Monday, January 11, 2010

Pampered women claim bias if they face punishment for misusing law

Now that the Ruchika case has galvanized the nation Bangalore based fund and publicity chasing feminists have now decided to get some limelight from the Pratibha Rape case which has been dragging in a "Fast Track" court for 4 years.

Women's organizations have suddenly realized that the Prathibha case may be the next big thing and have started to latch on to get their name in the press. I start by asking what Vimochana has done for Pratibha's family for the last 4 years. What has it done for the scores of mothers and sisters arrested falsely under section 498A ? In the press interview instead of pointing out the judicial delay and the need to reform the judicial and poi lice system which is dragging the Pratibha case ,Dona Fernandes makes an outrageous claim that “the whole legal system is biased against women” just because “According to this(Sexual harassment) Bill, women will be punished if their complaint is found to be faulty” . This shocking allegation exposes the level of government pamperment that the women of India have gotten used to lately .They now have started to demand laws which of course have to biased against men but will have no provision of punishment even if the woman is deliberately misusing the law to harass the other party . They do not expect to be punished for making false claims but expect to be compensated for the same. The women wishes to remain the victim even when she is misusing the laws. The dowry law sees about 98% misuse and the Domestic violence act sees about 80% misuse according to statistics released by the government and judiciary itself. Judges , home ministry and other government officials speak about this statistics in hushed tones afraid of the reign of terror unleashed by feminists in India . Any effort to reform and make laws gender neutral are met with severe defamation and we saw this with Justice Malimath’s recommendations on making 498A bailable which was met with severe criticism and protests from feminist organizations .

I do not blame Donna’s raised expectations one bit since they are not unfounded given the fact that recently drafted laws for women empowerment are blatantly unconstitutional. Article 14 of the Constitution provides for Right to Equality before law for all citizens of India. In the newly created Domestic Violence Act, firstly men are not provided any protection whatsoever against domestic abuse from their wives and in-laws and secondly the complainant woman’s sole testimony is considered as evidence of violation of protection order enough to convict the man. Both these practices do not place men and women at equal footing before the law as men face severe legal discrimination their constitutional right under Article 14 of the Indian constitution is challenged. There are scores of PIL’s pending in various different High courts of the nation challenging the constitutionality of the DV act . The government is playing the usual card of delaying the cases as much as possible trying to save face as long as possible.

How many cases of Domestic Voilence being registered by men ? None . They are not registered simply because there is not even a provision to register them anywhere . There are no laws , no NGO’s , No budget , not even a desire to take a step to protect men even they the husband suicide data for the last 13 years points that Indian husbands are in dire need to government help and protection.


  1. The day all the law Men/women will be replaced by the word Person adn the word Husabnd/wife to be replaced by the word Spouse, it will be evident that more than 90% cases the women will be convected behond resonable dought and all women orginasations know that very well, so only they will oppose any law which is gender eaull as they think all women born in Raja Harish Chadran family and all men in Raja Harish chadra family. Every year double the men sucide than women, but no will ask them why the women should not be send behind the bar, if thier men sucide, where as when a women sucide, thier men and all family memebrs to be send behind the bar for years without any evidence, that is called justice in india.

  2. Every year more than 56000 married men end their life in unnatural death and they are save guarding the Husbands killers.
    More than 15000 unmarried girls end their life every year, but not single girl's parents/relative punished.
    NCW provided the whole sale free license to kill the un-born child through special abortion law of this country, result more and more female fotecite.
    Last four Years more than 1.2 lacks innocent women send behind the bar, but NCW always objected to make the 498A bailable.
    NCW advocate the maintenance for adulterous women and so called live-in-women and denied the legal right of a legal wife.

    Under the stewardship of the corrupt Girija Vyas, the NCW has been turning into the National Commission for extortion of money and property form innocent people. Age old people had been thrown out form their own home or grab their own money/property through 498A/Dvact/CRPC125 and provided duplications of law for the same relief and increasing the money earning business for lawyers .

  3. Consensual sex is not rape: Supreme Court , still you will find every day several cases had been registered , as the guy refuse the women after consensual sex.
    In this country the verbal statement of a women can term you rapist , irrespective you have seen her face ever or not and the women will get upto 2 lacks ruppes as incentive for filling the FIR , let it be false or true, that is great law of India and that is the real ignorence of People. For money people even ready to kill each other , but NCW and our LAW makers think for money women will not file false rape case , as all Women born in Raja Hrsih Chadra family ( never Lie). The most important think , after the trial if you find the women had filed false/fabricated rape case on you , still she is not lilable to return the money to goverment. Great use of your hard earned Tax paid to Goverments.
    So, we find only one solution of all this problem and if you really want to reduce the crime against women stastics and stop the legal terrorism of this country :
    Ban NCW and their associates – for promotion of Legal Terrorism in India.

  4. Consensual sex is a debatable subject. Even if it was, it becomes otherwise if any party states it was not after doing it. It is happening also in marriage.
    Neither husband nor wife must be forced or seduced for sex. I suggest that a log book be kept by couples. Each one shall write down whether he/she wants sex in the night or any other time. If both have the same needs; only then there should be sex. If not; separate bedrooms (where possible) should be used.