Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why are ‘free lunches’ to women paid for by men called progressive legislations ?

In India, any proposal to extend “free lunches” to women at the cost of men is hailed as a progressive legislation. The Indian law makers somehow believe that women by the dint of their gender are entitled to these free lunches and men again owning to their gender  owe these free lunches to women or will be legally forced to provide them as the case may be. It is believed that providing free lunches to women would lead to departmental accolade amongst their superiors and peers and would be the politically correct thing to do. When providing free lunches, scientific analysis, and business reasoning and even simple common sense is thrown out. The result, the problem remains as it was before, and men are forced to compensate women in some way. ( Mission accomplished !!)

Let us look at just some of these recent free lunches provided by the Government at various different stages of a woman's life.

India women get educated in the same schools as boys and get free or highly subsidized education throughout their life . Looked at from an aggregation perspective, girls as a gender group outperform boys every year in most annual examinations. The Indian government and the press normally hail this achievement as an sign of empowerment of women , but has never bothered to take any remedial steps to first study the reason why boys are lagging behind collectively as a gender group and what remedial steps need to be taken to ensure that boys too as a gender group perform at par with the girls.

IIT’s Newtonian formula for providing free lunches to women

However when it comes to undergraduate courses, few girls are able to compete and enroll in the highly prestigious Indian Institute of Technologies( IITs) . These examinations filter through hundreds of thousands of Indian students and most of the years the students who clear this examination are invariably boys. To solve the inability of girls to compete and enroll in the IIT’s , the Joint Admission Board (JAB) of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) recently announced that so called brilliant solution of the entrance test fee for girls would be waived off from the academic year 2012 . As it stood earlier Girls currently pay only Rs 500 for the JEE application form and boys pay Rs 1,000. With this new improved free lunch the IIT entrance test will become free for girls from the next year while boys will have to pay twice as much at Rs 1,800. So boys would have to the bear the burden of the free lunch for girls.

It would still have made sense of the proposal would have some from some lowly babu , but this coming straight from the JAB which consists the foremost academics minds is bewildering since this proves the unwritten theorem in academics that when appeasing women ignore logic and scientific thinking.

(Old Form cost of girls ) + (Old Form cost of Boys) = New Form cost of Boys

which equals (New Form Cost of Girls)= 0
and (Old examination Revenue) = (New examination revenue)

What brilliant mathematics , Issac Newton would be certainly be pleased with the ingenuity of the JAB .

IIM’s want women to grace the IIM’s by their presence through grace marks

The IIM’s are another place where women find to hard to enter through merit so this presented an opportunity for another of the gender free lunches. Not to outdone by their science brethren in the race to provide free lunches to women, the IIM’s stated to award women extra marks to people for have the amazing achievement of possessing female genitalia.

IIM-Rohtak will give 20 marks to each girl , IIM-Raipur will add 30 marks to the overall scores of each girl and IIM-Lucknow has decided to grant five marks to each girl and so forth. Looking at the non-uniformity of the free lunch It appears there is a veritable frenzy and completion to between the IIM’s to attract women and grace the IIM’s by their presence. This decision gives an example of how the sharpest business minds loose their sight of simple profit and loss and what appears to a business logic that men must be made to suffer a loss when it comes to providing free lunches to women.

The Mother of all Free lunches – A Doctrine to Annex Male property through marriages

The Doctrine of Lapse was a property annexation policy purportedly devised by the British in the 18th century to annex the Indian kingdoms was considered as one of the most regressive and illegitimate laws of all times . The Marriage law amendment bill architects a similar proposal for annexing the properties of a husband through marriage. Through this new doctrine the government is now considering making women property owners overnight once again through a free lunch . The difference being that this free lunch is a veritable lunch buffet offering a massive financial windfall for people having female genitalia because they provided the “service” of marrying a person with male genitalia.

In this proposed legislation a wife will be entitled to annex 50% all movable and immovable property that a husband acquired before and after marriage. The wife will have a right to annex only on the assets of the husband and will have no responsibility of his liabilities even the ones incurred during acquiring these assets. Men will still be burdened with the liabilities for these properties and will still have to pay for the free lunch buffet that is the Marriage law amendment bill. So the options left before a husband will be to tolerate his abusive wife or part with half everything he acquired before and during the marriage. A woman would come essentially empty handed into a marriage and would leave loaded when the marriage goes sour.

So there you have it free lunches starting from schooling, under graduation , post graduation culminating with a veritable lunch buffet all at the expense of a person having male genitalia . After all proving free lunches to women in this country is progressive legislation.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indian Feminists on overdrive on fears of Congress loss in 2014

Indian Feminists on overdrive to pass anti male laws before Congress is booted out in 2014

Sensing an early election and the very strong possibility of Congress being booted out in 2014 owing to it is horrendous performance in last 8 years , the feminist camps in India have gone into a frenzy of drafting new and more draconian laws and getting them passed in last few months of the lame duck government.

