Monday, April 29, 2013

"Progressive" divorce laws force husbands to becoming Outlaws.

"When severe injustice becomes law,defying it becomes a duty"

It appears that government is not satisfied with the undue concessions made to women in its 8 years of corruption and scandal ridden poor governance. From the DV act of 2005 which considered Domestic violence as an crime only when committed against a woman and exempted women from getting punished for committing the same offence against men to the current day the government has one after another churned more and more senseless pieces of legislation which defy any logic and corners innocent husband and takes away their right a peaceful existence. Not withstanding the soaring misuse rate 498a and DV act quoted as high as 98% of cases being false, the government is on track to introduce the most dangerous anti male legislation of in its 8 year tenure.

The Last Nail in the Coffin? 
The latest and perhaps the most dangerous of all legislations kept for the end is the innocently titled "Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage Act", which promises to dissolve a marriage which has irretrievably broken. However instead doing justice to both divorcing parties the government has incentivized divorce to such an extent for women that they will stand to gain far more in a divorce than by staying in a marriage. The cost of the complete financial windfall that a woman stands to receive will be burdened on the husband who will be reduced to a bankrupt wreck losing half of everything that he earned , acquired or inherited from his ancestors before and during the marriage. Shockingly the wife will not be required to part with any of her earnings , ancestral or otherwise whatsoever. Only the husband will be fully and completely bled to finance the entire divorce and the entire financial settlement.

Only in India women can marry today and take half of EVERYTHING tomorrow !! 

1. Only a wife will the right to oppose a divorce petition . Should a wife choose to file for divorce the husband will have no right to even oppose the petition and save his marriage. Husbands who are poor , weak , ill and have simply fallen out of love will have no legal provision to save their marriages or demand a financial settlement from a financially stronger wife.

2. In the financial settlement , the wives will retain all her wealth , income , jewellery and ancestral property that she has inherited. However the government will annex 50% of the husband's movable and immovable assets acquired both BEFORE and DURING the marriage.Not only that , he will also have to part with 50% of his ancestral property or pay extra money to the wife in lieu of the same. While the wife would move on after receiving this financial windfall , the husband would also have to continue to fight 3 to 4 false criminal cases for years like 498a , DV and in the process lose whatever he has left after the property partition. Can it get more worse and biased than this?

Share only the credit not the debt

To elucidate with an example ,if a graduate man gets divorced at age 32 , then whatever movable and immovable property he has acquired since he started to work in his early 20's will be split evenly even though his wife had no contributions in acquiring those assets in any way.This would include his immovable property like real estate and movable property like bank savings accounts,  fixed deposits, shares , mutual funds acquired household articles like TV , fridge , Motorcycle , Car and furniture. If the husband has bought a property with a loan then the wife would not be burdened with the debt of the husband. The wife's share would limited only to the credit and assets of the husband and not his debt. The Govt and legal system would also annex the ancestral parcel of property that the man is likely to receive from his father , mother or grandparents. 

The wife however would retain EVERYTHING that she has saved or acquired before and during the marriage. She would also retain all her ancestral property that she would inherit from her paternal or maternal family.

Reducing Indian husbands second class citizens 

Indian husbands , especially Hindu husbands it appears have been stripped of their basis right of being property owners in a democratic country thereby reducing them to second class citizens. The state and law now want to annex the property of Hindu men on completely frivolous grounds. Indians have always been very extremely possessive and protective of their property and the Mahabharata war could have been averted if the Kauravas given a property of just 5 villages to the Pandavas. Even today most murders and violent incidents are in some way related to property disputes. In the event that a Hindu man stands to lose half of everything that he has every earned both before and after marriage along with share of his ancestral property to an undeserving and vengeful woman who hates him and in a marriage that has lasted just a few months, one cannot but shudder to contemplate the violent outcomes that such  scenarios would have on the man , his wife and his family members.

Complete loss of faith in Indian court systems

An outlaw is created when injustice becomes law.Why would one even go to the court, or for that matter listen to the courts if the role of the court would be to simply annex all that a man has earned or stands to inherit .The Indian Judiciary system  is today  nothing more than a façade of justice for a Indian husband thanks to the non-existence of a single law that can protect a man from an abusive and violent marriage.This fledgling judiciary and court system in the future would lose complete relevance and few if any husbands would approach or honour the courts which essentially would be reduced to a property transfer bureau where the hard earned movable and immovable property of a husband would be brutally annexed from him , partitioned and given to an undeserving wife, who by the way would get to keep all her own earnings and property intact.

The outcome of such nonsense laws would only lead to more violence , murders and social unrest. Divorce rates will reach 70% and marriage rates would plummet to single digits. People would prefer a few days in prison than giving away everything they have ever owned The Govt and feminists already responsible for the deaths and suicides of thousands of innocent husbands, will be additionally responsible for the ensuing explosion of violence and deaths that would follow with the enactment of such senseless laws.

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  1. Well, It is a huge problem for Women's mainly married. We are living in 21st century,people should come up of this narrow-mindedness and husband should always support his wife.
    --Lorn Austin