Friday, February 26, 2010

Sachin clean bowled by Feminist Yorker

Dear Sachin ,
You are one of the finest cricket players  that the world has  ever seen  and you continue to  inspire millions including me in many walks of life. You have made little or no mistakes in  your cricketing  or endorsements in your entire professional career so far and as a result you have today reached a pinnacle where few  others cricketers can even dream of reaching even after you retire . I was  however shocked to learn that you have now stepped into the murky waters of domestic violence politics endorsing the feminists alligators who will now use your image and credibility to chase funds. 

Don’t play the  Feminists Bouncers
You know very well when a ball must be hit and when a ball must be let go , however lately you have decided to play a stroke on  a very bad ball bowled by the militant feminists of India , when ideally you must have ducked and let it go . You may be god when it comes to industry of cricket , but there are many things you do not know about the world of industry of Domestic Violence. I am not sure why you made the switch between these two industries in your last days of your career , but  whether it was a premeditated  move or a result of the coaxing by the feminists , either way your move is a wrong one . You have entered this industry without knowing or learning how this industry has eaten our family system and how this industry is slated to become the holy grail of family destruction , so much so that today it called a WMD ( Weapon of Male destruction ).  Yes its intention is to destroy the same males who have cheered for your success taking you where you are . Allow me to explain this industry using some cricketing terminology  since that would make more sense to you .
Domestic Violence today is a far bigger and well organized industry than the cricketing industry backed by governments and feminists and brings in Billions of dollars of international and domestic funding. The scorecard of Domestic Violence is not maintained by Wisden but by the United Nations and  records are broken every day even in Domestic Violence industry , but not with the sheer effort of the players like yourself , but by shrewdly fudging of numbers to portray lies and attract more funding.
Just like ICC dictates Cricketing policies worldwide  agencies like USAID and UNIFEM dictates  the world wide domestic violence policy  and India is one of the so called aid seekers. India feminists create false and sensational numbers to seek aid and celebrity endorsement and I am sure they must have hoodwinked you too with a display of false statistics . To learn how the feminists have fudged numbers on Domestic Violence please visit the link below .

Does the Master Blaster even know how many of his loyal male fans are driven to suicide by domestic violence ? You would be shocked to  to know that over 170,000 of your male fans( husbands ) have been driven to suicide by Domestic Violence in India in the last 12 years.

We are all proud that you have scored about 13598 ODI runs and 13447 Test runs in your entire career spanning over 20 years  . However you will be shocked to know that over 56000 married men are driven to suicide every year due to domestic violence. The suicide number and rate at which your male fans are being driven to suicide due to domestic violence is something no cricketer even one even of your caliber can imagine to achieve . The suicide rate of your make fans has just increased year on year at a staggering rate just as you have piled on your hundreds and fifties.

Link :- Husband Suicides plotted for the past 14 years

Domestic Violence matches in India are always fixed

Indian Domestic violence laws have been designed in such a way that mo matter how the wife plays the match in a Domestic violence case she is only person who can win.  Over 98% of all dowry cases and 80% of all domestic violence cases are false and frivolous according to government statistics.The measurement of crime against women in India is not done with number of convictions but only with complaints filed, even thought it has been proven that 98% of them are false. The accused males are made to pay maintenance to the wife's even the charges are not proved. However unlike cricket the match fixer wife is never punished for her crimes. The Indian government also believes that males can never be victims of Domestic Violence and hence they have conveniently not created a law to protect men from Domestic Violence from their female partners even after the skyrocketing suicide rates of Indian Husbands have been brought to their notice.

Ask M Prabhakar or V Kambli  what false accusations mean
If you do not want believe me , I request you to just check with your former team mate M Prabhakar whose wife filed case of dowry harassment( 498A) after 16 years of marriage .His wife had also filed  complaint  years ago accusing your former team mate of harassment and torture.

Interestingly the same “harassed” and “tortured “wife demonstrated her criminal behavior once more when she assaulted a retired army colonel and his wife with sharp blades.

