Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pitiable welfare statistics for Indian Men

Statistically speaking

Below is the data acquired from sources of Indian Government . Do Indian women really need any more benefits and government pamperment , decide for yourself ?

Life expectancy

According to data provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare , Government of India . Indian women on the average live 2.14 years more than Indian men . The Life expectancy of women has grown over the years and has surpassed men in 1992. Click to see a graphical depiction of Life expectancy of Indian men and women plotted against years.

Suicide Rate of Indian Husbands

According to the data provided by the National Crime Records bureau( Ministry of Home Affairs) . Below are the suicide statistics for the past 13 years ( since NCRB started to track the suicides of Married men and women ) . The Rate of suicides of Husbands has skyrocketed while the rate of suicides of wives has remained more or less the same. To see a year by year chart of suicides by marital status click here.

Women and Child development Ministry Budget

There seems to have been an very sharp increase in the WCD Ministry budget during the tenure of the Congress and during the time when Renuka Choudhury was the WCD Minister. The data has been gathered from the yearly budget numbers data released by the ministry of finance.

Also read Male-Disposability Myth or Reality that analyzes the data above and exposes how the Indian sosiety has used men for its benefits and then disposed them .


  1. Indian Men are disposable.Irony is Men do not want even this isses!!

  2. Men are still under the hypnosis of false feminazi propaganda, they will not see that Mens rights are being violated until they personally are affected in a very adverse way.

    It needs a kick of a military boot on someone's back to wake up someone who is fully brainwashed!.

  3. No assumption can beat truth and data speaks raw truth, can the society digest it?

    If the above figures are anything to go by, then all the laws made to protect women have just been rendered useless, uncalled, redundant and should be repealed at the earliest.

  4. Women suicide rate has not increased above 1999 level.

    However Men suicide rates have been increasing continuously year on year from 1999 onwards.

  5. why this is double standad for men ?????

  6. Do the lawmakers care about reality ? Doesn't seems so. They have turned a blind eye to these statistics. They are happy to make laws based on preposterous assumptions.