This behavior is not surprising since most of India's senseless feminist laws were drafted and passed during the tenure of 2004 till date. Significant amongst these were the Domestic Violence act of 2005 which was passed by the congress even though it was highly criticized for offering no protection to men and being extremely biased and badly drafted. This law was also trashed by the Indian Attorney General at that time and later the Indian Supreme Court. The then woman and child development minister however made many brazen anti male remarks to justify the existence of the law and to show of hatred for males in general. This minister later suffered a humiliationg defeat in 2008 and was not even elected to the Rajya Sabha.

Sensing the delicate political climate and chances of an early election in 2013 , the feminists camps in India in collusion with the Women and Child Development Ministry ( WCD) has gone into an overdrive of law drafting. Never have we seen such a huge laundry wishlist of Anti-Male laws and the urge to get them passed as quickly as possible.

The strategy for making these laws is more or less the same as in , not responding to RTI requests for information on the laws and the debates that went in during drafting them. Conducting closed door meetings with some of the most militant feminists of India and drafting laws which make little sense from the angle of principles of natural justice . Lets take a look at some of the laws being hurried through.

1. The Marraige law amendment Bill 2010 
This law is being moved with war like urgency in the parliament. The Law minister of India for reasons known best to him is inserting amendments almost on a daily basis. The routes for RTI and open debate have been blocked  and the opinions received from the parliamentary committee hearings from the Indian Citizenry on this law have been trashed. The Indian Law minister and Women and Child Development minister has almost taken a dictatorial stance of getting this highly dangerous law passed by hook or crook. The amendments are becoming more and more draconian by the day and the lameduck  cabinet is passing every amendment that is brought to them without giving any due thought to the sensibility of the amendment. To give some examples of the lunacy that is Indian law drafting, the amendment which initially mandated the equitable division of property acquired jointly by the couple has now being morphed into an amendment which mandates the handingover of  50% of the husband's property to the wife and shockingly that includes the property the husband acquired before marriage. There is no mention of division of the property that the wife acquires .The law gives power solely to the wife, to oppose a divorce unless her financial hardship are met and alleviated , however when the wife files for divorce no such option has been made available to the husband. Also the wife gets to keep her streedhan , maintenance and also 50% of the husbands property ( acquired before and after the marriage) . Is this some sort of a joke that the Women and Child Ministry and Law Ministry is playing on the Indian masses ? Also what sort of reviews is the all powerful cabinet doing to even allow the inclusion of such amendments.

2. Amendment of the Dowry Law moved to Fast Track

This is another infamous law of India which saw phenomenal misuse during the UPA1 and UPA2 tenure. The feminists camps are now full steam ahead in making this law even more draconian and inconvenient for husbands. Some of the lunatic features of this law are listed below .

a. Definition of dowry should be changed to include both movable and immovable property as well as asking for any favours from the woman’s parents. This means the husband cannot ever ask for any favors from the wife or her parents , however the wife and her parents can by law extort  50% of the husband's property as a matter of right. Talk about natural justice !!

b. Opportunity to the woman to file a 498a case at the where she permanently or temporarily resides.This means that now the husband has to commute on every hearing date to the place where the woman finds it convenient to file the complaint. This is also voilates the principles of  criminal trial which mandates a jurisdiction of the offence the trial thereof. However the principles of Natural justice and criminal trial normally got to the dogs when feminists draft laws.

c.  Punishment for dowry givers to be reduced on the ground that Women and Child Development Ministry (through the dictatorial powers given to them) have assumed that they are  victims of coercion. This is nothing but a big joke since till date not a single so called dowry giver has been penalized for giving dowry, while more than 100,000 false dowry cases are filed annually by Indian wives. The Supreme Court of India has repeatedly asked the UPA2 Government to amend the dowry law and make it less draconian , but under the current feminist influenced government we are moving in the opposite direction.


Now lets collate the two above laws and see what an ideal marriage would look like in India. The bride and her family would look for the most eligible and well earning bachelor and solemnise a marriage without giving a single paisa of dowry . So far so good .If the marriage sours(40% Indian marriages do) the husband will face a false 498a for which he would have to travel to the place of convenience of his wife for over 9 years . He will also face DV act , CrPC 125 , HMA 24 as the other maintenance laws . Finally after three years of being harrassed in various courts , the husband will have to part with 50% of all his assets(movable and immovable)  that he has acquired since the day he started earning. A husband who is infirm , paralysed , earns less will not even be able to defend his divorce. The right of divorce to the wife is absolute. Just because the wife is now divorced and has grabbed her wealth , the husband worries are still not over as he will still continue to face the false 498a case in a remote location for at least 5 to 6 years more. These laws with cause incalculable damage to the husband and his family financially , emotionally and socially.

Think twice before you marry under Indian marraige laws. You have been warned.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Marraige Law amendment bill - By the Feminists , for the Legal terrorists

Marraige Law amendment bill - by the Feminists , for the Legal terrorists

Dissatisfied that the DV act did not turn out to be the property grabbing law that had thought it would become after the famous Batra vs Batra judgement of the Honorable Supreme Court , the Indian Feminists are now lobbying for the even more biased and dangerous Marraige Law amendment Bill , which is being brought in with little debate . The bill which proposes to divide the property of the husband as if cheese cake and give most the assest to the wife and the liability to the husband is surprisingly being supported by the Law minister Salman Khurshid for reasons knows best to him. In a hypermaterialistic country with property prices shooting through the roof , this law will cause severe social and marital destruction in all forms.

