Saturday, January 2, 2010

Letter writing campaign against proposed molestation law

AIMWA has initiated a letter writing campaign against the proposed changes to the Molestation law by the Government of India.

Members can write letters in 2 formats

1) AIMWA format as below( as a member of AIMWA)
AIMWA Letter with your details
Please write complete name and address under yopur signature at the bottom .

2) Personalized format
Personalized letter ( as an individual )
Please write complete Name and address under the To, field at the start .

Please attach the 1 page Indian express annexure to the letter if you wish ( not mandatory )
Indian express News Article

Addresses the letter need to sent to

1) Dr. M Veerappa Moily
Hon’ble Union Minister of Law and Justice
Ministry of Law and Justice
Govt. of India
4th Fl. A Wing, Shastri Bhawan
New Delhi – 110 001


2) Dr. Brahm A. Agrawal, Member Secretary
LAW COMMISSION OF INDIA,2nd Floor, The Indian Law Institute Building
(Opp. to Supreme Court), Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi - 110 001


  1. I have read the drafted letter and found them most appropriate and timely.No doubt that this law (if legislated) will be also as much misused as the 498A is.We should all raise our voice of protest in unison against the new legislation. We don't need more laws, we only need to plug and seal the loopholes in the existing laws so that they are used and not misused by anybody or authority.
    I shall send the drafted letter to the Minister by Tuesday.

  2. in 498A there needs to be some evidence & the courts are a little lenient coz any decision leads to family break-down.... and fights can be taken as regular fights between a couple....

    But this molestation law is completely open-ended.... no need of proofs... the girl will say that the guy pinched me on the waist..... can you in anyway prove it???? The judge will think that the guy is a goonda and will become a knight-in-shining-armour and slice the life of the guy with his shining sword.......

  3. there is a mistake the proposed change is from 2 years to 5 years max. imprisonment not six months.... pls change immediately.......

    see here....