Monday, July 19, 2010

Indian Media acknowledges the shortfalls of the Sexual Harrasment Bill

The Indian media has overwhelmingly acknowledged the fact that the Indian version of the Sexual Harassment at workplace Bill is flawed and needed to be amended immediately .

The Government is now on the back foot and is using the  tried and tested tactic of stating that let the bill come into place and then we will look into it . However this tactic was also adopted during the creation of the heavily misused Domestic Voilence Act 2005 . Once the act came into being a parallel industry starts around it and then it is next to impossible to change the law . The Indian people have demanded that this time the draft of the Sexual harassment act be discarded that a new draft be made considering making it gender neutral .

The Demand for Gender Neutrality is nothing new . In fact way back in 2007 over 400 women's organizations under WomensPowerConnect (WPC) themselves asked for the bill to be made gender neutral as the below news article elaborates.

Press coverage for July 17 - 2010

and many many more ( too exhaustive to collate all of them )

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