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The great India Domestic Violence Tamasha

How the Indian government imported Weapons of Male destruction(WMD) from the United States

The word “Domestic Violence” is a relatively new phrase coined by America just like many other phrases like Weapons of Mass Destruction. The word Domestic Violence if used a few decades earlier in India would have evoked raised eyebrows and strange looks because no one would have really understood what it really meant . Indians were more used to the word cruelty., which although was still not measurable but had a higher threshold as compared to Domestic Violence .

The Domestic Violence Ideology – America’s Weapons of Male Destruction (WMD)

Domestic Violence is basically used as an  ideological weapon. A Weapon whose effects are far severe and deadly than the most nuclear weapons. These ideological weapons once experimented can cause irreversible damage to the social fabric of a country. India today is one of  the biggest importers of this US ideological weapons .  The US family system as we all know is broken beyond repair, over 50% of marriages end in a divorce and over 21 Million children are fatherless. The separated and broken families lead to a high crime rate and consequently the US has the highest percentage of people in jails as a ratio of its population as compared to rest of the world.  The single family mothers once separated demand every increasing benefits like there is no tomorrow and the US government is borrowing at an increasing rate to extend all sorts of benefits to these broken families. As of today the United States is sitting over $ 12 trillion dollars in debt (rising every second) which means every American owes approximately $40,000 to the world in debt , apart from his personal debt. Right from the multiple wars to the Government services, everything is financed from the every increasing US debt.

So why is a country which itself is mortgaged to the hilt suddenly extending financial aid to domestic violence victims over the world , unless it has a hidden agenda ? Why is countries like China , Saudi Arabia , Japan or Russia who are far better of that the US in financial terms not exporting these weapons like the US ? Would we have give the same importance and interest had these laws been imported from these countries . The Domestic violence ideology that the US has exported if looked carefully has no reference to protecting  the family system of the society.It does not speak about keeping the family united , or protecting a person’s civil rights , or about female or mutually initiated violence . In the domestic voilence ideology only the male can be at the receiving end of all laws . What the domestic violence ideology speaks for is simple and that is under the veil of protecting women from domestic violence the government increasingly is allowed to poke its nose into family affairs of ordinary people which ultimately leads to the family breaking up and men paying women from their own incomes and the government allocating  funds from the tax payers income  to provide and protect these women  thereby leading to the creation of a whole new industry in itself.

The Indian Tamasha

The word "Tamasha" in Hindi means a false drama. India has had domestic violence laws since 1961 which prevented a husband from demanding money from his wife or her parents. India also created a new section for preventing domestic violence in 1983 with aims to prevent cruelty to women. As a consequence we had a lot more data and results from the implementation of these laws. These were however not called Domestic violence acts because the word was not coined by our American friends until then. They were rather called laws to prevent cruelty.

The Domestic Voilence Drama unfolds
The initiation of the conspiracy began in 2005 when a very prominent US newspaper The Washington Times published a report from United Nation Population Fund (UNPF) which stated a rather shocking statistic that more than 70% of women in India faced domestic violence. This meant that over 350 million women in India faced domestic Violence. The report is published in the link below.  U.N Population Fund's claim that "70 percent of married women in India were victims of beatings or rape" is founded on surveys by women's advocates that are neither consistent nor scientific. Let me demonstrate the feminist rumor mill in action right before your very eyes. The study "Profiling Domestic Violence: A Multicountry Study", by Kishor and Johnson, is heavily cited as the basis for positions adopted within the UNPF report. To my knowledge, the Kishor study has not been subjected to peer review. Nonetheless, the convenient parts were extracted for the purposes of the UNPF report.

However within  days of publishing the report there was a lot of noise being generated on the credibility of this report and the way the data of the report was published . Looked at from any angle the report showed signs of data fudging and misrepresentation of data which are the hallmarks of militant feminist ideology.

A mere look at the report shows that the Y axis of the report does not consist of a normal section of people chosen randomly . When looked at carefully the Y axis of the report consists of DV complainants themselves. This is like asking 100 Indian car accident victims if they have ever had an accident and then claiming that 100% of Indians have a car accident  every year. Even a child in the V std in an Indian school would get a ‘very poor’ comment from his teacher for such data analysis.

