Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ye Wives Maange More !!!

Alimony is the answer , now what’s the problem ? That’s what they come up with you get when you put a bunch of radical feminists in a room with food and water and bolt the door. They break into a  discussion on alimony and come up with reasons on why it is the right of a wife to enslave the husband and make him work for paying her alimony since she afterall provided the service of getting married to him. After all jitsnt it just fair that just because one human being has different set of sexual organs than another, it gives  that human being a right to enslave the other human and make him work as a matter of right . WOW !! Are we still in  era of plantation slaves where the law mandated that the skin color of a person would make him a slave his entire life and earn for his master  .

This is what happened in the so called "All India Alimony conference" that discussed on how to encourage all self respecting women who earn their own bread to become parasites oin their husbands .The conference concluded that women as a class must be fed by men after marriage no matter what because according to the "experts" women seem to have provided some sort of service by marrying a man for which they have to be compensated for monetarily or through assets . As usual no mention was made of issues in women not  inheriting property from their own parents or helping women stand on their own feet . The speakers thought that the woman's first right was in her husband's property even if she was married for 2 months and not in the property rights oif her own father even if she spent 25 years in that house.

Some of the phrases uttered by the participating "stars" of Indian feminist movement .

We need to, at first, look for alternatives to the word maintenance.”

Sure we have been asking for that for all this time. Shall we call it “retirement benefits” or “extortion booty” since when a woman retires from a marriage of 2 months she is entitled to alimony for 20 years , right ? Why does she ever need to work when her marriage has found her a very own slave who will continue to slave for eternity and provide for her . Is this not marriage all about for women ? Why will woman ever need to stand on her own feet and fend for herself , since her husband is supposed to slog it out and fend for her as she enjoys in the marital lifestyle which she broke out of .

The first step is to change this perception and start looking at it as a right

Sure, right to alimony, right to harassing the husband using DV and 498a  ,Right to not allowing the father to meet the child using existing child custody laws . All these are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Indian constitution. All wives will have a right to sit idle at home like parasites and force the legal system to make their husbands work for them. All wives will have a right to profit from the marriage irrespective of their contribution in the marriage. No right will be given to the husbands to seeking alimony from the wife.  Needless to say the husband never had and will have any rights whatsoever since he is a male.

"The stigma associated with single women, the paltry amount in alimony, expenses incurred during trials, "class and gender bias" among lawyers are some of the problems that were raised during the course of the seminar."

Government Subsidizing a woman’s vengeance is the idea these women are talking about . Cases like 498a are already fought "for the wives by the government " even though 98% cases are false . The govt is sent on a wild goose chase for decades on false cases and crores of rupees money are spent subsidizing millions of  false cases .Is the husband not incurring an expense in the trial ? Who is supposed to pay for his expenses .? Opps sorry ..go back to point earlier point  …”A husband has no rights since he is a male “. Why do I keep coming back to the Husband’s right point again and again ?

Women often feel that they are doubly harassed, first by their husband and marital families and then by the police and lawyers they approach for help,”

Ok so now the husband must also compensate the women  for harassment from police and lawyers . Laws like 498a and DV not withstanding which need zero evidence and can be filed even if a woman is bitten by mosquito residing in the husband’s jurisdiction .

Are the husband’s not harassed even more by the same set of police , judiciary and lawyers ?  What about the women in the husband's family ? Oh !!…not once again … A husband has no rights since he is a male !!“….

"These are the least of their problems. In addition, they have to carry the stigma of being a single woman, go through the cumbersome judicial process, try to meet the expenses for each hearing and the end of all this make-do with the meagre alimony they get which can be as low as Rs 500 per month,"

Ok , how do we compensate women for stigma ? More MONEY !!! Will the stigma of a person be called a thief be alleviated if he is paid money from the someone , yes it  will be  if the thief is  a woman woman? The women are complaining that  women must be always be entitled to  their fruits of labor after negotiating the labyrinthine judicial process  ? Instead of spending time in courts what is stopping women from using their education or woman to to elk out a decent living ? After all why are we spending RS 11,000 crore of tax payer money (82% being funded by men ) to educate India women if a parasite is what we have in mind who feeds on the husband .

"A primary recommendation that emerged during the discussion is that all separated, divorced Indian women must be entitled to at least half the share of assets in marital home or assets acquired by couple during the period that they were together"

Ok Now we are talking .. If that is the case , Can I  stay in the wife’s house for a few days after marriage and then take half her paternal property away ? Can I also get a share of half the dowry she claims to have given . Can I also take away half her income ? 

For a million times NO !!!...........for a “ A husband has no rights since he is a male !!“ How many times do I tell you this ??


The feminists have essentially lost even more credibility in eyes of the law and the people by these statements. Women empowerment can never happen by breeding an army of parasite wives. A marriage is not a service that the woman is providing the man and hence she cannot be legally entitled to get paid for the service. A marriage is a partnership and if why one partner should be forced to pay another partner if this partnership should break. The whole idea of Alimony is to provide temporary support to a “person”( husband/wife)  who has contributed to the marriage and needs that support. The support is for the person to able to stand on his/her own feet and resume normal life . Yes , the support should be directly proportional to the person’s contribution and requirements( including children )  and cannot be made a right no matter what . Forcefully providing support to a parasitic wife included to enjoy at the husband’s expenses while voluntarily incapacitating herself at home would lead to sending a totally wrong message to the young girls whose sole idea then would be to make a “good catch” in the form of a husband and then milk him for alimony . Is this the sort of future generation of Indian women we are envisioning ?

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