Sunday, February 7, 2010

Indian Beta Males demand right to peaceful existence

The United States based One Step institute New York has sponsored a new academic discipline titled "Male Studies”. On April 7, 2010, there will be an unprecedented symposium at Wagner College, broadcast live via the Internet to participants throughout the world. The subject, Male Studies: A New Academic Discipline, brings the world's leading scholars together to discuss Male Studies at the university level. Leading US based MRA Paul Elam states that "Male studies programs are the answer to the feminist hegemony that has dominated academia and has been poisoning the education system for more than a generation." He goes further to state that American Militant Feministi  institutions like NOMAS, AMSA and the AAUW are just three of many groups which have given us the plague of fabricated wage gaps, distorted, male-demonizing approaches to domestic violence and a host of other corrupted agendas aimed at the destruction of men and boys.

The Indian situation
With over 56000 husbands being driven to suicide annually according to the date released by the NCRB ,and millions more suffering from depression caused to apathy on all fronts , Indian men today are in dire need of serious attention . Indian men are emotionally castrated from birth and seldom receive any kind of sympathy support from the society, the government or the Judiciary. The situation of men’s rights in the US and  India have many similarities although the problems in India are much more severe. Unlike the US India is also cursed with a glacial pace of justice and has a far less evolved criminal justice system. Indian laws and judges still live and breathe Manusmrithi .  India too has its fair share of militant feminist organizations some having affiliations to the political parties while most are some funded by the center and operating under the guise of women’s welfare agencies. The Annual Budget for WCD ministry in India is Rs 7500 crores and the Annual Budget of the Anti Men NCW is Rs 9 crores. India too since independence has never allocated any money for men's' issues , men’s welfare or has sponsored men’s studies although India allocated Rs 1206 cores every year for Animal Welfare efforts. The government has not even taken any steps to stem the suicides of Indian husbands .The Alpha males at the center have used the feminists and the state machinery as weapons to control the Beta Males and has always considered them disposable . The Feminists on the other hands have ensured that the alpha males are happy so that their funding remains secure. This sort of symbiotic relationship between militant feminists and the alpha males has led to slow strangulation of Indian beta males from all fronts. From being denied opportunities to stand in elections on account of being a male , to being denied bail on accounts of being husbands , to being considered criminals even without charges being proven in Domestic Violence cases, to paying more tax on the same income the Indian Beta male today has a noose so tight around his neck that his neck may snap at any minute and  hence there arises an urgent need to firstly fund male studies to understand the problems and issues that boys and men face before taking steps to eradicate them so that beta men too can have a chance to peaceful existence.

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