Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Exposed : WCD's intentions to study Sexual Harassment on men is an eyewash

A couple of months back the Women and Child development Minister under attack for ignoring  overwhelming evidence of sexual Harassment on men and denying men protection under the proposed "Protection of women from sexual harassment" stated the below and was quoted by a TOI article on 21-Aug-2012 . 

"I want to get a study conducted to find out what kind of harassment of males is prevalent and to what extent at workplaces, though till now only the harassment suffered by the women has been spoken about,

Her intentions sounded very suspect at the onset since the same ministry a few years ago had stated "Protecting men is not the mandate of the WCD" while ignoring representations from hundreds of Indian citizens praying to make the Sexual Harassment at Workplace bill gender neutral. 

To discover if the WCD ministry was really going to walk the talk or  if this was just another one of their smokescreens to buy time an RTI was sent to the WCD ministry to get the details of the proposed study that was to be conducted to learn about of the propensity and prevalence of sexual harassment of men at the workplace.The questions were related to the details of the proposed study , budget allocated , questions framed and time duration . Also it was asked , why the Protection of women from sexual harassment was being introduced in the Rajya Sabha when the study on men was not even started ? 

From the responses of the WCD ministry( see RTI questions and response below) it is clear once again that the WCD minister's comment of conducting a study on men was nothing more than an mere eyewash to delay the opposition against this law and get another biased feminist law passed in the Rajya Sabha by hook or crook. It is extremely shameful that minister of cabinet rank resorts to such blatant falsehood in public when cornered on an proposed draconian anti male feminist legislation with genuine facts and data.  

The RTI questions and the WCD Ministry's response are as under for public consumption. 

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