Saturday, June 26, 2010

Indian HarrasmentGate Scandal

Sexual HarrasmentGate Scandal :- How the Indian Govt drafted a gender biased law against overwhelming public opinion

An article in Yahoo India requesting for comments has evoked a strong response from the Indian working class . Many people  have stated in their comments that women too much be included as aggressors in the Sexual harassment  law . The citizenry also overwhelmingly believe that another gender biased laws will only be misused  by motivated women. The comments also reflect that women too believe that this law must be made gender neutral . The link to the Yahoo article and people's opinions on the article are in the link below 

The Government of India now seems to be only party that does not want the bill to be gender neutral ! It may be recalled that the Women and Child Development Ministry which was responsible for drafting the Sexual harassment at workplace bill(SHWB) rejected an overwhelming number of representations from the Indian citizenry seeking to make the bill gender neutral . To reject demands to make the bill gender neutral the WCD Ministry had famously used the below sexist comments which were later uncovered using RTI's .

"The overwhelming nature of sexual harassment is sexual harassment of women on account of their female sex. Harassment of men cannot be put on the same footing character wise or incidence wise. Protection of men is also not the mandate of Ministry of WCD”.

To read the complete analysis on how the SHWB was drafted and to get an insight into the way fudged data is and unscientific and outrageous assumptions are normally used to draft anti male Indian gender laws  click on the link below .

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