On 26 October 2006 the then Minister for Women and Child development quotes the above false and fudged numbers and states “We have been trying for long to protect women from domestic violence. In India alone, around 70% of women are victim of these violent acts in one or the other form”.

Link - Indian Women and Child Development Minister uses fudged statistics to Justify Indian DV Act  

On 19 November 2006   David R Usher provides a scathing rebuke on UNPF report on exposes type of data fudging that was used to come up with such numbers. 

Link - David Usher’s rebuke on the UNPF study

On 29 Nov 2006  The Washington Times Posts a correction stating that the “Using a chart published in a 2005 U.N. Population Fund report -- which the U.N. agency now says was misleading – a London Daily Telegraph article published in Nov. 13 editions of The Washington Times incorrectly stated the frequency of wife abuse in India. The agency says that it does not have sufficient data to provide such a figure and that the chart was intended to show that 70 percent of Indian women who were abused by their husbands think such abuse is justified in at least some circumstances."

Link - Washington Times Apology for quoting fudged statistics

The Indian government or any of its ministers who earlier made many comments on the claims of the report now make no comments or remarks on the completely debunked UNPF report or the law created in India based on these type of false numbers.

What does peer review say ?

Peer review (also known as refereeing) is the process of subjecting an author's scholarly work, research, or ideas to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field.

Murray A. Straus ‘s  published a review published in 2008  titled “Dominance and symmetry in partner violence by male and female university students in 32 nations”  . This article reports the results of an empirical investigation of two of the most controversial and important issues in understanding physical violence between partners in marital, cohabiting, or dating relationships.

The report in Page 261 quotes the prevalence of bidirectional of severe physical violence and has the numbers for 32 countries. The numbers for India are as below.

11.9% of Indian couples face domestic violence (  slap , shove , grab , throw etc   )
15.3 % of times only the Male is violent
23.0% of times only the Female is violent
61.5% of times both are violent 

The Indian numbers are almost similar to global average.

Link – Report of Murray A Straus on Domestic violence ( see page 261)

What do the  Indian DV laws say  ?
Even though the report of UNPF has been clearly debunked as nothing more than a example of feminist data fudging and the MA Strauss report for 32 countries shows that chances of a female being violent is clearly more than that of a male and that most of the times both partners are violent (50% violence attributed to the female), Indian DV laws exclusively provide protection to females against Domestic violence. The Indian government must be made to answer why it has purposefully ignored these 2 very glaring aspects of domestic violence and cherry picked only the Male initiated violence aspect of the whole data. The Indian Government   must wake up from its slumber and instead of believing on fund chasing feminists quoting false statistics, it must open its eyes to the peer reviews which projects the true picture which is quite the opposite of what the militant feminist's ideologues say.

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  1. This post adequately exposes the fact that all these women empowerment campaigns are nothing but money making rackets, where real women victims do not get any benefit, and draconian laws get passed dime a dozen, which in turn makes the family system pushed into graver crisis.

    These women organisations with all their astronomical budgets could not bring any tangible benefits, only because they just do not at all intend to bring benefits to women!!! , they just want to have men as their favourite whipping boys and fill their own pockets with foreign funds showing fudged statistics of atrocities towards women(and actually add to their plight by resulting broken families, single parenting, teenage preganancies, etc. leading to a vicious circle of chaos and anarchy).

    Read how US is sitting on huge debts(1)(un-payable.. $ 1.2 trillion dollars!!!; to the tune that its the biggest debtor in the history of this planet, can u believe this, did you know this!... and still thinking of paying out 1 billion US$ for the implementation of International Violence against women act... why because that's their way to supremacy through economic terrorism(2)! and hence neo-imperialism)

    If you read and update your knowledge on these ways of subjugating whole nations(including India) you will know what I mean to do here.

    1 "How the Indian government imported Weapons of Male destruction(WMD) from the United States " -
    2 Economic Terrorism by USA and its family breaking manifestations: