Thursday, January 24, 2013

INSAAF condemns unconstitutional legal recommendations of Justice Verma Committee

INSAAF is shocked at the legal recommendations that have emanated from the Justice Verma committee  We expected to see balanced judicially prudent and legal justifiable recommendations from a committee which we considered would propose simple steps, reduction in duplicate laws to reduce tendency  increased prosecution while protecting the innocent and punishment irrespective of gender.

Instead what we see is addition of another law for matrimonial cruelty, assumption of guilt for accused ,  suppression of previous behaviour for accuser , exemption of female sex offenders from criminal justice system and strong to protect female misusers of genders laws. The committee in its collective experience seems to believe that women in India cannot commit sex offences , lie and misuse gender laws even as the overwhelming ground evidence suggests the contrary. While committee harps on human rights , social rights for women in many places , the same have been completely subverted for men who cannot expect even close to a fair trail should any of the recommendations comes into existence. 

INSAAF  feels morally compelled to join the group of Men's Welfare organisations in the below joint press release condemning the recommendations of the committee and demands the scrapping of all legal amendments recommended. 

Press release from coalition of Men's welfare NGO condemning Justice Verma Commitee recommendations  


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tsunami of false rapes cases exposed in past few days

The voilent incident in Delhi with a boy and girl is leading to an exposure of a Tsunami of false rape cases from women all over India. The issue of false rapes in India was well document but was rarely discussed . It came to light time and again that over 74% rapes were false and consensual , however the Indian media had no interest in exposing these false cases. However the incidents in Delhi has led to a renewed interest into the magnitude of this serious problem . False rape are equally dangerous and heinous as the crime itself because i leads to a irreparable harm to the life of the accused. Apart from languishing in jail for moths the accused loses his social esteem , earning potential and manu a times is driven to commit suicide . However in most cases the woman filing the false is let go with a slap on the wrist or is slapped with Sec 182 whose punishment is no way even close to the pain and suffering she imparts to the accused . Below is a running list of the phenomenal number of false rape cases unearthed for the first time by the media. Note that the problem is not restricted to a certain area is rampant throughout the nation in various states. The issue is also chronic in tribal areas which are largely unaffected by western influence.  What punishment do you think should be imparted to women filing false cases and should the rape law have a strong misuse clause ? Please comment your thoughts .  (This article will be updated with more news of false rapes as they come out . Please post links of finds in the comments area. )

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Exposed : WCD's intentions to study Sexual Harassment on men is an eyewash

A couple of months back the Women and Child development Minister under attack for ignoring  overwhelming evidence of sexual Harassment on men and denying men protection under the proposed "Protection of women from sexual harassment" stated the below and was quoted by a TOI article on 21-Aug-2012 . 

"I want to get a study conducted to find out what kind of harassment of males is prevalent and to what extent at workplaces, though till now only the harassment suffered by the women has been spoken about,

Her intentions sounded very suspect at the onset since the same ministry a few years ago had stated "Protecting men is not the mandate of the WCD" while ignoring representations from hundreds of Indian citizens praying to make the Sexual Harassment at Workplace bill gender neutral. 

To discover if the WCD ministry was really going to walk the talk or  if this was just another one of their smokescreens to buy time an RTI was sent to the WCD ministry to get the details of the proposed study that was to be conducted to learn about of the propensity and prevalence of sexual harassment of men at the workplace.The questions were related to the details of the proposed study , budget allocated , questions framed and time duration . Also it was asked , why the Protection of women from sexual harassment was being introduced in the Rajya Sabha when the study on men was not even started ? 

From the responses of the WCD ministry( see RTI questions and response below) it is clear once again that the WCD minister's comment of conducting a study on men was nothing more than an mere eyewash to delay the opposition against this law and get another biased feminist law passed in the Rajya Sabha by hook or crook. It is extremely shameful that minister of cabinet rank resorts to such blatant falsehood in public when cornered on an proposed draconian anti male feminist legislation with genuine facts and data.  

The RTI questions and the WCD Ministry's response are as under for public consumption.