Monday, August 5, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Men’s Rights Activists refuse to vote for MPs who will support Marriage Law (Amendment) Bill, 2010

                          PRESS RELEASE
                       Date: 6th August 2013

Sub: Men’s Rights Activists refuse to vote for MPs who will support Marriage Law (Amendment) Bill, 2010
Men’s Rights Activists all over India, under the auspices of the Men’s Right Association (MRA) Pune have made a clarion call to the society against the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010.
Terming the bill as extremely anti-male, anti-husband and anti-marriage that seeks to incentivize divorce, men’s rights activists have come out in large numbers against the bill which is supposed to be debated in the current ongoing monsoon session of the parliament.
Activists belonging to the Men’s Rights Association, Pune have highlighted the dangers of passing the bill,
  1. Men will stop marrying after this bill is passed.
  2. Men will stop investing in real estate after this bill is passed.
  3. This law, if passed, shall promote family breaking and divorces.
  4. This law, if passed, will lead to the formation of a fatherless society in India.
  5. Marriages will be converted into property transfer bureau.
  6. Women will marry only for property and shall break short marriages eying property of their soon to be ex-husbands.
  7. This may also lead to promulgation of crime in the society as property is a sensitive issue and if men are forced to part with their hard-earned property merely because their marriage did not work, the social consequences of such a badly designed law can be potentially dangerous.
  8. This law, if passed, will also contribute to the growing tendency of gynophobia (fear of women) in the society.
  9. This law, if passed, shall contribute to the growing number of suicides by married men. Currently every year 64000+ married men commit suicide.
  10. This law, if passed, will leave men bankrupt after divorce as they would lose their property and also face additional extortion under false 498A (Dowry) case, false domestic violence case, false maintenance case.
Activists have urged the Govt. of India, not to pass this bill in this session of the parliament as they feel not enough debate, discussion and deliberations have not been done for the bill and the Govt. has failed to take into consideration the recommendations of the men’s rights activists, some of which are,
  1. Property sharing should not be a blind share of wife in the husband’s property.
  2. The model of China must be followed, only jointly acquired marital property should be considered and whosoever pays for the property gets to keep it.
  3. Contribution that is non-economic in nature cannot be compensated by economic means.
  4. Husband should also have equal and unfettered right to oppose divorce just like a wife.
  5. Judiciary must not have any kind of power/discretion to determine property share should this law be passed.
  6. Hindu Succession Act should be implemented with seriousness and women must first get share in their own parental/ancestral property.
  7. Earning, qualified and educated women should be summarily rejected for either unearned property share or alimony.
  8. Child custody provisions and shared parenting modules must be integrated into the bill.
  9. There must be riders of safety against other false cases like false 498A, false Domestic Violence case, and false maintenance case to protect men.
  10. If property division is to be included then pre-nuptials should also be made mandatory for marriages. If there are no pre-nuptials for a marriage, property division should not be applicable.
  11. Laws must not be made to convert women into economic parasites and men into FREE ATM MACHINES.
Men’s Rights Activists have also declared that any MP who supports this bill without asking for including the above demands won’t be getting votes from the MRA community.
MRA activists will also actively lobby against all such MPs who support the current form of the bill and will ask others also to refrain from voting for those MPs as well.
MRA feels the Govt. of India is making only anti-husband laws and wants to penalize only husbands in the event of a divorce. The Govt. is forgetting the fact that in reality it’s the men who sacrifice the most for marriage.
Most men do not marry until they are well settled in life and have a house of their own and for that, they toil day in and day out in order to eke out a living worth enough to possess a property. And tomorrow, with the passage of this law, if a man tends to lose his hard-earned property, then men and their families see no reason to vote this Govt. back to power or vote for parties in opposition should they fail to oppose this bill in its current anti-male form.
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