Monday, February 1, 2010

Grihashobha Women's Magazine publishes scathing rebuke of section 498A Misuse

Grihashobha Magazine Feb 2010 edition publishes a scathing rebuke titled ( दहेज़ प्रतारणा प्रावधान : सिक्के का दूसरा पहेलु ) describing the extortion racket running due to the misuse of IPC section 498A(the Anti Dowry law ). The brilliant article exposes section by section and explains
a) Process in which the law is misused
b) Process in which the conspiracy is hatched before filing 498a
c) Process in which the concocted truth is created into a Dowry complaint
d) The staggering rise of 498a misuse cases gathered from Government sources
e) Effects of such brutal misuse on innocent husbands and their families
f) Expose of why Lawyers and Militant Feminists do not want 498A to be amended
g) Demand to the government to break free from feminist pressure and immediately amend the law

Link of the article ( courtesy AIMPF )


  1. Great, it will spread awareness among women, about how abusive these women oriented laws are.

  2. Thanks To Editior of Gruhashobha.. there must be differences good women and Good women!! Good women who had sucessfuly seedn entire cyle of life.. had supported husband in Good and Bad days.. that is only wife... But Today wife with in Six month startr sucking blood and mind of husband on pitty matter.. By ther demand they just want to kill the husband Parents!!!