Thursday, April 28, 2011

7th May - Dharna in Bengaluru against Unjustified Maintenance/Alimony

We have organized dharna with theme being protest against "Intimate Terrorism and Family Terrorism" on 7th May, Sat from 10 am to 1:30 pm in front of Town Hall, near Corporation Circle in Bangalore.
All are welcome to join. Be there with family, friends, relatives, neighbours. I got to know one of my neighbors got screwed recently and his wife left him after doing usual tamasha and packing up things in his absence and went to her mother's house. Get in touch with all people you know and you will find at least 2 people who are going through something similar but not aware of SIF. Of course if you don't share with people about your life then people won't be aware even of YOUR case.
It is known experience in Bangalore that people who protest and do activism, keep winning their cases. They actually end up taking money from other side during settlement (on paper it looks as if they paid though but they have stuff from other side already).

Those who are too ashamed to protest, or want to hide, or want to stand far away from others even get their maintenance increased from 15K to 30K.