Monday, January 4, 2010

Incredible India(where god can lie but not women )

Some shocking and amusing facts for tourists that they never knew about India. All these are brutal truths and not exaggerations in any way.

The Strength of women is their facade of weakness . The weakness of men is their facade of strength.

1) Indian men contribute about 82% of the country's taxes. However the Indian government allocates Rs 7500 crores ( 75 Billion Rupees )for women's welfare anually but Rs 0( 0 Rupees ) for the welfare of men.

2) India has ministry for animal welfare but no ministry for the welfare of men . The annual budget for India's Animal welfare ministry is Rs 1180 crore ( Rs 1.18 Billion ). A dog on the street has more laws to protect itself than a husband has in a marraige .

3) Dowry law is enforced only one sided , that is only husband and his relatives can be charged with taking dowry . You can be charged with dowry harassment even if you have not taken dowry . It might take 10 years for you to prove you did not take dowry. Nobody has ever been punished for giving dowry in India although the law has a stricter provision against giving dowry than taking .

4) If wife married woman in husband's house the husband and his in-laws are normally held responsible under the dowry act. However if an unmarried woman commits suicide in her parents house no one is held responsible.

5) More than 56000 husband are driven to suicide annually by their wives. If the husband commits suicide wife is not considered responsible . Instead the husband is considered weak and a loser in life. The rate of suicides of Indian husbands are plotted in a chart for the past 13 years to expose the brutal truth of rise of husbands deaths.

7) According to the Supreme court of India women cannot lie in rape cases. They always tell the truth.

8) Husband is responsible for the carrying the burden ofs wife , irrespective of the fact if she is a capable individual who has voluntarily incapacitated herself to extract maintenance.

9) Indian men and husbands are not protected against domestic violence from women or harrasment of any kind.

10) The most shocking fact is that even after this sort of pamperment women still claim to be opressed sex and womens organisations demand even more laws.

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