Friday, February 26, 2010

Sachin clean bowled by Feminist Yorker

Dear Sachin ,
You are one of the finest cricket players  that the world has  ever seen  and you continue to  inspire millions including me in many walks of life. You have made little or no mistakes in  your cricketing  or endorsements in your entire professional career so far and as a result you have today reached a pinnacle where few  others cricketers can even dream of reaching even after you retire . I was  however shocked to learn that you have now stepped into the murky waters of domestic violence politics endorsing the feminists alligators who will now use your image and credibility to chase funds. 

Don’t play the  Feminists Bouncers
You know very well when a ball must be hit and when a ball must be let go , however lately you have decided to play a stroke on  a very bad ball bowled by the militant feminists of India , when ideally you must have ducked and let it go . You may be god when it comes to industry of cricket , but there are many things you do not know about the world of industry of Domestic Violence. I am not sure why you made the switch between these two industries in your last days of your career , but  whether it was a premeditated  move or a result of the coaxing by the feminists , either way your move is a wrong one . You have entered this industry without knowing or learning how this industry has eaten our family system and how this industry is slated to become the holy grail of family destruction , so much so that today it called a WMD ( Weapon of Male destruction ).  Yes its intention is to destroy the same males who have cheered for your success taking you where you are . Allow me to explain this industry using some cricketing terminology  since that would make more sense to you .
Domestic Violence today is a far bigger and well organized industry than the cricketing industry backed by governments and feminists and brings in Billions of dollars of international and domestic funding. The scorecard of Domestic Violence is not maintained by Wisden but by the United Nations and  records are broken every day even in Domestic Violence industry , but not with the sheer effort of the players like yourself , but by shrewdly fudging of numbers to portray lies and attract more funding.
Just like ICC dictates Cricketing policies worldwide  agencies like USAID and UNIFEM dictates  the world wide domestic violence policy  and India is one of the so called aid seekers. India feminists create false and sensational numbers to seek aid and celebrity endorsement and I am sure they must have hoodwinked you too with a display of false statistics . To learn how the feminists have fudged numbers on Domestic Violence please visit the link below .

Does the Master Blaster even know how many of his loyal male fans are driven to suicide by domestic violence ? You would be shocked to  to know that over 170,000 of your male fans( husbands ) have been driven to suicide by Domestic Violence in India in the last 12 years.

We are all proud that you have scored about 13598 ODI runs and 13447 Test runs in your entire career spanning over 20 years  . However you will be shocked to know that over 56000 married men are driven to suicide every year due to domestic violence. The suicide number and rate at which your male fans are being driven to suicide due to domestic violence is something no cricketer even one even of your caliber can imagine to achieve . The suicide rate of your make fans has just increased year on year at a staggering rate just as you have piled on your hundreds and fifties.

Link :- Husband Suicides plotted for the past 14 years

Domestic Violence matches in India are always fixed

Indian Domestic violence laws have been designed in such a way that mo matter how the wife plays the match in a Domestic violence case she is only person who can win.  Over 98% of all dowry cases and 80% of all domestic violence cases are false and frivolous according to government statistics.The measurement of crime against women in India is not done with number of convictions but only with complaints filed, even thought it has been proven that 98% of them are false. The accused males are made to pay maintenance to the wife's even the charges are not proved. However unlike cricket the match fixer wife is never punished for her crimes. The Indian government also believes that males can never be victims of Domestic Violence and hence they have conveniently not created a law to protect men from Domestic Violence from their female partners even after the skyrocketing suicide rates of Indian Husbands have been brought to their notice.

Ask M Prabhakar or V Kambli  what false accusations mean
If you do not want believe me , I request you to just check with your former team mate M Prabhakar whose wife filed case of dowry harassment( 498A) after 16 years of marriage .His wife had also filed  complaint  years ago accusing your former team mate of harassment and torture.

Interestingly the same “harassed” and “tortured “wife demonstrated her criminal behavior once more when she assaulted a retired army colonel and his wife with sharp blades.

Your best buddy V Kambli too has also gone through a nasty divorce and you may check with him to see how much money was extorted from him by his previous wife .

Keep yourself away from the fund chasers
Sachin , It pains me to see that your squeaky clean image has now been entangled by the fund seeking militant feminists in the highly murky and dirty world of domestic violence politics . The Indian feminists have their dubious intentions exposed many times before and now have taken shelter behind your excellent image in a desperate attempt to gain some credibility . The is little doubt that the intentions and agenda of the Domestic Violence fund chasers will be exposed even if you stand behind them . I just worry that your act of supporting them without learning the whole picture will only lead to the sinking of your your titanic credibility  in the eyes of your millions of male fans 56000 of whom of  whom will not even live to see the next year .
Your Millions of male fans request and warn you not to get into the quick sand and controversial issue of domestic violence , an issue you do not fully understand . It will be very painful for us all to throw dirt on you and accuse you for supporting a dubious cause created by the Militant feminists with the sole intention of attracting funds.


  1. Sachine u may smart in Cricket. Before supporting to feminist .read DV act . you wife can throw you out of your home.calling wife by her name is crime while she will enjoy your money. ohha>>..u have son . that 's better your daughter in Law will teach you & your Son what is domestic violence Law?. but by the time you will loose 's sad even u got the idea !! u dig out you own grave!!i hate sachine because of supporting DV act. it is fixed..

  2. Excellent article........

    This must be conved to Sachin

  3. Sachin has never played a winning match in one day international. Even if he has done, it is minute in number. He always
    worried only about his century and score not a problem for him if India wins or loses. Instead of concentrating on his
    game and bring more CUPS for India. He is trying to support FALSE PROPAGANDA about domestic violence against women. How
    many house has he visited and seen violence happening to women? Do you know Sachin every year 1.23 lakhs of women are
    jailed because of false DOWRY cases. Why are you not supporting these women. They too are women. Do you think wives are
    womens? Your mother is not woman? Sachin now you are REALLY trying HARD to playing winning match for India, supporting unscrupulous women.