Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indian Feminists on overdrive on fears of Congress loss in 2014

Indian Feminists on overdrive to pass anti male laws before Congress is booted out in 2014

Sensing an early election and the very strong possibility of Congress being booted out in 2014 owing to it is horrendous performance in last 8 years , the feminist camps in India have gone into a frenzy of drafting new and more draconian laws and getting them passed in last few months of the lame duck government.

This behavior is not surprising since most of India's senseless feminist laws were drafted and passed during the tenure of 2004 till date. Significant amongst these were the Domestic Violence act of 2005 which was passed by the congress even though it was highly criticized for offering no protection to men and being extremely biased and badly drafted. This law was also trashed by the Indian Attorney General at that time and later the Indian Supreme Court. The then woman and child development minister however made many brazen anti male remarks to justify the existence of the law and to show of hatred for males in general. This minister later suffered a humiliationg defeat in 2008 and was not even elected to the Rajya Sabha.

Sensing the delicate political climate and chances of an early election in 2013 , the feminists camps in India in collusion with the Women and Child Development Ministry ( WCD) has gone into an overdrive of law drafting. Never have we seen such a huge laundry wishlist of Anti-Male laws and the urge to get them passed as quickly as possible.

The strategy for making these laws is more or less the same as in , not responding to RTI requests for information on the laws and the debates that went in during drafting them. Conducting closed door meetings with some of the most militant feminists of India and drafting laws which make little sense from the angle of principles of natural justice . Lets take a look at some of the laws being hurried through.

1. The Marraige law amendment Bill 2010 
This law is being moved with war like urgency in the parliament. The Law minister of India for reasons known best to him is inserting amendments almost on a daily basis. The routes for RTI and open debate have been blocked  and the opinions received from the parliamentary committee hearings from the Indian Citizenry on this law have been trashed. The Indian Law minister and Women and Child Development minister has almost taken a dictatorial stance of getting this highly dangerous law passed by hook or crook. The amendments are becoming more and more draconian by the day and the lameduck  cabinet is passing every amendment that is brought to them without giving any due thought to the sensibility of the amendment. To give some examples of the lunacy that is Indian law drafting, the amendment which initially mandated the equitable division of property acquired jointly by the couple has now being morphed into an amendment which mandates the handingover of  50% of the husband's property to the wife and shockingly that includes the property the husband acquired before marriage. There is no mention of division of the property that the wife acquires .The law gives power solely to the wife, to oppose a divorce unless her financial hardship are met and alleviated , however when the wife files for divorce no such option has been made available to the husband. Also the wife gets to keep her streedhan , maintenance and also 50% of the husbands property ( acquired before and after the marriage) . Is this some sort of a joke that the Women and Child Ministry and Law Ministry is playing on the Indian masses ? Also what sort of reviews is the all powerful cabinet doing to even allow the inclusion of such amendments.

2. Amendment of the Dowry Law moved to Fast Track

This is another infamous law of India which saw phenomenal misuse during the UPA1 and UPA2 tenure. The feminists camps are now full steam ahead in making this law even more draconian and inconvenient for husbands. Some of the lunatic features of this law are listed below .

a. Definition of dowry should be changed to include both movable and immovable property as well as asking for any favours from the woman’s parents. This means the husband cannot ever ask for any favors from the wife or her parents , however the wife and her parents can by law extort  50% of the husband's property as a matter of right. Talk about natural justice !!

b. Opportunity to the woman to file a 498a case at the where she permanently or temporarily resides.This means that now the husband has to commute on every hearing date to the place where the woman finds it convenient to file the complaint. This is also voilates the principles of  criminal trial which mandates a jurisdiction of the offence the trial thereof. However the principles of Natural justice and criminal trial normally got to the dogs when feminists draft laws.

c.  Punishment for dowry givers to be reduced on the ground that Women and Child Development Ministry (through the dictatorial powers given to them) have assumed that they are  victims of coercion. This is nothing but a big joke since till date not a single so called dowry giver has been penalized for giving dowry, while more than 100,000 false dowry cases are filed annually by Indian wives. The Supreme Court of India has repeatedly asked the UPA2 Government to amend the dowry law and make it less draconian , but under the current feminist influenced government we are moving in the opposite direction.


Now lets collate the two above laws and see what an ideal marriage would look like in India. The bride and her family would look for the most eligible and well earning bachelor and solemnise a marriage without giving a single paisa of dowry . So far so good .If the marriage sours(40% Indian marriages do) the husband will face a false 498a for which he would have to travel to the place of convenience of his wife for over 9 years . He will also face DV act , CrPC 125 , HMA 24 as the other maintenance laws . Finally after three years of being harrassed in various courts , the husband will have to part with 50% of all his assets(movable and immovable)  that he has acquired since the day he started earning. A husband who is infirm , paralysed , earns less will not even be able to defend his divorce. The right of divorce to the wife is absolute. Just because the wife is now divorced and has grabbed her wealth , the husband worries are still not over as he will still continue to face the false 498a case in a remote location for at least 5 to 6 years more. These laws with cause incalculable damage to the husband and his family financially , emotionally and socially.

Think twice before you marry under Indian marraige laws. You have been warned.

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  1. Marrying based on Indian Marriage Laws sure is a danger for any Men. Most of those husbands out there aren't even aware of what's going on.

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