Your best buddy V Kambli too has also gone through a nasty divorce and you may check with him to see how much money was extorted from him by his previous wife .

Keep yourself away from the fund chasers
Sachin , It pains me to see that your squeaky clean image has now been entangled by the fund seeking militant feminists in the highly murky and dirty world of domestic violence politics . The Indian feminists have their dubious intentions exposed many times before and now have taken shelter behind your excellent image in a desperate attempt to gain some credibility . The is little doubt that the intentions and agenda of the Domestic Violence fund chasers will be exposed even if you stand behind them . I just worry that your act of supporting them without learning the whole picture will only lead to the sinking of your your titanic credibility  in the eyes of your millions of male fans 56000 of whom of  whom will not even live to see the next year .
Your Millions of male fans request and warn you not to get into the quick sand and controversial issue of domestic violence , an issue you do not fully understand . It will be very painful for us all to throw dirt on you and accuse you for supporting a dubious cause created by the Militant feminists with the sole intention of attracting funds.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

People from Punjab protest against Anti Male Indian laws

Womens Rights is all about the Money the Militancy

The Feminist Pincer movement consists of 2 arms , one the center managing the media and the press through money and the other is the Militant women's organizations who work on the ground to attack the state machinery in form of Police , judiciary and criminal justice system . The below article elaborates on the 2 arms of the pincer .

The Money 
The Indian media is clearly scared in publishing issues concerning men and men’s rights lest it rubs the women’s organizations the wrong way. I was very disturbed to see that even when the article is completely about men’s suicides there is a “pacifier” line in it at the end that although men are committing suicides at a rate 100% more than women, women are attempting suicides more than men. These types of “pacifiers” originate to keep the women’s organizations calm.  The talk about women’s rights has today become so politically correct that to even talk about men’s rights and how men suffer is seen as a threat to women. There is an unwritten rule in the media that women can never be made the oppressors, or they lose their advertising revenue.  The militant women organizations are funded by the all powerful WCD ministry in Delhi with a annual budget of Rs 7500 crores and the media houses all get a significant part of this money in the form of advertising expenses which the media houses clamor for (remember the National advertisement from the WCD ministry in all news papers carrying the picture of the Pakistan Air Chief).
A newspaper does not run on news , it runs on advertising  and the government is a big subscriber to advertising for spreading its message and the newspapers do not want to rub the WCD ministry or any women’s rights organizations the wrong way . This is exactly the reason why there is an urgent need for a men’s welfare ministry along the same lines as the women’s ministry so that the media can then get revenue from both these ministries and cannot be gagged with the lure of advertising revenue like it is now. The media can then truthfully expose the carnage of men that is today taking place in the name of women empowerment.
The Militancy
While the media and the press is centrally controlled through huge budgets the other areas of the society which cannot be controlled monetarily are controlled through feminist militancy . Militant women's organizations  control the state machinery like Police , the Judiciary , the law and order system and ensure that women committing an offense are not implicated of the same . That's why we see police refusing to file cases of giving dowry , Judges refusing to prosecute women of perjury or adultery or misuse of laws and are restricted to reprimanding the government and lower courts at the most . We have come across cases where judges , police officers and the members of the law commission have confessed  that they are very scared of the response that radical women’s organizations will take if any men’s reforms are introduced.

We all remember the ridicule the then law commission chairman had to undergo  in 2001 from these militant women’s organisatons when he recommended section 498A to be made bailable .

There was also a protest by the same militant groups after Justice JD Kapoor made some very harsh statements against section 498A in 2003 .
Link - Militant Feminists protesting Justice JD Kapoor's Judgment in 2003 

The Home ministry recently admitted that they were unable to introduce reforms into section 498A because of the oppositions from women’s groups .They however did not name the groups , nor did they describe the kind of opposition they were facing. 

