Monday, February 4, 2013

Indian Feminists ko gussa kyu aata hai?

A week ago the feminists hailed the Justice Verma committee recommendations as landmark , predictably so since it essentially copied and pasted feminist recommendations like gender biased definition of sexual assault , presumption of guilt on a man , matrimonial rape in addition to the 15 other laws for matrimonial cruelty( another tool for misuse)amongst a host of other draconian anti-male recommendations . The feminists demanded that these recommendations needed to be implemented without any further ado as Indian men had no other work other than to rape women inside or outside of marriage. However 10 days later the same feminists are screaming intellectual self rape as their collective intellect and recommendation was criminally penetrated by the government’s move to create an ordinance which gender neutralized sexual assault and aligned with the recommendations from the people of India and gender neutral sexual assault laws the world over.

The wonder vehicle called “AMANAT“
Lets rewind a bit to December 16th 2012. In a rarest of the rare case a girl and her boyfriend boarded a Delhi bus in which they were badly beaten and sexually abused. Both the boy and the girl were grievously wounded in this ghastly attack and were thrown from the bus on the roadside where not a single Delhiwallah offered them any help. While the man recovered from his injuries the woman sadly succumbed to injuries sustained. The initial reaction to this was muted until the media started to highlight the issue. The movement slowly gathered steam and culminated with a few hundred young boys and girls mostly from JNU fine arts departments started to resort to hooliganism and stone pelting in the national capital. What were these protesters exactly demanding from the government? They demanded three simple things: speedy justice , apt punishment and prevention of such future incidents. They did not demand marital rape , exclusion of female sexual predators or presumption of guilt for men. During these unfortunate incidents the TRP chasing Indian media which can classified as ordinary at best started their evening studio courts passing summary judgements  In the juries of so called “eminent personalities” you could see the same person appearing in a discussion from 7PM to 8PM in one channel and the same person then appearing on another channel between 11PM to 12PM.
The feminists finally had found the wonder vehicle called “AMANAT” that they were waiting for. They finally had the fire in which they could cook their Anti-male porridge. The feminists appearing on the TV channels now began to twist the message from the Delhi incident to so called marital rape which had no connection or correlation to the Delhi incident whatsoever and demanded that marital rape be added as an additional parameter along with a host of other sections essentially to deny men any chance of a fair trial in the criminal justice system. Particular to demand and support marital rape was a journalist whose claim to fame is not unbiased and investigative journalism but radical feminist’s views and standing beside a firing bofors gun eons ago.

Our Judge – Our Judgement and Law making in News studios
In India every major incident leads to forming of a commission and so did this. However this was headed by a long retired Judge accused of corruption charges himself and whose appointment itself was in collusion with the feminists. This honourable judge’s claim to fame during his days in Supreme Court was a judgement consisting of set of guidelines on sexual harassment against women. While passing these guidelines which I repeat once again was for women only, this judge demonstrated his poor collective legal knowledge and equally poor understanding of gender offences when he completely ignored the cardinal fact that sexual harassment is not a crime of passion but that of power. He also ignored that sexual harassment laws in over 35 countries in the world are gender neutral. Which such an overarching bias against men in general he seemed the ideal choice to head this stage managed committee and deliver results on the so called people’s will. The question was, what was the need to change the law in the first place? Indians or even the protesters never demanded a change in the law, only the few militant feminists did. The law of murder was automatically applicable in case the victim of rape died which attracted the death sentence. Still , a review and amendments in the law were forcefully demanded by the feminists to attempt use the AMANAT incident a vehicle to get a lot of draconian anti-male legislations through the door.
Moving ahead,  the committee set up a e-mail and a fax number to collect the collective will of the people. It is pertinent to note that the fax number rarely worked and that repeated attempts to send a fax by this NGO only resulted in message stating that the number is not in service. The fax rarely appeared to be busy.
After 29 days of deliberations the committee presented its findings and stated that they had received over 80,000 recommendations which they shockingly claimed to have completely gone through. If each recommendation had at least 2 pages and each page had at least 250 words then this committee possibly endowed with feminist superpowers went through over 80,000 x 2 x 250 = 40000000 words in 29 days which means an average of 1400000 words per day on average. Imagining the incredible pace at which this 75 year old judge and his team claimed to have worked to read these recommendations, if only this judge would have worked at the same pace in his days as a working judge in the various courts the judicial pendency of the nation would not have been 56 million cases as it stands today. But we will believe what this committee said at face value just like Indian courts believe women and move on to his legal recommendations which were even more astonishing.
The legal recommendations of this stage-managed committee headed by a feminist were equally mind-blowing and had no parallels. From the committee’s report it was clear that a handful of women’s groups were selectively invited for deposition in front of the committee. Most of these groups invited were widely known for their aggressive anti-male approach to gender laws and inclination to deny protection to men from crimes committed by women. The recommendations appeared to have been taken from holy bible of radical feminist ideology and meant that Indian men are essentially rapists by birth and are always on the look out for women to rape. Not only is the guilt of men presumed, but the innocence and truthfulness of women was also presumed. Women sexual predators did not exist and it is men who sexually abused everyone else. Above all marital rape had been added as a section ignoring 498a and DV act which were more than enough to cover any such incidents. The committee had also ignored the principles of natural justice and in rape cases supported presumption of guilt on the accused and presumption of truthfulness on the female complainant. The nation was surprised how a committee which claimed  so many  eminent panel members chose to ignore this fundamental pillar of justice even as the police reports collected nationwide stated that over 74% to 90% rapes in India were false. Not a single point in the entire legal recommendations section pointed to natural justice , gender neutrality and opportunity of giving the accused a fair trail .
After the report , the feminists opened champagnes as their hero had delivered . Millions of innocent Indian men and boys men were soon to be legally castrated by the draconian senseless piece of recommendations which was stage managed in a committee by the feminists , for the feminists and which catered only to the legal terrorists. Some media anchors especially the one I noted above hailed this as the most progressive legislations India has ever seen.

Feminists-Communist ka gussa( Irrelevance at its best )
The government in its wisdom has now chosen to show that communists and feminists do not matter in law making and that laws cannot be determined by  a few radical feminist organizations but by the will of the people at large. The government has accepted the recommendations of the committee wherever they seemed apt but has retained punishment for female sex offenders and chosen not to include marital rape rightly predicting its severe misuse like IPC 498a and DV act.
The changes by the government were accepted by the country with open arms. However a certain feminist organization and its seemingly irrelevant communist party mothership condemned the move by the government. The feminists activated their sleeper cells and they started to write meaningless articles spewing venom and criticizing the government for not listening to this judge and for not making senseless draconian legislation as per his recommendations. What the feminists need to understand is that they DO NOT represent or have the support of the people of India . In fact they do not even represent the women of India. The women of Indian have been long protected by men and continue to cherish the relationships with their brothers , fathers and husbands. Indian women have witnessed firsthand how laws like IPC 498A and DV act have snatched innocent sons from mothers and brothers from sisters and want the nonsense feminist ideology to end. India as it appears has become the Stalingrad for the few remaining rampaging feminists who are becoming irrelevant every day and will soon fade into the sunset !