumption made to create a Gender Biased law.
2) “Harassment of men cannot be put on the same footing character wise or incidence wise”
The WCD ministry must be called upon to explain the meaning of this sentence and on what basis they concluded that the harassment of men is on a lesser footing than women. Does the WCD consider men any less of human beings than women? Is the stigma and suffering of a man any less than women if sexually harassed at workplace?
This analogy of the WCD Ministry is totally against the Universal Declaration of Human rights adopted by the United Nations. The WCD Ministry has no right or mandate to degrade the modesty of men and claim that the modesty of women is far more valuable than the modesty of men and hence idea to protect men can as well be ignored. The time has come when men and women must be afforded equal protection from all crimes in home, office or otherwise. No one can expect special pamperment based on their gender especially when data overwhelmingly shows that men too are increasingly being victimized by the same crime that women are protected against. This highly biased and sexist statement in itself is evidence enough that the law making process in the sexual harassment act was nothing more but a farce and that ministry has a biased one sided agenda which does not rely on any research on sexual harassment against men, nor does it take into account the sexual harassment laws that have been formulated by other countries.
The Government cannot blatantly ignore one gender and deny offering protection to one gender based on such uneducated and sexist assumptions which are clearly without any merits whatsoever. Hence this sexist assumption of the WCD ministry with which it has rejected the overwhelming majority of public opinion to make the law gender neutral is against the democratic law making process and cannot be accepted.
3) “Protection of men is also not the mandate of Ministry of WCD”
The above remark is an outrageously “stupid” comment and exposes the utterly poor quality of law making in India. The WCD ministry has clearly trying to incite a gender war by these statements. It is common sense that any law must be drafted by a ministry or a committee which has the mandate to protects all the sects, genders, religions or parties who can or might get affected by the law. Will the Hon’ble Prime Minister allow the drafting of a law concerning Hindus and Muslims by a Ministry that openly claims that it does not have the mandate to protect the Muslims? It is obvious that this law will be end being heavily biased against the Muslims. This is exactly what has happened here if we replace the term Hindus with Females and the term Muslim with males. Then on the same lines the Petroleum ministry or coal ministry must be given the open license to pollute the atmosphere and cause oil spills since they do not have the mandate of protection of the environment. The ministry for commerce will issue wholesale licenses for hunting Indian tigers to extinction because the protection of tigers an endangered species is not their mandate! The current law making process is somewhat similar to those during the Nazi period, when Nazis, who had no mandate to protect the Jews, drafted laws for the Jews and then called it a socialist law making to the people of the world.
Every law and action has a cause and an effect. By creating laws and not bothering about aftereffects of the same the WCD has demonstrated a fascist law making attitude.
Relieve WCD and NCW from law drafting responsibilities immediately
It is a very true statement as the mandate of the WCD does not entail protection of men, but using this as shield to create laws only for females while males and homosexuals suffer from the same crimes is beyond my understanding. So I respectfully ask which ministry has the mandate to protect men and the homosexuals. In western societies the law makers while making laws normally make gender neutral laws taking into account detailed research and statistics to first determine if the problem affects both sexes and then they formulate laws that protect both sexes. Laws on Sexual Harassment, Domestic violence and Sexual Assault are some of the laws that are gender neutral in the west. However in India the situation is starkly different. The main reasons why most new laws are horribly biased and anti male and anti homosexuals are simply because the ministry that is making the laws has no mandate to protect men and makes laws with clumsy wording and blatant ignoring of principles of natural justice and universal declaration of human rights. Also there is no watch dog to review these laws and make sure that the issues of the genders other than the female are also appropriately represented. On top of it there are some people in the WCD ministry who have vested interest and make laws which are both beneficial to their ideology and interests and also make money for their lawyers.
In order to preserve the democracy in India, after learning of the mandate of the WCD from their own mouth organizations like WCD and NCW cannot be allowed to formulate gender laws any more since they will obviously be severely biased. Laws created by these agencies are unnecessarily inciting a gender war in the country and only leading to wide scale family destruction and mutual hatred between genders.