Unless we make a sincere effort to rein in these two  powerful and equally militant arms of the feminist movement , gender justice for men can never be served. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

The great India Domestic Violence Tamasha

How the Indian government imported Weapons of Male destruction(WMD) from the United States

The word “Domestic Violence” is a relatively new phrase coined by America just like many other phrases like Weapons of Mass Destruction. The word Domestic Violence if used a few decades earlier in India would have evoked raised eyebrows and strange looks because no one would have really understood what it really meant . Indians were more used to the word cruelty., which although was still not measurable but had a higher threshold as compared to Domestic Violence .

The Domestic Violence Ideology – America’s Weapons of Male Destruction (WMD)

Domestic Violence is basically used as an  ideological weapon. A Weapon whose effects are far severe and deadly than the most nuclear weapons. These ideological weapons once experimented can cause irreversible damage to the social fabric of a country. India today is one of  the biggest importers of this US ideological weapons .  The US family system as we all know is broken beyond repair, over 50% of marriages end in a divorce and over 21 Million children are fatherless. The separated and broken families lead to a high crime rate and consequently the US has the highest percentage of people in jails as a ratio of its population as compared to rest of the world.  The single family mothers once separated demand every increasing benefits like there is no tomorrow and the US government is borrowing at an increasing rate to extend all sorts of benefits to these broken families. As of today the United States is sitting over $ 12 trillion dollars in debt (rising every second) which means every American owes approximately $40,000 to the world in debt , apart from his personal debt. Right from the multiple wars to the Government services, everything is financed from the every increasing US debt.

So why is a country which itself is mortgaged to the hilt suddenly extending financial aid to domestic violence victims over the world , unless it has a hidden agenda ? Why is countries like China , Saudi Arabia , Japan or Russia who are far better of that the US in financial terms not exporting these weapons like the US ? Would we have give the same importance and interest had these laws been imported from these countries . The Domestic violence ideology that the US has exported if looked carefully has no reference to protecting  the family system of the society.It does not speak about keeping the family united , or protecting a person’s civil rights , or about female or mutually initiated violence . In the domestic voilence ideology only the male can be at the receiving end of all laws . What the domestic violence ideology speaks for is simple and that is under the veil of protecting women from domestic violence the government increasingly is allowed to poke its nose into family affairs of ordinary people which ultimately leads to the family breaking up and men paying women from their own incomes and the government allocating  funds from the tax payers income  to provide and protect these women  thereby leading to the creation of a whole new industry in itself.

The Indian Tamasha

The word "Tamasha" in Hindi means a false drama. India has had domestic violence laws since 1961 which prevented a husband from demanding money from his wife or her parents. India also created a new section for preventing domestic violence in 1983 with aims to prevent cruelty to women. As a consequence we had a lot more data and results from the implementation of these laws. These were however not called Domestic violence acts because the word was not coined by our American friends until then. They were rather called laws to prevent cruelty.

The Domestic Voilence Drama unfolds
The initiation of the conspiracy began in 2005 when a very prominent US newspaper The Washington Times published a report from United Nation Population Fund (UNPF) which stated a rather shocking statistic that more than 70% of women in India faced domestic violence. This meant that over 350 million women in India faced domestic Violence. The report is published in the link below.  U.N Population Fund's claim that "70 percent of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape" is founded on surveys by women's advocates that are neither consistent nor scientific. Let me demonstrate the feminist rumor mill in action right before your very eyes. The study "Profiling Domestic Violence: A Multicountry Study", by Kishor and Johnson, is heavily cited as the basis for positions adopted within the UNPF report. To my knowledge, the Kishor study has not been subjected to peer review. Nonetheless, the convenient parts were extracted for the purposes of the UNPF report.

However within  days of publishing the report there was a lot of noise being generated on the credibility of this report and the way the data of the report was published . Looked at from any angle the report showed signs of data fudging and misrepresentation of data which are the hallmarks of militant feminist ideology.

