Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nagpur Mother-in-laws hold press conference against Anti-Family laws

Mother in laws from Nagpur have united under the All India Mother-in-law Protection forum to demand their rights as women on the upcoming International Women's day.(IWD) .The Mother-in-laws demanded protection and creation of laws which protects them from harassment from their daughter-in-laws apart from demands to make marital laws gender neutral offering equal protection to women from the husbands side also. They also demanded that the women’s commission treat complaints from mother-in-laws with equal importance as they treat complaints from daughter-in-laws. Indian women’s' follow a highly anti-male approach and do not entertain complaints from women unless the complaints is against a man. The Indian police on the other hand holds the dubious distinction of  arresting over 126,000 women  without trail or evidence  in the last 4 years alone under the draconian 498A under the guise of women empowerment.

Photo Courtesy - Rajesh Vakharia
Link - Nagpur Mother-in-laws organise Press conference  for IWD

Press Coverage for Press Conference of AIMPF - Links ( Courtesy Rajesh Vakharia )


 Press Conference Nagpur Dharna by AIMPF - Links ( Courtesy Rajesh Vakharia )

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