Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spend millions on marriages if it fails just call it dowry !!

The Government of India has been on a very serious mission . The mission to control dowry . This mission has been going on since the 1960 when the government first created the Anti Dowry law . The Anti Dowry law has been very effective in harassing innocent husbands and their families and using state machinery to extort money from them in the event of a breakdown of marriage .According to the Indian feminists Indian brides become more inflammable than gasoline the moment they enter the houses of their husbands and the dowry is the main reason for this inflammable tendencies to occur abruptly after marriage. They are freuently heard ranting about how extravagant marriages must be controlled and people must pledge that no dowry is given or taken .

What have the feminist and the government done to stop extravagant marriages ? Nothing !
Has the government created a hotline where dowry exchanges can be reported ? No !
Have the Dowry prohibition act where giving dowry is also a crime being implemeted ? No !

According to this press report Rs 200,000 to 600,000 crores is being spent every year in Indian on marriages and every body is happy that its boots the economy . The article also mentions that the Indian marriage industry is worth 12% of Indian economy.Everybody wants a pie in this huge industry from jewellery industry to real estate to automobiles to Airlines . Is anyone complaining at this stage . No , Nada !! After all the Indian marriage Industry is boosting the economy ,right ?So why should the feminists or the government say anything about it ? But the story just begins here .

Cut to one year after the marriage . The wife and husband feel that the marriage is not going well and either of them feel that the marriage needs to be dissolved . Pat comes a dowry case and here comes the stridhan list and huge marriage expenses(which boosted the economy, remember) which the girl now demands the groom to pay back . Our Feminazi friends now come into the picture as they jump into the offing and start ranting about how women are being harassed for more and more dowry and the ill effects of money being spent on a marraige. TheHusband and his family are jailed , the statistics table is updated with another dowry complaint . The Government becomes worried that increasing dowry complaints indicate a deteriorating condition for women and more funds are then allocated for women empowerment. The point to note here is that India does not track any data year wise on how many dowry cases actually proved to be true , it just tracks complaints . The complaint data is also never updated after 8 years when the husband is acquitted.

So this is a win win game for everybody. The Industrialists benefit from the 600,000 crore marriage industry , the government benefits from the taxes , The wives benefit from misusing the law , The police benefits from the bribes it gets from wives and husbands , the lawyers benefit from the cases , the feminists benefit from the dowry data that is coming in which in turn justifies their need and existence in the world of women affairs . Whats so bad about it after all ?

Did we forgot to mention about what happens to the husband ? Who cares anyway , he is always disposable !!

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  1. Thanks for speaking up man. I have all these fears inside of me. I supposed that it is not 'manly' to voice them. I thank you as a friend. I wish I can be as informed as you are. I wish I can do this kind of work for indian men.

    all the very best. may you be healthy to do this work for long. my gratitude and support for you