Sunday, January 31, 2010

Men's rights juggernaut steamrolls into the Nagpur Marathon

After a superb show of strength at the Mumbai Marathon the men's rights juggernaut today steamrolled its way into Nagpur Marathon. The turn out was fantastic with close to 300 husbands and their families including their fathers , mothers , sisters and sometimes even children demanded an end to exploitation of husbands and men in Indian courts . These families demanded immediate amendment to the biased DV act , Section 498A , Maintenance laws and child custody laws . The protest was widely appreciated and supported by the policemen , the onlookers (both men and women) who now understand the bias Indian men face in families and in courts. The sheer number of protests and the sympathetic response from the public show that the Indian society is waking up slowly to the reality that men and husbands are the victims of deliberate discrimination by the Indian government. Over 56000 husbands are driven to suicide every year by their wives and the apathetic attitude Indian Judicial system. Are you listening Mr Moily ?

The Photo Links are as below( Photo Credit - Rajesh Vakharia )

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