A mere look at the report shows that the Y axis of the report does not consist of a normal section of people chosen randomly . When looked at carefully the Y axis of the report consists of DV complainants themselves. This is like asking 100 Indian car accident victims if they have ever had an accident and then claiming that 100% of Indians have a car accident  every year. Even a child in the V std in an Indian school would get a ‘very poor’ comment from his teacher for such data analysis.

On 26 October 2006 the then Minister for Women and Child development quotes the above false and fudged numbers and states “We have been trying for long to protect women from domestic violence. In India alone, around 70% of women are victim of these violent acts in one or the other form”.

Link - Indian Women and Child Development Minister uses fudged statistics to Justify Indian DV Act  

On 19 November 2006   David R Usher provides a scathing rebuke on UNPF report on exposes type of data fudging that was used to come up with such numbers. 

Link - David Usher’s rebuke on the UNPF study

On 29 Nov 2006  The Washington Times Posts a correction stating that the “Using a chart published in a 2005 U.N. Population Fund report -- which the U.N. agency now says was misleading – a London Daily Telegraph article published in Nov. 13 editions of The Washington Times incorrectly stated the frequency of wife abuse in India. The agency says that it does not have sufficient data to provide such a figure and that the chart was intended to show that 70 percent of Indian women who were abused by their husbands think such abuse is justified in at least some circumstances."

Link - Washington Times Apology for quoting fudged statistics

The Indian government or any of its ministers who earlier made many comments on the claims of the report now make no comments or remarks on the completely debunked UNPF report or the law created in India based on these type of false numbers.

What does peer review say ?

Peer review (also known as refereeing) is the process of subjecting an author's scholarly work, research, or ideas to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field.

Murray A. Straus ‘s  published a review published in 2008  titled “Dominance and symmetry in partner violence by male and female university students in 32 nations”  . This article reports the results of an empirical investigation of two of the most controversial and important issues in understanding physical violence between partners in marital, cohabiting, or dating relationships.

The report in Page 261 quotes the prevalence of bidirectional of severe physical violence and has the numbers for 32 countries. The numbers for India are as below.

11.9% of Indian couples face domestic violence (  slap , shove , grab , throw etc   )
15.3 % of times only the Male is violent
23.0% of times only the Female is violent
61.5% of times both are violent 

The Indian numbers are almost similar to global average.

Link – Report of Murray A Straus on Domestic violence ( see page 261)

What do the  Indian DV laws say  ?
Even though the report of UNPF has been clearly debunked as nothing more than a example of feminist data fudging and the MA Strauss report for 32 countries shows that chances of a female being violent is clearly more than that of a male and that most of the times both partners are violent (50% violence attributed to the female), Indian DV laws exclusively provide protection to females against Domestic violence. The Indian government must be made to answer why it has purposefully ignored these 2 very glaring aspects of domestic violence and cherry picked only the Male initiated violence aspect of the whole data. The Indian Government   must wake up from its slumber and instead of believing on fund chasing feminists quoting false statistics, it must open its eyes to the peer reviews which projects the true picture which is quite the opposite of what the militant feminist's ideologues say.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New NGO protests in Bengalooru against Gender Biased Marital Laws

A new and upcoming Bangalore based NGO  called  Family-Harmony Society staged its protest  in MG Road Mahatma Gandhi Statue yesterday against Gender Biased Marital laws.The protest was widely attended by Husbands and their families and supported by onlookers and policemen alike.

This the third largest protest in the past 2 months. The other 2 had been in Mumbai and Nagpur.
which were under the Save Indian Family Banner.

Please find pictures of Bangalore Dharna at the link below.

Picture Link  - Picture courtesy Mahesh M ( General Secretary- Family Harmony Society )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delhi HC deliberately handicaps Husband's right to defend himself

Impeach Delhi HC Judge for denying of fundamental rights in Bail condition.

In a shocking example of violation and denial of basic fundamental rights and display of extreme gender bias against  Indian husbands . The New Delhi High court judge in setting the bail conditions in Bail application number (BAIL APPLN. 2102/2009) for a case of legal terrorism ( 498A )  denied a husband who is a senior scientist at CSIR the right to  file any complaints  against his wife and/or RTI enquiries to investigate the affairs of the complainant wife or any of her family members.