The Marraige Law Amendment bill or MAD bill as it is being referred to in many facebook and other social networks by shocked Indians is being driven by a few womens rights groups , who have also held the country hostage earlier during the amendment of section 498a which was ordered by the Honorable SC itself. However the even most disturing aspect of the bill is that the Government is in a tearing hurry to bring in a law which will lead to sensational chaos , family destruction , murders for property and untimely demise of the 10,000 year old family system. Rewarding vicious women and penalizing innocent men seems to become the motto of the government in recent times as it blindly listens to a few womens organisations who have never taken up the cause of young unmarried girls facing harassment from their own parents, in their natal homes, or the cause of widows who suffer social bias, or the cause of old women being harassed in their families, especially old mothers-in-law tortured by their daughters-in-law.

Feminists have readily taken up and blown the trumpet far out of proportion for young and newly married women because the money lies there. It is a highly politically correct issue to create channels of tax-free wealth transfer from husband to wife because the social role of a PROVIDER has been ascribed to a man and there is no concept of responsibility on a woman, nor are there any penal provisions for a woman not fulfilling her responsibility as a wife in a marriage. Claims by feminists are highly bogus and when they are challenged with actual data, they come up with hollow analogies like Sita and Savitri.First of all, these are all mythological characters and there is no evidence at all if they existed and the stories that we’ve been hearing about them since childhood have any iota of truth in it.

Similar property law in China was amended by the Chinese Supreme Court after severe misuse

"With divorce rates soaring, and widespread worries about a new culture of hyper-materialism, the Chinese government is now trying to stop women marrying for money. In a bid to temper the rising expectations of Chinese women, China's Supreme Court has now ruled that from now on, the person who buys the family home, or the parents who advance them the money, will get to keep it after divorce.

"Hopefully this will help educate younger people, especially younger women, to be more independent, and to think of marriage in the right way rather than worshipping money so much," said Hu Jiachu, a lawyer in Hunan province. The ruling should also help relieve some of the burden on young Chinese men, many of whom fret about the difficulty of buying even a small apartment. China's huge property bubble has driven property prices in Shanghai up to £5,000 per square metre when annual salaries average just £6,000."

Why the Marraige Law amendment bill is Very dangerous

The most destrictive features of the MAD bill:

1. This is a law drafted by the radical feminists , for the legal terrorists. The law only speaks of the assets of the husband , why is wife also not entitled to 50% of the husbands liabilities ? Is Marraige a relationship to profit for a woman ? In the law a Husband can NOT oppose the Divorce Petition filed by the wife filed under IrBM (In India even Kasab has right to Oppose his case but Husbands are not allowed hence making it Unconstitutional u/s 15 of the Constitution of India)

2. 50% of Residential Property of Husband will be given to wife BY LAW. No Questions asked on Duties, Liabilities. Only Profits are shared. This does not happen even in splits of business under partnership as Liabilities and Duties are also shared equally. Looks Like Government of India does not consider Marriage as even Partnership but only as Proprietorship where all benefits goes to Wife and all losses goes to Husband.

Residential Property of Husband could be before / during the marriage that means that if you are unmarried and you purchase a house, even that will get divided post marriage and Divorce under IrBM.

4. This does NOT do away with the any of the existing penalties to Husbands like Jail, Mulitiple Maintenance, Residence Rights, Protection Rights, in a DV ACT No custody, etc etc.

Wife ONLY gets Right to Property thus forcing Husband, his Old Age Parents and his other dependent family member (unmarried sister, Pregnant sister-in-laws, next generations in the womb of women in the family etc) to die on Streets of India. This is over and above the way Domestic Violence Act that throws out Husband and his Parents & family members in an easy combination of "Right of Residence" and "Protection Order". So, Parental home goes under wife's custody and Husband's Property in any case is 50% hers.

5. With no current clarity of definition of Marital Property, even acquired Parental Property could goto wives. Isnt this a plan to increase male foeticide (which as such is a hidden fact because of women' organisation's pressure)?

6. Since, this inhuman experiment is being done on Hindu Husbands, it will invite other religions (which are not covered under HMA) to get conversions done from Hindu to their community and thus reducing the Hindu Vote Bank and Hinduism from the country.


Indians demand the immediate resignation of Law Ministry Salman Khurshid for making amendment after amendment in a bill with far reaching consequences without any debate with the citizenary of the nation. Who is he to decide on the future of the Hindu family system in India ? Also we demand that the Women and Child Ministry be relieved from law making with immediate effect since it is clear that that they have locus standi on welfare of men and the family system in general and such a ministry cannot be entrusted to create laws of such sensitive nature . The law needs to be put up for larger public debate and Indian citizens must be allowed to speak and voice their opinons on the MAD bill.