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Why are ‘free lunches’ to women paid for by men called progressive legislations ?

In India, any proposal to extend “free lunches” to women at the cost of men is hailed as a progressive legislation. The Indian law makers somehow believe that women by the dint of their gender are entitled to these free lunches and men again owning to their gender  owe these free lunches to women or will be legally forced to provide them as the case may be. It is believed that providing free lunches to women would lead to departmental accolade amongst their superiors and peers and would be the politically correct thing to do. When providing free lunches, scientific analysis, and business reasoning and even simple common sense is thrown out. The result, the problem remains as it was before, and men are forced to compensate women in some way. ( Mission accomplished !!)

Let us look at just some of these recent free lunches provided by the Government at various different stages of a woman's life.

India women get educated in the same schools as boys and get free or highly subsidized education throughout their life . Looked at from an aggregation perspective, girls as a gender group outperform boys every year in most annual examinations. The Indian government and the press normally hail this achievement as an sign of empowerment of women , but has never bothered to take any remedial steps to first study the reason why boys are lagging behind collectively as a gender group and what remedial steps need to be taken to ensure that boys too as a gender group perform at par with the girls.

IIT’s Newtonian formula for providing free lunches to women

However when it comes to undergraduate courses, few girls are able to compete and enroll in the highly prestigious Indian Institute of Technologies( IITs) . These examinations filter through hundreds of thousands of Indian students and most of the years the students who clear this examination are invariably boys. To solve the inability of girls to compete and enroll in the IIT’s , the Joint Admission Board (JAB) of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) recently announced that so called brilliant solution of the entrance test fee for girls would be waived off from the academic year 2012 . As it stood earlier Girls currently pay only Rs 500 for the JEE application form and boys pay Rs 1,000. With this new improved free lunch the IIT entrance test will become free for girls from the next year while boys will have to pay twice as much at Rs 1,800. So boys would have to the bear the burden of the free lunch for girls.

It would still have made sense of the proposal would have some from some lowly babu , but this coming straight from the JAB which consists the foremost academics minds is bewildering since this proves the unwritten theorem in academics that when appeasing women ignore logic and scientific thinking.

(Old Form cost of girls ) + (Old Form cost of Boys) = New Form cost of Boys

which equals (New Form Cost of Girls)= 0
and (Old examination Revenue) = (New examination revenue)

What brilliant mathematics , Issac Newton would be certainly be pleased with the ingenuity of the JAB .

IIM’s want women to grace the IIM’s by their presence through grace marks

The IIM’s are another place where women find to hard to enter through merit so this presented an opportunity for another of the gender free lunches. Not to outdone by their science brethren in the race to provide free lunches to women, the IIM’s stated to award women extra marks to people for have the amazing achievement of possessing female genitalia.

IIM-Rohtak will give 20 marks to each girl , IIM-Raipur will add 30 marks to the overall scores of each girl and IIM-Lucknow has decided to grant five marks to each girl and so forth. Looking at the non-uniformity of the free lunch It appears there is a veritable frenzy and completion to between the IIM’s to attract women and grace the IIM’s by their presence. This decision gives an example of how the sharpest business minds loose their sight of simple profit and loss and what appears to a business logic that men must be made to suffer a loss when it comes to providing free lunches to women.

The Mother of all Free lunches – A Doctrine to Annex Male property through marriages

The Doctrine of Lapse was a property annexation policy purportedly devised by the British in the 18th century to annex the Indian kingdoms was considered as one of the most regressive and illegitimate laws of all times . The Marriage law amendment bill architects a similar proposal for annexing the properties of a husband through marriage. Through this new doctrine the government is now considering making women property owners overnight once again through a free lunch . The difference being that this free lunch is a veritable lunch buffet offering a massive financial windfall for people having female genitalia because they provided the “service” of marrying a person with male genitalia.

In this proposed legislation a wife will be entitled to annex 50% all movable and immovable property that a husband acquired before and after marriage. The wife will have a right to annex only on the assets of the husband and will have no responsibility of his liabilities even the ones incurred during acquiring these assets. Men will still be burdened with the liabilities for these properties and will still have to pay for the free lunch buffet that is the Marriage law amendment bill. So the options left before a husband will be to tolerate his abusive wife or part with half everything he acquired before and during the marriage. A woman would come essentially empty handed into a marriage and would leave loaded when the marriage goes sour.

So there you have it free lunches starting from schooling, under graduation , post graduation culminating with a veritable lunch buffet all at the expense of a person having male genitalia . After all proving free lunches to women in this country is progressive legislation.

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  1. Indian women are a pampeered lot. Unless men wake up and form vote-banks and force the government, men are destined to be slaves of women under the banner of "gender equality" and "progressive laws".