This case is a textbook example in Judicial bias that goes to demonstrate the gender bias that the Indian judiciary harbors for Indian husbands. It is for judges like these that over 56000 husbands are driven to suicide every year. Does this judge believe that he is above the constitution of India?

By not letting the husband file complaints against the wife the judge has clearly violated Article 14 and article 15 of the constitution which states

“14. Equality before law.- The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.” .

"15. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.- (1) The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex,place of birth or any of them."

If  the Indian constitution guarantees this right to all citizens of India what authority or jurisdiction does this judge have to take this right away  ? By not letting the husband to file RTI act to seek information from his wife or any family members he has also deliberately handicapped the chances of the husband to seek information to defend his case and prove his innocence apart from denying the husband the rights guaranteed under the RTI act which clearly states "Subject to the provisions of this Act, all citizens shall have the right to information."

This Judge must be immediately taken off  and strict action must be intitated against him for denying fundamental rights to Indian Husbands.

This comes at the same time when in a different case the same Delhi HC has backed and supported the case of a husband who used the RTI act to seek information from the Information from the income tax department  to get details of earnings of his wife to prove that she did not have the income to pay the Rs 10 Lakh dowry that she claimed to have paid .

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Indian Beta Males demand right to peaceful existence

The United States based One Step institute New York has sponsored a new academic discipline titled "Male Studies”. On April 7, 2010, there will be an unprecedented symposium at Wagner College, broadcast live via the Internet to participants throughout the world. The subject, Male Studies: A New Academic Discipline, brings the world's leading scholars together to discuss Male Studies at the university level. Leading US based MRA Paul Elam states that "Male studies programs are the answer to the feminist hegemony that has dominated academia and has been poisoning the education system for more than a generation." He goes further to state that American Militant Feministi  institutions like NOMAS, AMSA and the AAUW are just three of many groups which have given us the plague of fabricated wage gaps, distorted, male-demonizing approaches to domestic violence and a host of other corrupted agendas aimed at the destruction of men and boys.

The Indian situation
With over 56000 husbands being driven to suicide annually according to the date released by the NCRB ,and millions more suffering from depression caused to apathy on all fronts , Indian men today are in dire need of serious attention . Indian men are emotionally castrated from birth and seldom receive any kind of sympathy support from the society, the government or the Judiciary. The situation of men’s rights in the US and  India have many similarities although the problems in India are much more severe. Unlike the US India is also cursed with a glacial pace of justice and has a far less evolved criminal justice system. Indian laws and judges still live and breathe Manusmrithi .  India too has its fair share of militant feminist organizations some having affiliations to the political parties while most are some funded by the center and operating under the guise of women’s welfare agencies. The Annual Budget for WCD ministry in India is Rs 7500 crores and the Annual Budget of the Anti Men NCW is Rs 9 crores. India too since independence has never allocated any money for men's' issues , men’s welfare or has sponsored men’s studies although India allocated Rs 1206 cores every year for Animal Welfare efforts. The government has not even taken any steps to stem the suicides of Indian husbands .The Alpha males at the center have used the feminists and the state machinery as weapons to control the Beta Males and has always considered them disposable . The Feminists on the other hands have ensured that the alpha males are happy so that their funding remains secure. This sort of symbiotic relationship between militant feminists and the alpha males has led to slow strangulation of Indian beta males from all fronts. From being denied opportunities to stand in elections on account of being a male , to being denied bail on accounts of being husbands , to being considered criminals even without charges being proven in Domestic Violence cases, to paying more tax on the same income the Indian Beta male today has a noose so tight around his neck that his neck may snap at any minute and  hence there arises an urgent need to firstly fund male studies to understand the problems and issues that boys and men face before taking steps to eradicate them so that beta men too can have a chance to peaceful existence.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Punish the man who got Nooriya Havelivala drunk , Isn't it always a man's fault ?

