Saturday, January 23, 2010

NCW :- The Indian Anti Men Lies Factory

NCW Lies once again, this time on complaints against NRI Husbands

The Anti-Men National Commission for Women(NCW) is back to what it does best. LIE!! . Recently they came up with another statement claimed that the NCW has received 331 complaints against NRI husbands. The NCW Chairperson had made a similar remark on Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2006 when she said that over 1000 complaints had been recieved from NRI women complaining of harassment and other offences against them. However after multiple RTI applications were seeking the validity behind these claims were filed(see below) , it was proven beyond resonable soubt that that the not only the NCW but the MOIA and the WCD together combined did not have more than 50 complaints against NRI husbands with most complaints being duplicates that were forwarded between these agencies. This exposes the level of lies and deceit that Indian agencies use to defame husbands and Men in general to create and justify the creation of Anti men laws.

This is not the first time that that the NCW has openly lied .The NCW normally attracts a lot media attention by making nonsensical and wild recommendations with the sole intention of making life miserable for men. Below are some of the recent recommendations of the NCW on other issues and their brief analysis.

1) NCW went ahead and published that in 70 % of cases women are denied maintenance on grounds of adultery. SIFF activists when filed for data to support the claim made by NCW, through an application under Rights to Information Act, 2005, NCW in its reply categorically denied maintaining any such data. It was a white lie published by NCW and a delirious attempt by NCW to fudge statistics and present an otherwise picture to realize vendetta best known to it. Such a body severely lacking integrity and accountability does not deserve such a position.

2) NCW Chairperson claimed in the media that 498A is abused by women due to ignorance.

3) NCW wants the death os any married woman anytime through out her marriage must be treated as a dowry death .This was done with the clear intention to increase the dowry death numbers so that that can be used as a fudged statistic.

4) NCW recommended the removal of adultery by wife as a clause for divorce. In India women as it is cannot be convicted for adultery. According to NCW recommendations men must not be able to get a divorce even if their wives leave them and maintain sexual relations with other men.

5) NCW recommended that giving Dowry must not be considered as a crime .Taking Dowry taking will remain a crime for men however, giving dowry will not be considered a crime for women and their families.

On the NRI complaints issue here are the shocking lies and details of actual complaints these organisations have over the years and the link to the RTI to see their replies for yourself.

RTI exposes the lies that is churned out by the Anti Men Lies factories

Hand in Glove Indian Ministries creates a web of deceit and lies against NRI husbands exposed here with RTI.

Ministry of Internal Affairs ( MOIA ) response

MOIA RTI and Reply Link

Question:-Please list the total number of complaints received by the MOIA about harassment and crimes against NRI women since January 1st 2005.

1) The Ministry has received about 10 complaints from both the NRI husband/ Indian Husbands against their wives living aboard residing in India.

( The ministry claims that it has complaints from husbands against wives and not the other way round ! What action if any has been taken against wives ? NONE , since women cannot commit a crime in India )

2) Minister Valayar Ravi then goes on to clarify that his statement that 20,000 cases are pending against NRI husbands is a lie and he has been misquoted.

Women and Child Development Ministry response

WCD RTI and Reply Link

The WCD Ministry in its RTI reply states the below statistics for the number of complaints they have received year wise against NRI Husbands.

2005 - 1 Complaint
2006 - 1 Complaint
2007 - 14 Complaints

The reply also states that all complaints have been forwarded to the NCW for action .

National Commission for Women response

NCW RTI and Reply Link - 1
NCW RTI and Reply Link - 2

The NCW states the below statistics for the number of complaints they have received year wise against NRI Husbands.

200623 Complaints ( NCW chairperson openly lied stating they have 1000+ complaints )
200720 Complaints
200842 Complaints

Note that these also included complaints forwarded from WCD and MOIA so many of these complaints are duplicates . Also , these are just complaints many of which may turn out to be false during trial and going by the truthfulness in Dowry and Domestic voilence cases there is a very high probability that these complaints may have been filed by estranged wives seeking vengeance on their husbands and looking to extort money. Just like 98% of dowry cases are false(according to government statistics), it is anybody’s guess how many of these complaints against NRI Husbands are really true.

Shutter NCW Immediately
The National Commission for Women which had transformed into National Commission for Wives has today transformed itself into the National Commission against Men in the background. NCW, originally designed to be an astute body working for the genuine causes of women has today miserably failed in its duties to protect the rights of women and safeguard the same as the arrest data published by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that more than 1, 23,000 women have been arrested in the last four years for complaints under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code.The organization has completely lost credibility in all aspects and today relies on fudged numbers to promote its cause of family destruction. The organization has today been reduced to just a haven for radical feminists who propose virtually anything that will lead to further destruction of the Indian family system. The organization has totally lost direction and purpose and has become burden on the tax payers of the country, 82% of who are men. Most of the organization recommendations are outrageous and totally unfair to men in general. The organization never speaks about misuse of the law by women and never recommends ways to arrest misuse and has today become an engine to draft more biased anti men laws. The organization needs to be shuttered at the earliest.


  1. nice compilation of blatant lies. Destruction of Institution of Family is the only aim for these morons.

  2. Fantastic article and research on your part, I shall spread this information in my Blog also, this is damn important information.
    The spread of Lies and deception on the Womens and Childrens Ministry, the Nation Commission of Women and various other Ministries in India are all controled by the Feminazi Witches who spread lies knowingly to get sympathy, if they told the truth no one would support them. We must expose their lies now before its too late.

    Knowledge is Power, but Action gets things done!

  3. Your RTI links are broken, the ZIP links that is. Is it possible to fix these links so we can read the responses.