I strongly demand that the WCD ministry and the NCW must not be allowed to formulate or have any say in formulation of laws effective immediately and all law making responsibilities must be immediately handed over to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare which will have the mandate of protection of males, females, homosexuals and all citizens irrespective of gender and sexual orientation.
Sexual Harassment at workplace is recognized as a Gender Neutral crime the world over
Sexual Harassment at workplace crimes are gender neutral the world over since all countries recognize the fact that men and women can be equally victimized under this crime. India by making it a male only offence is taking a leap back in time. Below are some of the Examples on what is happening in other countries.
United States
The United States Equal Employment opportunity commission (EEOC) has stated that “sexual harassment filings by men has consistently increased doubling over 15 years“. Consecutively the sexual harassment page of the website of the EEOC categorically states the below statement.
Both victim and the harasser can be either a woman or a man, and the victim and harasser can be the same sex.
Consecutively the “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964” has the provision to protect both a man and woman against sexual harassment from either gender. Although Title VII was designed to empower women in the workplace, there is nothing in the law that limits its applicability to women.
United Kingdom and the European Union
A 2006 government study in the United Kingdom revealed that 2 out of 5 sexual harassment victims in the UK are male, with 8% percent of all sexual harassment complaints to the Equal Opportunities Commission (Britain's EEOC), coming from men. The UK’s “The Equal Opportunities Commission's Code of Practice on Sex Discrimination” clearly spells out that protection from sexual harassment protection is available for both men and women. The European Commission's code of practice on the Protection of the Dignity of Women and Men at Work is used to protect both men and women from sexual harassment at employment.
Sexual Harassment against men goes even more underreported as compared to women
Sexual harassment against men is vastly underreported because most men would never complain or file a lawsuit because of the fear of embarrassment or stigmatization. But this is changing with time. Recent improvement in sexual harassment training, reporting procedures, and “No Retaliation” clauses in the west have probably contributed to an increased likelihood of men also coming forward to file a claim.
A recent wall street journal article titled “More Men Make Harassment Claims” on March 23, 2010 reported the below.
Stephen Anderson, president of Anderson-davis Inc., a workplace training company in Denver, says filing a claim is often a no-win situation for a man.” If a woman is harassing you, people might think 'What is wrong with you? You should be flattered,' “he says. In cases where another man is the harasser, the victim might be afraid that he comes across as unmanly or homosexual, he says.
“The EEOC doesn't track the sex of the alleged harasser, but Ms. Lisser says the EEOC has observed an increasing number of men alleging sexual harassment from other male co-workers—and not as many cases of men accusing female bosses or co-workers of sexual harassment. Employment attorneys have also seen an increase in man-on-man harassment complaints.”
Companies have educated employees about sexual harassment for years, but some are making their messages more male-focused to safeguard themselves from potential litigation. Freada Klein, a workplace bias expert in San Francisco, has been advising companies to add examples of sexual harassment levied against men to their training and education programs. She encourages clients to bring up scenarios like public humiliation, bullying and inappropriate banter. "More types of behaviors are put in the sexual harassment bucket when men are the victims," she says.”
The Homosexuality angle has been ignored completely
Homosexual sexual harassment has been documented worldwide and occurs on a large scale in all societies but is never talked about too much. India too has a large number of homosexual couples who lived in the shadows earlier, but now with the Honorable Delhi HC decriminalizing homosexuality there will be a huge increase in male-male and female-female relations in offices too. Sexual harassment at workplace can also happen between two individuals of the same sexual orientation and this bill does not address this in any way. This bill does not have any provisions to protect homosexual men or women from harassment from their same sex partners.
The sexual harassment at workplace must be amended immediately to make it Gender Neutral
There is no doubt that the WCD ministry has deliberately ignored sexual harassment laws the world over, nor has it used credible research on sexual harassment laws and statistics which are easily and widely available, to learn and understand that this crime is gender neutral. I hereby most respectfully reiterate my demands that the firstly WCD Ministry and NCW must be relieved from law making with immediate effect and be replaced by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and secondly men and homosexuals must be offered equal protection under the sexual harassment at workplace act and thus the bill must be amended to make sure that adequate language in incorporated to achieve the same.