"A Man can be made a scapegoat for every mistake a woman commits" or "Behind every unsuccessful woman there is a man" or so Indian courts still think .If one goes by the logic prevailing in the minds of the patriarchal and old judges of India a man is responsible for all the mistakes woman makes. The Delhi High court recently used the same lunatic logic a few days back when it denied bail to a man accused of having consensual sex with his fiancee apparently after he promised marraige to her.

The woman who too was equally a part in the act  of this act of  consensual sex with this man was not considered guilty of anything and walked away as the victim  while the man is now behind bars on the charge of rape. In the same way in India if a girlfriend would have had sex with a man , under the pretext of marraige and breaks the relationship / marraige and elopes can she be convicted of anything at all ?   This type of judicial nonsense gives a yardstick for people to understand  exactly how Anti Male the Indian laws the Indian Government and the Indian Judiciary really is.In India even consensual sex between two willing partners is looked upon as a way for a woman to earn a reward and the man is supposed to pay the reward either by life long relationship( marraige) or direct money( prostitution) and if the man refuses to reward the woman and if the woman is unhappy for some reason the man could face the rape charge and he is then accused of having raping a woman under a pretext of a false promise  when the reality is that he is actually being punished because he failed to give the reward that the woman was expecting although the sex mutual  and completely consensual .It is no wonder that former Union Law Minister Ram Jethmalani, said, “Before I could go to bed with a woman, I would have to call a notary public.'' 

This judgment on one side is shockingly anti male and also anti women if looked at from a different angle. Does the court really believe that in 2010 Indian women have less intelligence than primates and believes that the woman was so dumb that she did not think about the consequences of her actions before her marraige ? Does the court really think that the Indian women are cows who can be forcefully impregnated anytime and the farmer(husband) must be held responsible for it always ? Why does the judiciary use the veil of gullibility and innocence to shield women when their crime or mistakes or unscrupulousness comes into the open ?

The Feminists on the other are not bothered since this is a game they are adept at . On one side they claim all women  have progressed so far that they must break free of all responsibilities and stop adjusting to all situations in marraiges  but in scenarios like these they prefer to project women as more gullible than even a cow just to get legal sympathy. I could well understand the agenda of the feminists because they are in the business of attracting funds , but how a High Court Judge make such a stupid judgment is completely beyond my understanding. These Anti-Male, Male Judges and Militant Mafia Feminists have made India a deadly environment for men to survive and peacefully exist. 

Now going by the same logic that the so called learned judge has stated above t, should we also not release Nooriya Havelivala(The drunk female driver) and arrest the man who got Nooriya Havelivala drunk instead, because apparently Nooriya too might claim at a later date to be a gullible woman who did not know the difference between Beer and Bournvita . She is already changed her confession of drinking 13 beers by the way . Should we not also release the female killers of Rajiv Gandhi who might claim she was gullible to have been forced to commit such a heinous crime.The Indian Judiciary's Anti Men agenda has today reached a stage of lunacy and if this not changed that very soon Indian Men will lose all faith in Judiciary and people will stone the courts in protest.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grihashobha Women's Magazine publishes scathing rebuke of section 498A Misuse

Grihashobha Magazine Feb 2010 edition publishes a scathing rebuke titled ( दहेज़ प्रतारणा प्रावधान : सिक्के का दूसरा पहेलु ) describing the extortion racket running due to the misuse of IPC section 498A(the Anti Dowry law ). The brilliant article exposes section by section and explains
a) Process in which the law is misused
b) Process in which the conspiracy is hatched before filing 498a
c) Process in which the concocted truth is created into a Dowry complaint
d) The staggering rise of 498a misuse cases gathered from Government sources
e) Effects of such brutal misuse on innocent husbands and their families
f) Expose of why Lawyers and Militant Feminists do not want 498A to be amended
g) Demand to the government to break free from feminist pressure and immediately amend the law

Link of the article ( courtesy AIMPF )