Tuesday, August 7, 2012

IrBM Dharna - Call your MP NOW !

Call the MPs as a common citizen and speak to them on how dangerous IRBM is .Below are the instructions of what you need to do .

There are 2 files .

1. RS Important Committees file has the list of MP's whom we need to target . The Ones in RED have to called mandatory. - LINK TO COMMITTEES

2. MP Contacts is an exhaustive searchable excel list with the complete detail of the MP .- LINK TO MP PHONE NUMBERS

What you need to do .

1. Pick the MP name from the Committee list and Search the name in the other file and pick the phone number

2. Call the MP and say that this is a "HUSBAND KILLER LAW". Explain the pitfalls of IrBM and the real estate issues that will happen and the opposition that is there from all over India . Also ask him what does he feel and how will he vote . Ask him if he will be Ok to meet some of us for a discussion any time between 11th to the 18th Aug.

3. Ask the MP and request him not to support this law as this will destroy marriages and the Indian family system for ever.

4. Say that this is a Dangerous law and a LOT of debate needs to be done before this can be thought of . This will lead to wide spread chaos and social unrest between families.

5. Below is the standard list of questions that you want to ask and ask the same to all the MP's.
  a. Are you aware of the IrBM(Speedy Divorce Bill)  Bill and did you receive any letters on his from various Indian NGO's ?
  b. Are you aware of the all India dissent against this bill ?
  c. Do you know that many state wide dharnas have occurred in this bill ?
  d. Do you know that a nationwide dharna is being planned in Delhi from over 40 NGO's representative over 100,000 husbands and citizens .
e. Would you support the causes of husbands . mothers and sisters who also have a right on the property.
f. Can you please share your e-mail address for us to send you details of the reaction of people from all over India.
g. Document the e-mails and MP Name and send it to menseekjustice@gmail.com.

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