Thursday, January 24, 2013

INSAAF condemns unconstitutional legal recommendations of Justice Verma Committee

INSAAF is shocked at the legal recommendations that have emanated from the Justice Verma committee  We expected to see balanced judicially prudent and legal justifiable recommendations from a committee which we considered would propose simple steps, reduction in duplicate laws to reduce tendency  increased prosecution while protecting the innocent and punishment irrespective of gender.

Instead what we see is addition of another law for matrimonial cruelty, assumption of guilt for accused ,  suppression of previous behaviour for accuser , exemption of female sex offenders from criminal justice system and strong to protect female misusers of genders laws. The committee in its collective experience seems to believe that women in India cannot commit sex offences , lie and misuse gender laws even as the overwhelming ground evidence suggests the contrary. While committee harps on human rights , social rights for women in many places , the same have been completely subverted for men who cannot expect even close to a fair trail should any of the recommendations comes into existence. 

INSAAF  feels morally compelled to join the group of Men's Welfare organisations in the below joint press release condemning the recommendations of the committee and demands the scrapping of all legal amendments recommended. 

Press release from coalition of Men's welfare NGO condemning Justice Verma Commitee recommendations  


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