Sunday, September 26, 2010

S Shinde's conversation with V Moily

S Shinde :- Hello Veeru uncle , how are you !!

V Moily :- I am fine dear , how is your papa doing ? The power industry is doing
well, I say. They have put me the laaaaw ministry , what to do ? No Deal
money .. nothing to make in this ministry .

S Shinde :- Oh I see.. Papa is good last week only he did Rs 10,000 crore power deal just last week.

S Shinde :- What happened to the that quick divorce law Veru uncle . I am still
waiting you see. Doctor said , I have like a few more years before I reach my
designated time. Please do it faast Veru uncle ..Please !!

V Moily :- Don't worry beti , I have created the law , but you see in India
there are something even i cannot change . It has to go through a process , it
is with the parliamentary committee now . This laaaw is just tailored for you ,
I have studied your case and created the laaaw just for you, so that only you in
the country will get the divorce even if others do not get it.

S Shinde :- Oh that's great Moily uncle , so by when do you think I can get my

V Moily :- I will try my level besht to enshoore that you get diiivorce by end
of December . Because Jan in good lagna for the stars and you can get marraied
by January.

S Shinde
:- But people might oppose to the law uncle .Then what will you do ? You
might have to take their suggestions .

V Moily
:- When have I taken from the people ? I always give . I Give praamise
after praamise . See finally I got Rs 5000 core allocated for the reforms . Now
I can fin ally get some money for my retirement from here . Otherwise you see it
is very difficult to make any money in the laaaw ministry , I say . Let the
people say whatever thy waant we will do what what we waant to do .After all
Government's work is God's work , and has god ever listed to people . God does
whatever he likes to do .People can pray , but it is up to god to listen.

S Shinde
:- Ok Veeru uncle , I need to leave now . I need to shop for Saaries
and Jewels for my marraige .

V Moily :- VOOOK Beti , We will taaalk later , give my best to daddy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Govt seeks representations on Marraige law amendment bill

Advertisement appeared in Times of India Delhi - Page 13

Advertisement Link 

Send 2 copies(in same envelope) of any one of the two letters to... 

Shri K.P. Singh,
Director of Rajya Sabha Secreteriat,
201 Second floor , Parliament House Annexxe,
New Delhi - 110001
Letter Link- 1 (Old Letter )

Letter Link - 2( New letter )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SHWB Mandry Campaign

Please send copies of the below letter to 

The Honorable Prime Minister,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi,
India-110 101.