Saturday, July 21, 2012

Indian Gender Mathematics

The Indian Government owing to the social and judicial realities is planning to introduce realistic mathematics problems which will empower women in the future . Below are the some of proposed math problems that Indian girls will be asked to answer in forthcoming exams.

1. Kavitha has decided to separate from her husband Anil . Anil earns Rs 75,000 per month and has house rent income of Rs 13,500 per month . Anil also properties which Kavitha estimates to be worth Rs 50 Lakhs. Kavitha's income is Rs 10,000 however she has chosen not disclose to the court . Given the circumstances determine Kavitha's maintenance when she applies DV act , IrBM , CrPC 125 and HMA 24 

-- 10 Marks

2. Anil stays in Kolhapur and needs to meet his child who is with Jabalpur . The court has given Anil visitation of 1 hour a month in Jabalpur with his child . The cost of one way ticket from Kolhapur to Jabalpur is Rs 350 /- . Whats will be Anil's total travel costs per year should he choose to travel to Jabalpur once every month to meet his child.

----6 Marks

3. Swapna has 3 matches that he father has found for her. Anil , Amit , Rahul . Anil is worth 5 crores , Amit is worth 2 cores , Rahul is worth 80 Lakhs Anil has 20% propety in his mothers name and 23% in a independent trust from which he earns a dividend of Rs 45,000 per year . Amit has invested Rs 30 lakhs in a immovable property and earns a rent of Rs 10,000 per month . He also has expenses for diabetic parents at the rate of Rs 1000 per month . Rahul is an NRI and has invested Rs 50 lakhs in fixed deposits and has the rest in form of bank deposits . Using the IrBM property distribution formula determine which of three suitors would be best for Swapna should she choose to get divorced  1 year after marraige.

--- 7 Marks 

4. Pooja has decided to file a 498a case on Anil . Pooja lives  A ( see figure ) and the police station is at Point C . Using Pythagoras theorem determine the shortest route that Pooja needs to take to reach the Police station before Anil can apply for Anticipatory bail.

-- 4 marks