Monday, May 31, 2010

TADA and 498A are more or less the same legal framework , if TADA can be repealed why not 498A ?

Below are the relative comparisons of the Indian TADA and IPC section 498A. It is amply clear hat both laws have the same legal framework like considering the accused guilty under proven innocent and arrests without evidence or investigations .They have led to the same type of human rights violations although human rights violations in 498A have been far more severe and devastating. So why was the TADA law allowed to be repealed and the government is hesitant in repealing or amending section 498A. Has militant feminism today become even more powerful than actual militants? The below article investigates.

The definition of  Terrorism
The term "terrorism" comes from the French word terrorisme, which is based on the Latin verb terrere (to cause to tremble). It dates back to 1795 when it was used to describe the actions of the Jacobin Club in their rule of post-Revolutionary France, the so-called "Reign of Terror". Jacobins are rumored to have coined the term "terrorists" to refer to themselves. Terrorism refers to a strategy of using violence, social threats, or coordinated attacks, in order to generate fear, cause disruption, and ultimately, brings about compliance with specified political, religious, or ideological demands. Terrorism can be used by motivated individuals or organizations to disrupt an existing process and make other individuals or government give in to demands which under normal circumstances cannot be met . Terrorism under TADA normally referred to misuses of weapons like rifles , RDX etc while Terrorism under 498A referred to the use of the state machinery to wreck havoc on the opposite party to force them abide by unreasonable demands .

How are TADA and 498A similar ?

The carnage of TADA
The Terrorists and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) was created in 1985 (amended 1987) . The abuse of the act led to  led to tens of thousands of politically motivated detentions, torture, and other human rights violations. TADA was as a tool to fight trade unions and to detain Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits, and political opponents. Over 76,000 people were arrested while TADA was in force from 1987 to 1995.  The conviction rate for these arrests was less than one percent Out of 200 people charged under TADA only one person will be convicted, which just proves how unfair and ridiculous the Act is. TADA allowed for people to be detained in police custody for up to six months without charge or trial. Data gathered on 1997 said that as of August 1997 there were there are an estimated 65.000 TADA detainees in Indian prisons. The detainees and their families go through so much unnecessary heartache and suffering.  This Act can in many ways be seen by some Muslims as prejudiced for example in 1995, 228 TADA cases were registered in Rajastan, 101 were against Muslims, 96 against Sikhs and 3 against Hindus. There is no bail under the TADA Act and appeals can only be made to the Supreme Court in Delhi. Thousands of people are unfortunately precluded this right as the court is in Delhi, families would have to undertake very expensive long journeys. To obtain a lawyer for the Supreme Court the minimum cost would be RS 250.000, which is £4.200 a large amount to raise even by western standards.  The TADA Act is against one of the basic points of the Indian Constitution, that a person is presumed innocent until he is proven guilty. TADA presumes that people are guilty until they are proven innocent.  

The carnage of 498A is still ongoing
If abuse of TADA equal that if a carnage then abuse of 498a approach that of a genocide .Section 498A was inserted into the penal code in 1983. The abuse of 498A leads to more than 75000 cases being filed all over India. 498a is used by motivated and bloody minded wives to misuse the Indian state machinery to arrest her husband and his entire family and then make them agree to unjustified demands or face jail time. Just like TADA , 498a also considers the  accused to be guilty  until proven innocent. Over 126000 women and children and 3 million men have been arrested without any evidence or investigation under 498a. Over 56000 husbands have been driven to suicide annually due to the misuse of these laws while. These people languish in jails and police lockups for days on end. Just like TADA was looked upon as prejudiced against Muslims, 498a is completely prejudiced against Husbands and their families. The Police never register a case for giving dowry as has been mandated by the law under section of the Dowry Prohibition act but immediately arrest the husband and his family under allegations of taking dowry. Like TADA victims of misuse of 498a have to battle false cases against the government of India for decades on end that cost their life savings. The wife and their families do not have to spend any money as the government draws from  the tax payers money to fight their false cases also causing a huge loss to the nation. The conviction rate in 498a is even lower than TADA. Cases where 498a alone is used the conviction rate is close to 0% .The overall statistics says that over 98% of 498a cases are false to begin with . The supreme court of India has called misuse of 498a as legal terrorism.

Why is 498a more dangerous than TADA?
1)498a is state sponsored terrorism .Indian State itself provides the weapons of terrorism in the form of laws. The government provided law is a weapon of terrorism.

2)Indian state spends exchequers money to fight false cases. This is leading to massive loss of revenue which could have been used in a better way to improve judicial infrastructure.

3)Government lacks commitment to fight legal terrorism unleashed through misuse of section 498a even through it is clear that 498a is a lot more deadly than TADA when misused.