Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Punish the man who got Nooriya Havelivala drunk , Isn't it always a man's fault ?

"A Man can be made a scapegoat for every mistake a woman commits" or "Behind every unsuccessful woman there is a man" or so Indian courts still think .If one goes by the logic prevailing in the minds of the patriarchal and old judges of India a man is responsible for all the mistakes woman makes. The Delhi High court recently used the same lunatic logic a few days back when it denied bail to a man accused of having consensual sex with his fiancee apparently after he promised marraige to her.

The woman who too was equally a part in the act  of this act of  consensual sex with this man was not considered guilty of anything and walked away as the victim  while the man is now behind bars on the charge of rape. In the same way in India if a girlfriend would have had sex with a man , under the pretext of marraige and breaks the relationship / marraige and elopes can she be convicted of anything at all ?   This type of judicial nonsense gives a yardstick for people to understand  exactly how Anti Male the Indian laws the Indian Government and the Indian Judiciary really is.In India even consensual sex between two willing partners is looked upon as a way for a woman to earn a reward and the man is supposed to pay the reward either by life long relationship( marraige) or direct money( prostitution) and if the man refuses to reward the woman and if the woman is unhappy for some reason the man could face the rape charge and he is then accused of having raping a woman under a pretext of a false promise  when the reality is that he is actually being punished because he failed to give the reward that the woman was expecting although the sex mutual  and completely consensual .It is no wonder that former Union Law Minister Ram Jethmalani, said, “Before I could go to bed with a woman, I would have to call a notary public.'' 

This judgment on one side is shockingly anti male and also anti women if looked at from a different angle. Does the court really believe that in 2010 Indian women have less intelligence than primates and believes that the woman was so dumb that she did not think about the consequences of her actions before her marraige ? Does the court really think that the Indian women are cows who can be forcefully impregnated anytime and the farmer(husband) must be held responsible for it always ? Why does the judiciary use the veil of gullibility and innocence to shield women when their crime or mistakes or unscrupulousness comes into the open ?

The Feminists on the other are not bothered since this is a game they are adept at . On one side they claim all women  have progressed so far that they must break free of all responsibilities and stop adjusting to all situations in marraiges  but in scenarios like these they prefer to project women as more gullible than even a cow just to get legal sympathy. I could well understand the agenda of the feminists because they are in the business of attracting funds , but how a High Court Judge make such a stupid judgment is completely beyond my understanding. These Anti-Male, Male Judges and Militant Mafia Feminists have made India a deadly environment for men to survive and peacefully exist. 

Now going by the same logic that the so called learned judge has stated above t, should we also not release Nooriya Havelivala(The drunk female driver) and arrest the man who got Nooriya Havelivala drunk instead, because apparently Nooriya too might claim at a later date to be a gullible woman who did not know the difference between Beer and Bournvita . She is already changed her confession of drinking 13 beers by the way . Should we not also release the female killers of Rajiv Gandhi who might claim she was gullible to have been forced to commit such a heinous crime.The Indian Judiciary's Anti Men agenda has today reached a stage of lunacy and if this not changed that very soon Indian Men will lose all faith in Judiciary and people will stone the courts in protest.

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  1. So true !!!
    Men in india are going to the dumps ..