Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Womens Rights is all about the Money the Militancy

The Feminist Pincer movement consists of 2 arms , one the center managing the media and the press through money and the other is the Militant women's organizations who work on the ground to attack the state machinery in form of Police , judiciary and criminal justice system . The below article elaborates on the 2 arms of the pincer .

The Money 
The Indian media is clearly scared in publishing issues concerning men and men’s rights lest it rubs the women’s organizations the wrong way. I was very disturbed to see that even when the article is completely about men’s suicides there is a “pacifier” line in it at the end that although men are committing suicides at a rate 100% more than women, women are attempting suicides more than men. These types of “pacifiers” originate to keep the women’s organizations calm.  The talk about women’s rights has today become so politically correct that to even talk about men’s rights and how men suffer is seen as a threat to women. There is an unwritten rule in the media that women can never be made the oppressors, or they lose their advertising revenue.  The militant women organizations are funded by the all powerful WCD ministry in Delhi with a annual budget of Rs 7500 crores and the media houses all get a significant part of this money in the form of advertising expenses which the media houses clamor for (remember the National advertisement from the WCD ministry in all news papers carrying the picture of the Pakistan Air Chief).
A newspaper does not run on news , it runs on advertising  and the government is a big subscriber to advertising for spreading its message and the newspapers do not want to rub the WCD ministry or any women’s rights organizations the wrong way . This is exactly the reason why there is an urgent need for a men’s welfare ministry along the same lines as the women’s ministry so that the media can then get revenue from both these ministries and cannot be gagged with the lure of advertising revenue like it is now. The media can then truthfully expose the carnage of men that is today taking place in the name of women empowerment.
The Militancy
While the media and the press is centrally controlled through huge budgets the other areas of the society which cannot be controlled monetarily are controlled through feminist militancy . Militant women's organizations  control the state machinery like Police , the Judiciary , the law and order system and ensure that women committing an offense are not implicated of the same . That's why we see police refusing to file cases of giving dowry , Judges refusing to prosecute women of perjury or adultery or misuse of laws and are restricted to reprimanding the government and lower courts at the most . We have come across cases where judges , police officers and the members of the law commission have confessed  that they are very scared of the response that radical women’s organizations will take if any men’s reforms are introduced.

We all remember the ridicule the then law commission chairman had to undergo  in 2001 from these militant women’s organisatons when he recommended section 498A to be made bailable .

There was also a protest by the same militant groups after Justice JD Kapoor made some very harsh statements against section 498A in 2003 .
Link - Militant Feminists protesting Justice JD Kapoor's Judgment in 2003 

The Home ministry recently admitted that they were unable to introduce reforms into section 498A because of the oppositions from women’s groups .They however did not name the groups , nor did they describe the kind of opposition they were facing. 

Unless we make a sincere effort to rein in these two  powerful and equally militant arms of the feminist movement , gender justice for men can never be served. 

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